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Are My Dreams Just Coincidences, Opinions Appreciated


I was going to sleep around midnight this was about 3-4 years ago, I had dozed off and had a dream that a fishing ship was sinking outside of a fishing villages that I visit every year because almost all of my relative live there. The ship was sinking and there were people on board, some were going into a life boat and the ship kept sinking, in my dream not everyone made it out of the ship, I couldn't see faces nor could I tell if I knew any of those men. They were there, but their presence was, blank. Once the ship had almost gone under I wake up with this disgusting feeling all around, I then went back to sleep, the following morning I wake up, tell my mom about the dream and get ready to start the day, but the phone rings around 8 am, my mom picked it up then after she hung up she told me that my aunt's husband had died last night, the ship that he worked had sank after midnight out on sea.

So this is the first notable case of me dreaming the future, and seeing I had told my mom about it can't be called Déjà vu I guess.

So this happened in 2009, I dreamed that everyone had gather at my house, someone had gotten ill and it was serious, the only person not there was my great grandmother, which in real life I saw 2 days ago at a Christmas party, people were upset. Then the dream goes over from me talking to a girl from the fishing villages I mentioned which was a old friend of my older brother, we hadn't spoken for years and neither my brother spoken to her, she told me she was going to come visit and stay for few nights at our house in the dream (she had never stepped a foot into our house before). So I wake up the morning after and talk about my dreams with my family when eating breakfast, so the day goes on a usually, but around dinner time the phone rings, it was my grandma saying that my great grandma was in a coma because she had suffered serious stroke last night, the cleaning lady had found her unconscious. The following day my brother gets a call from the girl I mentioned asking if she could stay at our house for a couple of days. So that's 2 things in one, and it's not Déjà vu since my family members all heard me say those things they even mentioned it afterward how my dreams had come true.

A week goes by from when my great-grandma was found, I dream that we are being told that she had passed around 3 pm, I tell my mom and we go one with our day, then I wake up and we get a call around 4 pm from our grandma, that was really upset and had been visiting my great grandmother from 12 or so (Even though she was in a coma), saying that she had passed on 30 minutes ago.

So these are the dreams that I can say weren't Déjà vu and still happened, seeing I had talked about them with my family, but I do remember that when I was little and the morning that my Dad died, I woke up screaming with a horrible feeling, much stronger than the one I mentioned earlier, I don't remember what the dream was, seeing that day is kind of off in my memory and I seemed to just pass through it. But after waking up around 9 am, I called for my mom that came into my room and told me that my dad had died about an hour ago, and somehow I wasn't surprised because it was like I knew. I don't know if I can count this with, seeing I don't remember what the dream was about, I didn't even remember what it was about when I woke up screaming, something similar happened when another great grandmother of mine died, the phone rang and me and my brother were home alone, it was morning, we both woke up (we shared a bedroom seeing this is almost 8 years ago) and I knew what the phone call was about, I mentioned it before he picked up the phone that was in our room, and after he hung up he said I had been correct, that time I didn't dream anything, I just knew, like I just knew when my dad died.

There have been other cases not involving dreams, I once got a hold of a card prediction book, I took it with me to a summer cabin with the family, I started predicting for family members, and when I predicted for a person there (Not going to name names), the cards mentioned all sorts of things, death, betrayal, financial loss, loss of inheritance, back stabbing, accident back injury, betrayal of best friend, and these things were predicted in a time line. Over that time line everything I predicated came true, I guess this isn't that major, but seeing I had just said what the cards had told me, they had pin pointed to an exact people, after that summer, the father of the man I had predicted for died, they suffered a money loss, his inheritance got lost in the financial crises, he hurt his back at work related accident, his spouse had an affair with his best friend. But just last year my grandma was asking me if I still had that book because she wanted me to do another reading for her since all hers came true and all of the man's I had predicted for (the one that got all those bad exact predictions) came true and in the time frame I mentioned.

So I don't know if this was just a really good book or something else but might just as well throw it in there.

So I'm kind of iffy about me having any psychic abilities but it would be interesting to see what you guys have to say, also I'm 18 turning 19 in 11 days and a guy if that has anything to day about any of this.

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hug100 (126 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-30)
Sorry I made a typo on my last post after but it was supposed to be I'm kind of like you not I like you.
hug100 (126 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-30)
Seem more like to me it's not the book but rather higher intuition of inner subconscious. You seem very in-tune to it at the least I kind of like you but I only predict for my self. Don't work to good when I try it with others.

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