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Not Sure If This Is Part Of The Psychic World Or Spiritual?


I'm not yet 18 and I joined this web-site to be able to learn more about myself because I feel that things are getting weirder and weirder with time. I've had multiple paranormal experiences even for my age, the first one I remember having is when I was 3 (maybe 4) years old and even though I was young, I remember it very clearly. I was in my room, which had sliding doors and the doors would slam against the wall over and over again and it would last forever! I got really frustrated, I had no fear of it, but I was exhausted and couldn't sleep, so my first reaction was to call my dad. I kept calling for a minute or so, but he wouldn't come so I started screaming and crying and I kept screaming louder and louder. The door stopped slamming, and a few minutes later, my dad came in. I explained that the girl in my closet would not stop banging the closet door tonight (though, I do not remember seeing a girl, but I knew it was a girl). He walked up slowly to the closet, and opened it; he took one of the boxes that was in the closet, he placed it perpendicular to the door so that it would not fully close, kissed me goodnight and left. Not long after he left, I was starting to fall back asleep and the door reopened and slammed on the box over and over again, as soon as I heard it I screamed again, my dad came back, had a look at the door then without saying anything picked me up and brought me with him to my mom's room where I slept the night. We moved to another house when I was 5. This year, my grandmother told me they had tried to cleanse that house many times because things were moving around the house, but the most active room of the house was mine and that the closet door actually did move. I was relieved to hear that! It proved to me that I wasn't crazy for that one.

My other experience I had was a couple of years after, I was 10. I'm not sure if it was paranormal or not. My dog had passed away 2 months earlier from cancer and I had been waking up at 3:23 4 or 5 times per week. We had adopted 2 other dogs, same breed, same color and same gender. One night, I woke up hearing the sound of claws against a hard floor, it was 3:40, so the first thought that ran in my head was that my mom had forgot to put the dogs in their cages. So I waited and try to fall back asleep that anyways I was supposed to be sleeping and that it was her problem if she forgot to put them in their cages, but then I felt there was a chance that the dog would do a mess, so I got up. The dog wasn't far, it was sitting a couple of feet away from my door and it was staring at me, then I realized it seemed bigger and a bit different than the 2 ones we had, but I thought it was because it was dark. I suddenly felt super heavy, so I turned away and went to sleep. The next morning, I went to see my mom to ask if the dog had made a mess or something, but she asked me why and told me the dogs were in their cages and that the door was close. She then told me I had made a dream. I only thought of it later in the day, that the dog I saw looked exactly like my last dog.

After that experience we moved again, but this time it was because of my parent's divorce. So we moved into my grandparent's house on my mom's side because we wanted to be able to keep the dog. That's when I started having more and more experiences. Every so often I would hear footsteps, or see very faint shadows that would not stay more than a second or two, but none of those experiences were what I would consider important or more special. They most often occurred when people weren't there, when they were in another room or when they were sleeping. So one late evening, I was cleaning the dishes, it was winter so it was sun was down very early. So, everyone was occupied and I was left alone in the kitchen. I heard someone coming, but I didn't care at all and continued doing the dishes, it soon came very close to me and place a hand on my shoulder, so I started talking because I thought it was my mom but when I lifted my head, I saw no reflection in the window, only me no one else, when I turned around I was surprised to see there was no one, but weirdly I did not feel stupid for talking alone which usually I feel stupid when I talk and realize there is no one.

