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Plenty of Strange Things


I have had strange things happening to me. Some, maybe under the category of reading people's minds. Others under the noises of other beings. And some other rare ones. I have a few strange stories to tell in the shortest form possible.

STORY ONE: I was about five. I was in the basement playing with my toy cars. My sister was watching the small TV. It was quite a life. This was probably the first psychic encounter I've had come early. I looked up at the window and saw a strange monster inside the house. I blinked as it went away to nowhere... Now, you may say "Oh your mind is just playing tricks on you!" May I have the proof? I do have strange abilities, and this is one of them.

STORY TWO: This happened when I was eleven. I was in my bed late up at night as always. I forgot what I was doing. But, I looked at the hallway as two floating balls with a strange "smoke" coming out of them passed. I was scared of course. Unlike when I was five, I had stronger emotions. They were going into my sister's room. I can't say I passed out, but quite the opposite. I couldn't sleep for a while.

STORY THREE: I was in my bed yet again. Something was scratching the bed. I looked down. Nothing. It happened again. I looked down. Nothing. Once more... Looked down... Nothing. I was scared out of my mind and this STILL happens. Maybe I am hearing the voices of what once lived? A dead cat maybe with its soul unfinished and a feel to scratch? I am not quite sure. But I can say, it was NOT my imagination if it happened three times.

STORY FOUR: I was again -can you guess?- in my bed. I heard a noise over at my closet doors. Again with the freaking out and being scared. This may have happened around eleven. Most of my experiences have happened around these ages. Ten, eleven, twelve. The usual puberty experiences. But this has happened quite a few times.

STORY FIVE: Last story. This has happened MANY times, but it is quite common to the average human. Someone's talking. They get stuck on a word. I guess it. They say, "Yeah that's the word!" Happens to many. But I can't say this falls under the category of psychic abilities unless it just HAPPENS like I took the words from their mouth. This has again happened around puberty.

Creepiest of all, four of these five stories happened at nighttime. If you don't think I'm psychic, think again. Psychic abilities can not happen over the internet for it is made of pixels. So all those mind reading tests are just guesses that are ALWAYS correct. They are made out to do so. Now... Believe in psychic abilities yet?

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The_Young_Psychic (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2007-11-26)
I'm not exactly creeped out that I'm psychic or not, I'm creeped out on the results for it!
GuitarheroIIIJunkie (guest)
12 years ago (2007-11-25)
well, what's happening that's makingi you feel creeped and confused about whether or not you're psychic?
The_Young_Psychic (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2007-11-24)
Please help me. I'm very confused, actually. I'm not sure if I'm psychic or not but this is creeping me out...

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