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Being A Natural Medium 2


My second part is that the things I remember that stick out for me in my 60 years are the things, that I can remember now, as I get older I seem to be with the natural spirits more, and with the earthly world less, and my memories are fading.

However my granny, was the same as me, apart from the fact that she was a deaconess in a Wesleyian Methodist Chapel, her husband was the pastor, it wasn't right for her to continue with her natural born abilities, but she passed on her insights to me, I listened in awe.

The Christians teach that its wrong, but to me I have found this true story was right for her to listen to her "demons or spirits".

Whilst she was working as an unpaid social worker in the area of slum London streets, (where she was helping young girls who were pregnant and had no one to help them), she was walking home one night, under a particular bridge, in 1930s, she had the chance of being compelled to knock on the door for no reason, other than she was told to, by a voice in her head.

So she knocked loudly, and a tired man came to the door finally, she enquired how he was, he told her, his life was a mess, and he was just putting the noose around his neck when she started knocking loudly at his door. Well as she was a Christian lady, she possibly got another convert there, but it shows how little we know about these things, when we feel driven to do something, how it can save a life. How different in this day and age, when everyone is out for themselves, and never listen to our inner feelings and helpers that are there to help us.

I have learnt through study, and watching people, that we all have the ability of doing good, or bad. In each one fo us, we can either go with the flow be like the masses, or we can be singled out, laughed at, spat at, and bullied as children for we are strange to others, but nowadays there is always someone to help, if not parents, there are now people who understand.

New age word perhaps but now on the internet there are support groups and even books, for crystal, indigo children and adults, walking, spirits.

I know I am odd, people cross the road when they see me coming, and I often feel like I'm in a strange land, I don't communicate with my spirit helpers, which I should do, as they may not be from earth, not all of them are my deceased ancestors or English, I have found I can talk in trance, and often in dreams in many other languages, from the past, but I never can do it when I'm awake.

We can laugh at others, for they may be strange, (film about the little boy who sees spirits) but we all have this ability we just choose not to use it, if we did the world would be a better place to live in. When we lived in caves, searching for meat to eat, we always knew where the next source of it was, if it was behind the next rock, waiting to eat us, we could see through those rocks, by scent tracks, and sometimes inner sight. Now where is that lost gift now?

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dryadlady (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-12)
hehe I have just put my besom (witches broom bought from The Coven witch shop in Burley, New Forest) on the front portal'porch corner tonight, to remind any witches in this street or area, that I'm here! I think by now they would know!
hug100 (126 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-12)
I actually understand your story a lot in fact it sounds just like me but I'm only 15. Just goes to show you can find those like you if you look in the right places. Also I know the spirits get very active during the full moon they always show up on this night. Blessed we all can be with these gifts!😁
dryadlady (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-11)
postscript... I had another article but its a busy time online and so can't post it... Being fullmoon all manner of things happen to me at this magical time, especially vivd dreams, wonder if anyone else has same experiences, I say if all else fails, and your scared, try reciting the lords prayer, the hail mary, the gloria, or recite the catholic exorcism, put garlic and nettles under the bed, and eat plenty of garlic befor yu go to sleep, imagine a fiery sword or angel standing over your bed protecting yu as yu sleep... Recite, mathew mark luke and jhohn bless this bed that I lie n, four angels surround my bed, two at my feet and two at my head!

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