Once again we moved, this time because we had found a good deal on a big enough house to live all together in and it has a yard big enough for the dog. This is the place where I currently live and it's here where I had the most experiences so far, and the weirdest thing had happened. I started to get interested in paranormal in a different way. When I was small I wanted to be friends with those who had passed away and I wanted to learn about their past. In the last 4 years, I have been interested in the paranormal, as in the way I want to know more about it, but I don't want to have any experiences because I am scared of being scared or finding something stronger than me, and weirdly I keep having more and more experiences, some that take me off guard and scare me. Since I live here, I hear knocking on the wall, I see shadows, I see dark smaller shadows (about 2 to 4 foot tall), lights flickering (only when I'm using the webcam with someone) and I also hear whispers and footsteps, I've seen a pencil move and a full body apparition and the radio turned off twice. Those that freak me out more are the shadows, I sometimes see them with my own eyes, but I realized that sometimes they also appear on the camera. The full body apparition was the one of a man. I was alone at home and it was 8 am, the worst part, was that I was changing, and the door of my room was opened. When I saw it I screamed and grasped, I was freaking out. I saw it go into my mom's room, so I called my dog and texted one of my friends to tell her I saw a man in my house, then went into my mom's room with my dog. There was absolutely no one. If it would of had been someone it would of had been stuck there, but the room was empty, so I went back to my room and sat on my bed to think it through and spoke out loud. I asked them to please leave or if they stayed, to please try to understand that I need my own space and that I'm tired of seeing them here. The next weeks were pretty calm. I've seen nothing, only yesterday I heard very clear and loud footsteps. Besides that, I can also know some things about 5 minutes before they occur. I've been able to tell my friends result at school in advance, before she took the test. I just know it, it's not a vision, it's not a dream or déjà vu, it's something I know. It doesn't occur more than once or twice a week, I can tell when someone is about to get injured, but I can't tell who, I just get that weird feeling. I think everyone can have those feelings, but mine are very rarely wrong, which is also getting awkward.

If someone could please answer this; I want to know what's happening! Am I turning nuts or what? Okay, the last weeks have been calm, but I have the feeling it's going to start again pretty soon. I thought about it and made a bit of research myself in the last years. I know it can't be a demon or it would of had tried to hurt me a while ago. I do not think it is the house that is haunted, because everywhere I go I can see shadows or hear things, though it's mostly in my house that it happens. I don't think there is only one thing and I think it is not the same spirit/ghost/or whatever you want to call it that keeps coming to see me. Sometimes I have the feeling it's a woman, but I also saw a man and they have very different ways of showing themselves. I don't usually tell people, or if I do I try to make it very short and simple. My family doesn't know anything except for the closet one. My mom doesn't really believes in spirits, she thinks there is a reasonable explanation for everything, but my grandmother is the exact opposite, she does believe in ghosts and had many experiences herself. She says she got part of her mom's "gift" (she was a medium who could sometimes tell the future and interact with spirits). I only have one friend who knows, but she doesn't seem to understand it the way I want her to understand it. She freaks out at every little thing and tells me to tell my parents, which I am not willing to do right now.

I thought of posting this on the similar web-site, but I think it might also fit here. I'm not sure if it's a paranormal thing or if it's a psychic thing. The only thing I know is that I need to know more because it's been starting to freak me out a bit.

I will try to come and read every comment

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Anonymous17 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-18)
I have thought of using a ouija board more than once, but I don't feel ready yet, and I do want to learn more before trying since a couple of people had bad experiences. I might end up trying in a few years. Ever since I've been trying to get more in contact with myself and the spirits, I seem to have more difficulty than anything, so I'll try to continue meditating and simply let things flow by themselves.
Tman (6 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-14)
Hello Anonymous17,

I am fascinated by your story. Pokestitch recommended that you try using a weegie board for communication. Please, I urge you not to try this for you would be getting in way over your head. Weegie board's are not little toys; there could be serious reprocussions. I agree it seems that you have a talent for mediumship/channeling. And no, I do not believe you are going nuts; you just have an ability that is quite rare in this age of human evolution. I have had a range of psychic/otherworldly experiences through the course of my life, although they don't happen day to day. I am new to this site and will share some of my stories later on, but for now I will give a brief summary:

I am now 37 years old (male) and had been fascinated by things of a supernatural nature since gradeschool. I believed in the existence of ghosts, without much doubt since I was a child, but never really saw one until much much later. That is a story to be told at another time.

