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Being A Natural Medium


I've been a natural medium, but not known it all my life, it's only when I started studying the pre- Christian religion's 16 years ago that

I became aware of it.

The things that made me different, were I was always aware, from a very early age, of things, stuff, atmospheres, things people said and didn't say, I felt things, my parents said I was an old woman on a baby's head. I'm not that clever, in fact I used to be called a simpleton by members of my own clever family. The earliest thing I remember is when my birth mother died, I was only 3yrs old. I started seeing her by my bed, when I was stressed out, then at boarding school when I was 11yrs old I saw her again, at the end of my bed. Teenage years I didn't see her, as I was trying to be normal, and being abnormal, quiet skinny with glasses, is a bulling thing, and was I bullied, I had no friends, my only friends, were my mum in spirit.

Luckily my father was a spiritualist, and so he kept her memory alive, even though he married again. He always told me he prayed to her each night and morning, which I thought a bit odd, as most people I knew prayed to God or Jesus! Anyway he was a kind man my dad, and for 60 years I knew he was the only person I could talk to about these weird things! (he passed over, two years ago).

The first odd thing about me, was I couldn't walk on the pavement without feeling I was going to fall off, I never could tell anyone what I could feel, but since then, I have felt it recently so can be clear (now ok you say she is one mad lass), but someone else may feel this, so I'm being honest now. Bringing it out into the open. I could feel the earth moving under my feet, the tarmac and the earth boiling. I was ok on the pavement, but I couldn't walk across any road! Now isn't that weird? Perhaps I was too sensitive on this planet, or perhaps traumatized by my mother's death, as I kept sensing things, of course having an early death in the family does open one self up to all minds of imaginary things, like I heard more intensely, I saw things, I felt things, and I sensed things more intently.

My granny whom I went to stay with after having one of those infectious childhood diseases at 7yrs old, knew what I was going through, she used to show me that my imaginations were real, she also could see, sense and feel things of a spiritual nature herself. We used to go up into the Oxford woods, there she taught me about the tree spirits, how to listen to the wind in the tops of the trees, how to listen to the stream as it trickled down over small stones, she showed me where the blackbird laid her eggs, where the toadstools came up in autumn, the most important thing she taught was how to disregard what people said about me, and to remain true to my mother, and her, with true knowledge, I think they call it "the ken" or the knowledge. So be true to what you believe, even if everyone laughs at you for it. And I did see the wee fairy folk in the forest and heard their laughter, in dark places I felt their touch when I was scared, I learnt all about little spirits and animals, that was the start, now I'm 60+ I'm remembering that these early things, have tangible meanings, as most of my family and ancestors are now resting in the happy hunting grounds, (heaven) Christians call it.

This is my bio, or background, I have many other true "stories", I don't need your comments, more like I need others like myself to come forward and share! I don't have any friends, my friends are the wildlife in the garden and countryside, as I seem to be drawn to them, but humans just laugh at me, as my step mother always had, so I learnt to be a withdrawn child and now a recluse.

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Silvermoon714 (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-13)
Hey! My mom said that the trait that was passed down to me by my Grandma... It skiped my mom and went to me. I am not sure to be... Happy, upset, or cry in bed... Cause I will never have a normal life... But I am going to stick with happy vause I can help people. 😆

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