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Little Thoughts And Visions


So, all my life I have had many experiences. When I was younger, I would have these little thoughts. They would always come true, eventually I realized they were visions.

They went away when I was about ten, and then when I started thinking about it and how much I missed having them, they came back just a few months ago. I also seem to be able to connect with animals, and be able to communicate with them to an extent, and feel their feelings.

I have feelings of things happening in a situation. I am able to tell whether the outcome will be good or bad most of the time. I can also feel if spirits are around, and if I walk into a room, I can sense bad or good energy. If someone is hurt, I can run my hand over their body, and find where the injury is, because of the energy emitting from the area. It usually comes off as heat, also if touch it, I feel the pain. I am able to feel what other people are feeling, but it's not just out of nowhere, I have to think about that person, and then I start to feel their feelings. I have seen ghosts in the corners of my eyes before, and when I turn to look at them, they are only their for a second before walking away, so I never really knew if I was just seeing things or not.

And when I was about three or four, I saw an angel, she was looking down at my brother in his crib, I believe she is his guide, but I can never know for sure. I do remember her like I saw her yesterday though. I saw my cat after she died, I loved her so much. My parents had her before I was born, and she disappeared when I was probably 9 years old,

I then saw her in my back yard, she was walking then a few seconds later, she faded into thin air. I know there are many types of psychic abilities, but I would like to know, what ones I have, if anyone can tell me.

Thank you,

<3/Emma. (:

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darkvisions (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-22)
well I'd say your clairvoyant and empatic! Hope you find this somewhat useful! 😁

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