I believe that you have a special gift, often I'm sure that it feels more like a curse. Definately the first and foremost thing you should do is find ways to protect yourself from the more nasty entities you might encounter. I recommend not only methods of protection outside of you (charms, crystals etc...) but I also suggest to make yourself stronger internally, so that even without these things, you have some protection. Definately one of the easiest forms is through prayer. Yes GOD is definately real and even if you have not prayed in a long time, he will be there for you when you truly need it... You just need to ask for protection.
I must admit that sometimes go for long periods without praying, but God knows he is in my heart. I think the reason is that I like being independent and want to stand on my own two feet, instead of asking for help all of the time. But when your strength alone is not, enough; if you genuinely and honestly pray and just say what is in your heart; he (* or she) will be there. (* my belief is that GOD does have a more masculine mentality but that he can appear in any form he chooses. For example, in the Old Testament, he appeared as a pillar of fire to Moses (if I recall correctly). So maybe the reason GOD does not wish for mankind to make images of him is becuase he has various, potentially limitless forms.)

One technique I find to be very powerful is to send out spiritual light from within yourself and allow it to intensify outward to the entire room or beyond. If you reasearch techniques on how to meditate, a lot of these techniques will describe imaging a ball of light growing from within you and spreading outward. Other variations include the light first surrounding your body and then expanding. These techniques are meant for comfort and protection during meditation but I find them to be very useful in normal everyday environments when you feel you need a pick-me-up or when a room feels heavy, when you feel like some invisible spirit is watching you...etc.

Later on, I wlll post a story (in more detail) where I used this technique to ward off an entitly that I believe was trying to suck my energy during my sleep. On that day I woke up suddenly and sensed him behind me. At first I didn't know what to do. I didn't have the nerve to turn around at that moment. Then I instinctively used the spiritual-light technique and sent my light energy outward. He pulled away from me and dissapeared into one of my bedroom walls and hasn't come back since.

Anyways, my main point is to first make sure you have good methods of protection before you start exploring the more subtle realms. I hope we get a chance to chat sometime in the future. Until then, take care and GOD bless.
pokestitch (12 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-10)
i know how you feel because I have been surrounded with the paranormal activity from an early age. It's not something you need to be afraid of unless their intent is to harm. Ghosts are curious about those who are still living and some (especially if they were close to you) may want to make sure you are okay and/or protect you. You said that no matter where you have lived ghosts find you... Well you may be a magnet. I have always drawn ghosts to me because I help them 'move on' but I have never had a fear of them. I see/hear/talk to them like you would to a friend or family member. From the sounds of it you may be a fragment medium... Meaning you have part of the power to interact with them. Not many can so when they find someone who can interact, even a little, with them they will make themselves known. If you want to really talk to them you can get a weegie board and ask them questions. But make sure you cleanse the room and yourself before and after using the weegie board and store the board in a 'protected' box. Remember that fear is not the best way to deal with any situation. Just calm down and think. If you ever need help go ahead and email me at pokestitch [at]
Anonymous17 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-06)
Thanks radiant. I was able to get into the mediatation state pretty fast after doing some reasearch. If I find a calm area. I feel very light while meditating, but as soon as I stopped I got a headache. I did it twice, yesterday and today. Both times I felt super good during the meditation, but as soon as I open my eyes or get back to doing my thing I get a headache almost instantly... Any tips?
radiantsun (9 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-05)
Just relax, breathe in, breathe out, etc. Even if it takes a long time, you'll naturally think less and less.
Anonymous17 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-05)
Yes, I do need to clean up a bit for sure! I already have an amethyst (somewhere) in my bedroom. And I do also have a lot of seashells from when I go walking or just relaxing on the shore. As for meditation, I'm not too sure how to get into a meditation state. I'll have to search it up a bit more.
radiantsun (9 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-05)
Here are some tips I usually paste with each reply for basic protection guidelines. One of the few things is to BELIEVE and ASK for protection, though. Ask and you will receive: it's for a good intent, right? Then It's usually granted by the universe. It's best to "ask" while staring at a full moon.

