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Warnings In A Dream


Ever since I can remember, I have this ability to have premonition dreams. The trouble is, I cannot always tell if they are premonitions. Once, I was really excited about some close friends of ours, expecting their first baby. About two weeks later, I had a dream that she had a miscarriage. I told my husband although, I didn't take much notice and went about my business. I was visiting my Mum with my husband, when my friend's husband came tearing up the road, looking flustered. I stopped him and asked what was wrong? He told me that Linda (his wife) was bleeding heavily and had been rushed to hospital. She had had a miscarriage. I felt totally numb and my husband couldn't believe it either. He said to me "Didn't you have a dream that, that was going to happen?" I looked at him in disbelief!

Another time years later, I got myself a cat and called her "LaLa" she was black and fluffy and I loved her dearly. LaLa was always getting into scrapes. In the first two years of her life, she'd been attacked by my neighbor's dog and needed medical help, had kittens and was very ill with that and got run over outside our home. We were told to expect the worse, as she had serious injuries to her bottom half as the car ran right over her rear end. Amazingly, she recovered.

Fast forward another two years. I had a dream that ""LaLa had died, in it she got sick and I remember waking up crying, telling my husband what I'd dreamt. He said, "It's ok, it's only a dream" a month later, it happened again, only the circumstances were different, she'd been badly hurt by someone and had to be put down. Again I woke up crying, with my husband comforting me. A few weeks later, the same dream, that she'd died in my arms. I felt totally numb when I awoke and convinced myself it was just a bad dream. I should've known better. As I kept having this sense of foreboding, but ignored it. A couple of months later, on a Sunday afternoon, I'd been doing the laundry and getting the kids stuff ready for school, when "LaLa" and my dog "Jazz", had a run in. I didn't take much notice as it was common knowledge that they disliked each other, although, this was the first time they had a disagreement. I carried on doing the chores and I loaded the washing machine with the last of the laundry. About an hour later I asked my husband to feed "LaLa" and "Jazz", but he couldn't find "LaLa"! I told him she may of hidden herself away from the dog and fallen asleep somewhere. Less than a minute later, My husband screamed out "The cat's in the washing machine" I ran into the kitchen crying hysterically, frantically trying to get her out. The machine had been on for over an hour and I was convinced she was already dead! It was full of cold water and there was no way to empty the machine or open the door. The only way was to smash the glass of the door. My husband did just that, but cut himself very badly as the glass broke jaggedly. We got her out and to my amazement she was still alive, cold and frightened, but alive. We rushed her to the vets, who told us they were amazed, that she was still with us and that if she was going to die, it would've been in the machine. They checked her and treated her as best they could and told us to keep her warm. This we did, but hours later we had to rush her back as she was vomiting etc. This time another vet saw us and told us, that she'd possibly suffered brain damage and that they'd keep her in overnight for observation. We went back home, exhausted, upset and angry that this could happen. The next morning around 7am, I rang the vet knowing what they were about to tell me. That my beloved "LaLa" had died during the night. I've never felt so grief stricken and guilty as I did that day. I ended up on anti depressants for months as I blamed myself for not saving her quick enough and for ignoring my premonition dream. It's been ten and a half years since that day, and not a day goes by without me wishing it had turned out differently. I still have her daughter "Baloo" who's 14 years old and the spitting image of her Mum! These are just two of the many premonition dreams, that I've had over the years.

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scattyann (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-09-08)
Stephyw2001, It was a front loader! And I never buy the same make of one as it reminds me of the whole incident! Thank you all for your comments. It was a very distressing experience for all. I'm paranoid now, and I always check the machine. I'm always having these type of dreams and it's hard to know which are dreams and which are premonitions. Last year I kept dreaming that I was holding a baby and I was looking to buy a pram! It was my grandson! I had this dream many times over a period of months! Same dream every time... Then my daughter anounced her pregnancy (she didn't want kids) she had a boy! The dreams then suddenly stopped!
emmamatusiak (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-09-05)
i think the same thing might be happening to me but with a spirit of a person he was saying that I had prommised him the revelation of what happened but I don't know even know this spirit of the person.
sunwater (1 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2011-08-31)
oh my goch that is one of the worst ways to die I think and you dreaming about stuff like. I would hate if any of my 3 cat died like that they all get hit by a car becuse the dog chases them there I hate that dog and I watched it happen right in front of me. And it was only a year old max. Now I have baby kitten max and moe and we have scruffy she is 3. The miscarrage is so sad as well I feel for people like that I wish it never happened.
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2011-08-22)
Oh ScattyAnn, how sad! I'm assuming you had a front loading washing machine? Those things are the devil! My parents got one, and I hated it! For one, they don't clean as well and the regular top loading washers. I hate that you can't open the door once the load starts (your problem too!) but I never thought of an animal getting trapped in there! I had a friend who had a kitten go into a clothes dryer, but luckily she caught it in time, and though very injured her kitten survived. I always remembered this, and ALWAYS check to make sure my cat isn't in the laundry before I start the load (what is it with the darned cats being so amused by the washer and dryer?). I never even thought of the nightmare of them getting stuck in one of those front loaders and not being able to rescue them! How horrifying! All the more reason for me to stick with the top loaders!
I hope poor LaLa is at peace now, and waiting for you with all the rest of our beloved pets who have passed. ❤

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