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Are My Dreams Natural Events Or Someone Attacking Me?


I know that I am sounding a bit needy, please forgive me. I am learning just like everyone else. But I have been having all of my dreams come true since I died and came back when I was four. That is when I first met my guardians, Thaddeus, and Enigma. In each of my dreams, they are with me, as they are in the real world. I can no longer change the dreams I have. I used to be able to take a key element from the dream and change it, so that it would not happen. Now they still happen, and at a much more severe magnitude when I interfere. However, if I don't interfere, then people I know and don't know will die, and a lot of blood will be shed sooner than it is meant to be. My mentor believes that I am witnessing events ahead of time from another life, and that me seeing them now is a way to prevent the bad things. I try, but I'm only one guy. I'm not so sure that I can take on what's coming by myself.

I nearly died last year due to one of my premonitions, and I am tired of fearing for my life. My guardians can't even protect me from some of these events, which makes it even worse. So are these premonitions tings that are supposed to happen, or is there an entity that wishes to see me fall? The way all the events happen, I'm not sure if I'm being attacked, or if this is just the course my life is supposed to take. Either way, I am open to any advice anyone has to offer.

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