You might want to register with, the community there will help you greatly!

A few protection things/tips I recommend:

-Light incense that contains protective and cleansing properties. Even if you can't light it, keep it around the rooms where you are the most and your whole house.

-Smudge your entire house! Buy a smudge stick, light it with fire, put the fire out, and let the smoke gather in every crack, nook, crevice, area, room, attic space, garage space, etc., that's in your house. Keep special attention to the places where you are the most! Like the incense thing, always keep this in view or around you when not in use. The best smudge stick is right here:

-Keep some crystals that protect! Some crystals I recommend are Amethyst, Quartz, Onyx, Moonstone, etc. Seashells are also important, if you can! Also, a very protective item is a natural stone with a natural hole through it--this is most often created by river stones being worn away by the water. I would wear this around my neck with skin contact all times, and plus I would always hang this around my bed and all areas I hang around. A necklace/string-tool that is good for protection to carry around contains many protective crystals and stones, seashells, and natural-holed stones.

-Always ask for protection. Even if you don't have a God or Goddess, it works fine to just send a prayer to the Universe itself for protection. Make sure that you believe it will work-power works through belief and thought, and is amplified through words.

-Clean up. I know this sounds silly, but clearing away your living space of dirt and things you don't need gets rid of old and negative energy. Don't just throw things away, scrub the walls and vacuum the floor as well.

-When meditating, I always say a prayer right before asking for protection and good, and to drive away all negativity and evil. Then I envision a crystal white barrier around me that no bad energy can pass through. Then I envision a purple flame rising from the Earth surrounding me and my barrier, "burning" away all negative energy and turning it into good energy. Then I envision a cord of energy running from me to the center of the Earth, "grounding" me. At the same time, I imagine good energy entering my third eye with every inhale, and bad energy exiting my third eye with every exhale, then that bad energy being turned good by the violet flame and being good again. You must visualize this with every sense, touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, thought, spirit, etc. Imagine this protecting you at all costs.

Good luck! I'll make sure to send my blessings to you.
Anonymous17 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2011-08-04)
Thanks for the answer... I don't know if I want continue or not seeing and hearing them, because they seem to always come in the awkwardest moment of all, and I fear them on the spot, or when I see or hear something new but I'm curious at the same time. I continued to make more research. My biggest fear is incountering a demon or something that is more evil or that has bad intentions. I think I might try to increase the activity or something just to see how it goes. I don't want to put a total end on it yet.

What would this "gift" or talent be called? And what makes an ability neutral? Is it like good/neutral/bad? I've searched more about spirits, ghost and demons than the psychic world...
AnneV (4 stories) (1045 posts) mod
9 years ago (2011-08-04)
They say, and I agree, that we perceive subtle realm activity (or you can call it the paranormal) when we are in the three B's (bed, bath or bus). This is because we are out of our typical "Chatty Cathy" beta state and are in alpha which is a slower brain pattern. This allows us to be open to what's happening around us, visible or not. Most often you've mentioned you are doing contemplative chores like the dishes, coming in or out of sleep, etc. Those are perfect (or if you're unhappy about it, imperfect) times for perception.

Why wouldn't you have these experiences again? Of course you will. Like you said, it's part of your family history. However, if you continue to build your fear barrier it will diminish and then you'll be like so many other people who come back to this site saying, "Help! I've lost my abilities!" I read it all the time. I bet your mother perceives them far less than your open minded grandmother.

Of course you're afraid. You were taught to be afraid. We all are. That's how our current undeveloped society works. So you can either keep being afraid or face it. We all want to grow but no one wants the growing pain associated with it.

I just posted my feelings about fear so I won't retype but here they are in the comments section of this submission:

Your abilities are nuetral. It is a gift if you want it to be or a curse if you remain in fear. That choice is yours.

Hope this helps.

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