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Psychic Medium Runs In My Family


My whole life I have grown up being able to feel when a spirit was near. I have never seen ghost but I definitely know when they are there and if they mean harm or are good. It's something my mom has viewed as normal since she has always grown up with dream visions. For her, her dreams are black and white but if she has a colored dream it ALWAYS has come true. My grandmother has had a few out of body experiences, and now even my little sister is starting to show signs of psychic abilities. At the age of 4 she once came over to mom and told her someone was about to call and a minute later the phone rang. My family seems perfectly fine with it but for me it has always scared me.

I'm 22 now and just walking into a new house makes me nervous, It drives me crazy that I can walk into a beautiful house and end up not being able to enjoy it cause of what's in there. This isn't one of those "oh it's a creepy looking house must be haunted" kind of feelings. It can be the most normal looking house. Luckily not every house has something in it and those are the houses I prefer to live in. Some of my friends who I have told think I'm kind of crazy especially one friend who I refuse to go into her grandma's house (amazingly beautiful house with someone VERY bad in it) I just don't know what to do with my senses! How do I control my senses? I know I should treat it as a gift but then how do I get over the fear?

Now I also struggle with my 3 year old daughter who has already told me she see's people that I cannot see but can feel. I don't know what to tell her and I don't want her to be so afraid like I am. How do I teach her to not be afraid like I am and to embrace her gifts?

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mandydandy (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-10)
thanks everyone for the advice:) its good to hear other peoples stories on how they deal with this.
Shaddix101 (4 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
I don't know about it being in family my dad said he use to be able to know about songs before they came out and my grandma said she had surgery once and watched the whole thing also I supposedly have a aunt that everyone thought she did witch craft but I don't know all family's have there past I guess you just got to cope with what ever you have going on
jnekerouac (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-05)
I was lucky enough to meet a very experienced and knowledgeable woman who helped me immensely after I encountered some more intense experiences than the ones I've had all my life, and she said something to me that really comforted me. She equated our ability to see or sense spirits with being at a party or the grocery store. When you're in either of those places there are people all around you, but just because they're there doesn't mean you have to strike up a conversation with them or engage with them in any way. You wouldn't feel the need to do that at the grocery store with your fellow shoppers.

Spirits are just people without bodies, and just like in life, you choose who you interact with. One guideline I have been given is that the interactions you have are guided by intent, and if you choose to engage with a person without a body you should intend to only engage with someone at your level of consciousness or higher. You should never feel fear. You should only feel joy. It's easier for me to communicate with people I already know who have passed, because they make me feel comfortable and joyful. If you'd like to ease your way in, perhaps set an intention to communicate with a loved one who has passed.

Good luck:) Every day feels like a new experience for me. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but it really is a gift. We know what exists beyond death because we can see it, and that's something many people would kill to know about for sure.

stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-04)
You are fortunate to have a family that understands, or who you can at least talk to about it. I have that with my mom, since psychic tendencies run on her side of the family (in the women).
As for being afraid, why? I mean, no offense, but that's a silly thing to be afraid of. There are spirits everywhere, all the time, and they aren't going anywhere. I mean, they may, but there will always be ones to replace them. I wouldn't even hint to your kid that its anything to be afraid of. You and her might as well be afraid of water, or the air you breathe! No point really.
If you can come to terms with that, just look at them as the pesky room mate. They're not going anywhere soon, so just learn to live with it. Try talking to them sometime when you're alone (so you don't feel like a nut). Maybe if you start talking, even if no one is there, you can give yourself confidence that they're just a person too, minus the body.
I think its scarier talking to real people than talking to dead ones, or spirits. Real people can still smack you if they want! 😉
All and all, I hope you find the courage you need. You're not alone, you have us, and apparently a lot of spectral buddies. Take peace in it. Not all spirits are bad, or scary. ❤
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-04)
Mandydan you have an interesting family, which can
Serve as a support system. A suggestion is speak
With them regarding your experiences and tell
Them about the neg feed back you've received from
Friends. They may help you solve the core issue
Regarding fearing spirits.

Knowledge is power. Reading or hearing others stories
Helps to eliminate the feeling of isolation as well
As empower us to know we are not odd or crazy.
Using some tools as shielding, angles/guides,amulets can
Align us with a sense of protection.

My husbands mum taught him when he was a wee tot some people see spirits and some do not. Regardless if one has seight, "You feel and sense them! And can validate your daughters experience which gives support to her.

AnneV mentioned the power to send love works, I believe is is a power of creater and works as a powerful tool.

You and your daughter will be ok!
The fact that you are opening up and looking for information is a the first step. Continue being willing to
Move forward and put your request to Spirit to move
Onward and upward and a way will open.

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-08-04)
Since you are not actually "seeing" the apparition it may just be the remnants of their energy. In other words, you can feel a murder scene without the murderer. I'd first start off by asking your friend who has the grandmother with the beautiful home if anything has happened there that would warrant your repugnance for the place.

So what exactly are you afraid of? Instead of figuring out how to educate your daughter while you remain clinging to your fear, why not address your own fear? Are you worried something might grab you? So far none have. Are you afraid you'll hear something unpleasant? So what if you do? Address your fear with analysis. We develop these fears when we are children and don't stop and think about them when we become an adult. Even though we have common sense, we revert back to the age in our mind when the fear was established. So you're still a child in your emotional mindset about spirits. I remind people, you're a spirit too but with a shell (and only very temporary!) Don't get hung up on labels. There are good and bad people on the street right now in the physical that any sensitive person can feel. They too have spirits both good and bad. Should we not go on the street because they are there? Of course we should.

Depending on how psychic a person is, they can see into the different dimensions where we all go after we die. There is the lower astral which is the easiest to perceive because it's the lowest vibrating dimension next to earth's. It gets more difficult to perceive the higher/finer the dimension is vibrating. If all you're perceiving is the negative, work on raising your vibration so that you perceive the positive as well. I bet your daughter, who is yet unspoiled with fear and barriers can see much higher; most young children can. Very developed psychics can see the higher planes and the beings within them, including angels. To raise our vibrations is to practice unconditional love and to learn how to laugh at ourselves, not wallowing in any negative mind set. Your development is not over because you are 22. It's not ever over until we pass on (and even then we continue to develop). This is your chance to start loving those un-loveable spirits! I personally have not run into a negative being in another dimension that I was not able to turn around and into a loving state by my own pureness and intent to love without conditions. But this took years of practice and facing some grueling fearful scenarios. You think it's scary going in a home with an unhappy spirit, try traveling the astral when you can see them (and non-human ones as well) front on. And this is actually good advice for any human, whether they are psychic or not. Try loving, truly loving, that un-loveable human and you'll see a metamorphosis in them that will astonish you. The reward is a happy life and an even happier afterlife.


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