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A Spirit Who Is Annoyed At Me... I'm Just Not That Good Yet


Let me start of by telling you, I'm a rational person. Nothing escapes my brain from thinking about alternatives, but when it's me living this life, it me going through this, it's hard to shake it off as "one of those things."

I have always been this way but in the last year it's getting stronger and more frequent. I'm trying to deal with it and "explore" but with no guide it's like I'm inside a duvet cover fumbling around trying to find my way to the other side:/

I'm a very empathertic person, and so in life have always been able to pick up what people feel. I am a holistic therapist and this bring me sometimes problems with the energy people bring into the room. But I'm learning to ground myself.

I have had a clients dad come to me, which after a moment of embarrassment I plucked up the courage to tell her. I don't see people, I get feelings, well a knowing my brain never doubts these feelings unlike a thought of my own, that I can change and form with my own brain. These are set and strong and unchangeable.

I felt what he looked like, I felt his personality, I felt him. But with this I don't get words or someone talking to me, so I have no message. She took comfort in what I had to offer but it left me frustrated.

After many of moments like these, an out of the blue obsession with owls and the need to surround myself with them, only to find out that in fact owls mean, clairvoyance and spiritual journey. Meaning I need to pay attention as there is something to be learned. Bizarre I know.

I have recently changed my therapy room from my house to a salon, it just felt right, and the fact that two days prior to the lady calling me, I had the street name, Collingwood road stuck in my head it would not leave me for days, she calls BAM it all makes sense,

I set the room up today, only to find in the window behind the blinds, are two MASSIVE crystals, rose quartz for my heart chakra meaning healing and such, and amethyst which is for your 3rd eye chakra to open you up spiritually. Strange to say the least, and I realize this is why the room "felt right".

Any way the point to this is to ask for help.

A few days ago, I started having a man, in his early 50's around me. He wasn't bothering me but he was making me aware of him. I felt him. I went to a bbq two days later, and there was a teenager called Sam there, I "knew" this man was with me for him. Yet since I can't hear them I just feel things. I had no message to give so I didn't talk to this lad.

A day later this man gets very aggressive, it's worse when I quite myself and focus. But I've had headaches and sick feelings from the time since after the bbq. And I know it's him, his energy has changed, I get the sense of him shouting at me, and pointing a finger. He feels almost father like, he is most certainly annoyed at me. But I can't help him. I'm not that far down the path to understand what he wants. I just know he is there.

Like I said I'm not crazy:/ last night I had to set my boundaries so he knew he had over stepped the line, but I don't want him to go, since clearly he requires something but I'm not the one who can help. I don't think.

I meditate and when I do, it's like a green light for him to get in my face and shout at me.

I don't know what else I can do to help him, or myself.

I'm frustrated.

A not so psychic, psychic who doesn't even know what I am.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-27)
You definitely don't need him in your face all the time. If he wanted to say something, he would've by now, in a clear audible way. My guess is he's an evil spirit, getting you to be frustrated and all crazy! Look, you're not God or a saint to help him! Next time just say: "In the name of Jesus christ, go away! And God bless you!" that's it.
PhoebeBrookes (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-03)

I've had similar experiences. I never liked 'hearing' when I was little so I blocked it the best I could. But that didn't mean I couldn't feel them around or the hearing didn't keep coming back as annoying whispers (all talking at once - how inconsiderate huh!) LOL.

The best thing I've learnt to do is to be as rational in spirit as we are in person. If you can't help - tell him so. Tell him you can't hear him, tell him you know he's angry/sad etc but regardless you still can't hear him. Tell him you know he's shouting but you still can't hear him. You might feel daft saying it outloud to an empty room but it's worth a try.

I had a visit from my Uncle after he passed away and he was chatting away, through my tears I had to laugh and tell him I couldn't understand him. I could just feel him 'chatting away'... Then I joked maybe he should do charades but I also told him (all outloud) I could feel that he was happy/content and felt 'free'. Then I said 'I don't know where you'll go next but goodbye, I love you' and he left.

Bear in mind he came to you because you were going to the bbq - that doesn't mean you 'must' carry the message. It's his job to find someone to carry his message. If I were in your shoes I'd probably give him a telling off then wish him the best of luck but to go find someone else. Talk to him like a person, not like a spirit. Give him as much respect as you would the living...

If you were meditating and someone walked into your room and started shouting at you for something that had nothing to do with you... What would you do?

I hope this helps... The other thing is to perhaps join a group and start practicing 'listening'... It's always easier when there are lots of energy in a room but always choose a group with a leader you trust and feel safe with (ideally someone whose incredible at the skill you want because I'm sure energy frequencies are kind of contagious - so it'll make it easier to learn).

Best of luck.
Lynn (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-31)
Ok,Im somewhat new to the psychic world too. I hear most of the time, but find sometimes they just put their emotions on me. I find the emotions though really do tell you something, i.e. Sad, angry etc. And sometimes you can sense what the problem may be. These you can pass on in this case. Say to the recipient "he feels a bit like this", they may understand what it would be about. If the emotions are unpleasant I would be quite firm and ask him to step back when you meditate, and ask him questions and for him to speak to you. You may actually find you can hear. I sometimes get overwhelmed by the experience and forget to ask. But when I ask, they tend to answer back. You sound to me like you are developing, and may want to seek out a psychic group for more understanding. Good luck, hope you find some answers.
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-30)
Sounds like me before last summer I could feel and also see them but couldn't hear them. The best thing that I can tell you in this situation is to tell him you can't hear him, words do not get through to you. Not sure how else to help. Oh and also Amethyst is also a protection stone it guards against negativity and repels evil.

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