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Dream Coming True


Like it's not the first time I have had these dreams of plane crashes and sometimes even accidents which come true, but the details of the dreams are even partially accurate. Today even I had two dreams in one night or very early morning I did not see the time but mainly it's 230 or 330 am or 3 and once 12 & 1230at night I had a dream of a plane crash with no flames and it was a small plane but when I saw the news today there was a plane crash that did not burst into flames but had skid of the runway and in the dream there was a kind of a fall like a very big empty tank but there metaphorically a ravine which was in the news which it missed a 200 ravine. Just before this dream I dreams of a bridge collapsing and a building falling to pieces from the top and a couple of cars damaged and in this dream it was dark like it was late night or very early morning which was during my dream a kind of an earthquake and there it is in New Zealand there was an earthquake today. There are details like I explained above that even besides the big picture when I concentrate on the minors it all made sense and very close to the article I read the next or following day. Now comes for the predictions, 40 percent of things I predict even comes true and at times if someone does harm to me or hurts me I kind of hate them for that time but don't really mean it but somehow in some following days something happens to that person or his spouse or something he or she owns. I tried remote viewing as in the movie "Suspect Zero" I got that faintly correct as well. Once I dreamed of a very bad accident which is recently in the rain after a couple of days, and the girl I was sitting with told me to take a route but I did not but at that time I did not think of the dream but my bike shut off but before that on not such a busy street we slightly slipped and not damages and after that I changed route then that horrible dream came to me and it was a man road just as I was suppose to take and cheated death. There are many things unexplained which we often overlook or don't like to admit another's powers or gifts I had many dreams which I don't even remember but somehow it came kind of true and we often balm coincidence but mostly its ignorance when the other person does not want to understand or can't or like I said above is not bothered his or his ignorance. Coming back to the dreams and all the above it there is anyone who can explain or answer or agree without anyone saying that we make it up in our heads or we dramatize it which is totally not true. Yes I agree some dreams are dramatized but us with our emotions and self directory of thoughts. Who speaks to us? Where do these signals come from? How do we get these strange premonitions?

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radiantsun (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-02)
I believe that everybody is born with abilities, few recognize them, and even fewer choose to harness them. I believe the Universe itself speaks to us, or whichever God or Goddess or deities we believe will branch out to us. There's the fact that power comes in the form of belief, through thought, and amplified through words--which is why prayer with belief is the most effective form of asking the Universe. There's no correct answer to it, but premonitions mean that you are a special being with stronger abilities than most, that you can harness and control through more meditation. You might want to register with community there is wonderful and you will learn a lot, I promise:) I'll send my blessings to you. Good luck!

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