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I Want To Know What This Means? Is It A Gift Or Insanity


So for the past few years I have been having dreams. Sometimes I can't tell if the dreams are reality or not because they are not unusual dreams. But on many occasions I will have a dream and in some shape or form that dream will become reality (Ex. Ill get my period, Ill see someone I haven't seen in years, Someone says something to me that happened in dream) and sometimes my dreams are just a preview of my day. I also get very weird vibes right before something bad will happen. Like say as soon as something let's say bad happens to someone I know or even something like there will be some form of argument between people around me. Also I can always feel when someone is staring at me. Another thing that really creeps me out, things I want to happen always seems to happen. There was this girl at my job who I couldn't stand, And all I kept thinking about was how much I wanted her gone so I wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. Well she got fired and I haven't seen her since. Another incident, There was a math test that I didn't study for, I kept saying in my head "postpone the test" And what do you know, test gets postponed. Another incident, I was at work one time and there is this Amish guy who works there that is prejudice. I was in the bathroom and I heard our checkout coach call him to the front end. And for some really odd reason I though in my head, "he is probably mumbling some racist remark under his breath about her right now" Well I went back to my station and she had told me that he made a comment to her saying "I was helping out someone of your kind, they like to party a lot" She is Hispanic. I personally believe in a lot. (Horoscopes, psychic readings, and fortune tellers) But I'd really like some help. I am 16. Born August 5th, 1994. Feel free to email me. or

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Demoncloud (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-05)
I'm new but I've had some crazy experiences like those, but at the point of all creation, the ability to span different demesions without moving. I've been having this dream a lot. I get hit by a bus, but wake up in an arena having to face a full grown dragon (I'm not lying) with only my hands. I can see his flow and can target it, but then I'm wisked away to a point where I'm snowboarding down a road and I end up crashing and dying. What could it mean? Am I going to die?
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-10)
I'm not sure why you would even classify this as insanity. You seem perfectly sane, as you know that somethings going on. You can remember your dreams, apply them to current events, compare and contrast, and come up with an end result. Insane people don't contemplate and consider things. That's why they're insane you see.

I'd say you're clairvoyant. You get these premonitions and have excellent memory of them. Sometimes, I'll get the same kind of visions that you mentioned, but I won't remember them as well. Like many others on this site, its almost like a deja vu feeling, like "hey... Wait a minute, I remember this! I saw this in a dream already". So the fact that you remember so clearly is a good sign!

I have to ask, because I'm doing some studies myself, do you drink caffeine products like coffee/pop? What about your diet? Do you find you eat a lot of natural foods, or fast foods/transfatty acids or high fructose corn syrups? I'm certain that our diet is affecting our abilities and our general mindsets. I am trying to determine what exactly affects what, and how we can all develop our skills. Are you a vegetarian? If you don't feel comfortable sharing, I understand, it would just be helpful. 😊
Boltsboy24 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-07-07)
Actually when I was around your age I had a ton of the Deja vu dreams. They were just little snipits of a dream that would come true and people used to think I was crazy or just weird and didn't believe me. That can be so frustrating especially being a teenager because people have a hard time believing a teen in the first place it sucks. But anyhow I went through a lot of the things you're going through. I'd say definitely work on developing those abilities, I wish I would've when I was a teen but I thought I was just losing it or it was coincidence because no one believed me except once. And the feeling or vibes I totally get those too and they're the strongest of my abilities. Learn how to use them and control them because believe me it gets frustrating full of emotions and feelings that you feel like you can't expel them. That's where I'm having problems because I don't know how to control mine but the people on here seem extremely helpful. And it is an extremely great feeling to know you're not alone. Best of luck!
love_true (guest)
11 years ago (2011-07-06)
well obviously it is a gift that you have. Actually you have more than one gifts. I am not an expert at dreams so I can't be of much help with those but the thing that whatever you want to happen it happens, I have it too. It's as if the universe "hears" our thoughts and make our wishes happen. You can use it when you feel that you need some luck with something.😉
Love, Athina

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