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Tons Of Mean Spirits But One Nice One


*Sorry for the length, but it's necessary so you can have a much detail as possible*

I guess it started right after I was born. This first strange thing that happened was when I was maybe a year old (I swear these are memories, not just stories I've been told). I was in my first house, a tiny little thing in the middle of Aurora, Colorado just doing what babies do, looking around. And what do I happen to see? A shadow in the hallway, not just a shadow but a 3D shadow with eyes and a face. And then poof, it was gone. Now's where I should explain that this house was messed up. My second Christmas our Christmas tree was dragged across the floor, my dad and grandpa were locked in the garage and there was weird laughter all the time. But it all came to an end one night when my grandpa was over (I wasn't there for this, my mom told me) and was locked in the garage and was harassed by thing for about ten minutes. Nothing strange happened again until our third house in Colorado Springs. And I wasn't the only one who saw them, either. By this time I had two little brothers, and they loved me to death. But there were the kids who's entire existence seemed to be keeping the oldest brother and me apart. These kids were not normal and this is where the whole attention span thing started truly coming into play.

The first thing was these kids were not just mean, they were, for lack of a better term, downright evil. Picture serial killer evil. It all started one of the girls and me were roller blading and the girl broke her wrist. The girl who broke her wrist was the instigator of most of the stuff that happened in Colorado Springs, you'd think she'd be mad at me, but no. The things that happened were targeted at my brother and my dog. The first thing that happened was I was in our TV room (our rooms were in the basement) and there was a bright flash of light and I "passed out" and from then on nothing was the same. My brother frequently complained about bats and fog and bed shaking at night and that he was terrified. But it wasn't only my brother it was my dog. My dog was hated by almost everyone because she was a little nippy, and that was a good excuse for one of the other kids to break into our house and try to hurt her. After that she would run around and freak out at the same time my brother would. (I'm very protective and will tear people in half if you mess with anyone I care about.) It stopped and we eventually moved to Kentucky.

While we were looking at houses I was jittery and just couldn't focus. Two of the houses we looked at were not right at all. They were beautiful houses but not right. In one there were shadows and cold spots, just the classic spirit signs. But the next one was truly terrifying. The moment I walked in the house felt like it was tilting, and it just got worse from there. The rooms began to spin and there were voices and other things, but I was the only one noticed those things (the only reason we didn't buy the house was the price). We ended up settling on a house that quite literally called to us, but more on that house later.

On the flight back it was even stranger. Let me say right now I HATE flying, as in would rather walk everywhere than fly. On the plane I was just nervous, like I usually am; gripping the seats eyes open wide, glancing around, ect. But for some reason I wasn't able to shake the feeling of being watched, and everyone seemed threatening in some way. That's the best I can describe that feeling. So we moved into a house in Fort Thomas, a city that's been around since the Civil War and has had many battles fought on the soil. The house we bought isn't perfect, not by a long shot. It has bad wiring and Asbestos and lead paint, just a general health hazard. But we all loved the house. What we didn't know what how much of a health hazard it actually was. The year before we moved there was boy who accidentally hung himself trying to get high and died (who happened to be my classmate's brother, but I didn't know that at the time). And he's still here along with other spirits. But his spirit is nice, not threatening at all. He frequently flirts me, and always helps me to the best of his ability, and I try to help him. There was another spirit who was here who was the exact opposite. She (it was a girl) pulled my hair, slapped me, and basically scared the living daylights out of me. With the help of a friend, and the guy spirit, the girl spirit is long gone. Recently we got our windows replaced, and now's the time were is really gets strange. I have awful allergies, I have asthma and am prone to lung issues, namely bronchitis. Well I think the guy spirit (don't know his name, unfortunately) knows that because he tried to scare the window people away. They eventually came back on his "off day" and put the windows in. They found lead in my room and there was dust everywhere. So we vacuumed and cleaned and changed my sheets but I still ended up catching a cold, which led to bronchitis and eventually developed pneumonia. The guy spirit tried to help me while I was sick and tried to keep me from school by unplugging my alarm clock and stuff like that. But because it was finals I stayed at school. (I know it was an egghead move, but I'm stubborn and if I can get over it myself I will. If I need help I'll get help) I think it ticked him off, because he started "punishing" me. He would play with my computer in the middle of the night and keep me up. So I took it easy and just went out with my Civil Air Patrol color guard, and this was the first time people have actually seen the things I see. I have the attention span of the energizer bunny on crack, and so does the rest of our color guard so we get distracted by tiny movements/shiny things. We practice a lot at the local army reserve center, which was the center of the battle field. One night we were practicing, it was about 10-ish. It was rainy and cold so we decided to pack up. As were doing so I saw someone out of the corner of my eye dressed in an old civil war uniform. I told the guys and they didn't believe me until another kid saw him. Eventually we all saw the soldier, and then there were more and more and more soldiers. They weren't nice soldiers, either. There was something really threatening about them. That was the only night we saw them, me and the rest of the color guard haven't seen them since.

The only other time someone has seen/noticed these things was someone at school and we got locked in the locker room and all the showers turned on and lockers slammed. So again with our house. We decided to tear out our basement and rented a dumpster. It was just me and my parents, both my brothers where doing summer activities. It was dusty and moldy and I hadn't thought to wear a mask, but when I went to get a hammer from the shed the guy spirit shut the door and pulled out the box of masks. So from then on I wore one. The guys spirit always made sure I was safe by making me wear a mask, not letting me leave until I got water, making sure I had gloves ect. Then the night we finished tearing everything out, we ordered Chinese and watched a movie. I never really have asthma "attacks" per say, but it is asthma, and right around the time we finished dinner I started feeling weird. I guess the dust and mold and stuff combined with my scarred up lungs was too much, and I started getting all my usual asthma symptoms. Now, like the previous time I'm stubborn, so I just went to bed and figured I sleep it off. I did, but I woke up to the strangest sound I'd ever heard, it was almost unearthly. I have no way to describe it, but it sounded like something trying to talk to me. I decided to go get my parents because I was, naturally, a little freaked out and my chest felt awful. When they opened their bedroom door they grabbed me, sat me down and checked my breathing. I guess it was pretty bad because they made me hunch over (which helps me breathe). That's when I saw the guy spirit. Not just felt, saw him. He was looking at me with true concern and wanted to make sure I was OK. I'm thinking it was him who woke me up, because I guess he knew if I had stayed asleep I may not have woken up. That was the latest thing that's happened.

Why have there been so many spirits that seem mean and threatening, and then one that truly cares about me? What's the deal? I really want to help the guy spirit, but I don't know how. I know he wants to be wherever he's supposed to be.

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hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-21)
Interesting story. I wonder if maybe just your energies scare them a lot? I know when I my abilities were making them selves know I felt almost the same way but for me a lot of spirits tried to attack me but never got far with it. I know now that it was not just the fact of me being a psychic but hyper energy played a big part. I've calmed down a lot since then.

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