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Dead In The Water


My name is Garrett and I am now almost 18 years old. I was blessed with the gift of precognitive dreams. You can read my other stories as well. I will start off by saying I am very superstitious. Yesterday a whole flock of black birds were in my front yard. As I walked to get the mail, they just stared at me. Didn't fly away or anything. I know this is some type of warning because I had that feeling in my stomach. That night I had two dreams. The first was a war in the middle of a desert with over a thousand soldiers. Then I blinked to the next and I was staring down to what seemed to be the ocean. Dead bodies were being slammed into the dock from where I was standing. Then a force pushed me in and the dock was gone. I was in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the dead. As I tried to scream I couldn't wake up. I just have a bad feeling about something.

Also a few weeks ago I was dreaming again. The thing was, was I knew I was asleep yet I couldn't move. All of a sudden I started hearing voices. More than one. I could not understand what they were saying. I felt I was paralyzed yet I could feel my hand slowly traveling to my neck. I gripped my throat as if I was chocking myself. I still could not wake up and the voices got louder and louder. When I did finally wake I was sweating and the voices I had heard where gone. I really have not had a precognitive dream in a while, but I have had these terrifying nightmares and bad feelings in the pit of my stomach. I swear I am not a disturbed child. I am just your average, psychic, classy kind of guy. I could really use some helpful opinions.

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Jamie6 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-19)
Your dreams are subjective to YOU. What do those symbols mean in your mind? That's the only way you can decode what your dreams mean.

Animals are very in tune with the spiritual world. If someone is trying to send you a message, they know about it. Maybe the flock of birds was something drastic for you to notice because whatever is trying to get in touch with you knew that that would be significant to you.

You need to decode whatever those symbols mean to you. And don't worry, I don't think that it's a warning that the world is going to end (which is what I'm sensing you're worried about).;)
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-19)
Stephy wrote about buildings and a hospital burning down... What if you could see the buildings as the bodies of people, or their souls perishing or suffering without spiritual nutrition (medicine)?! I believe people get sick if they do not share spiritual food (messages) with each other... If Earth is a big school and everyone is a pupil then everyone is here to help each other "graduate"...

~Earth is a University and Life your major.~

Sharing is caring, and giving is receiving. ❤
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-19)
I see the black birds as the dead bodies, they want you to come and collect mail... Waiting for you to heed their message.

You could see other people as black birds or fallen angels... Staring at you wanting you to stare back at them, to realize that you are not that different from other people.

Maybe you see what is going on in everyday life, that people are a species of havoc, aikin to a dry desert where no spiritual growth takes place. Maybe you see others as "spiritually behind" (or dead of soul) compared to yourself and you cannot stand it. You see people fighting over nonsense, a spiritual battleground they engage in, maybe you finally realized that their fighting over trivial matters are useless and in fact reflects you fighting about these things too, doing the exact same thing they are doing... Facing the same struggles as they do everyday.

Therefore you end up being among them, as one of them in the "sea of souls"... Maybe you realized that you are not that different from them that you condemn, and that everyone is seeking meaning in life.

"All the voices" means that everyone wants to get heard, everyone wants their story to be told, everyone has a story to tell. But the main thing here is that everyone can learn from each other, just because they made you mad and you decided to withdraw your voice and knowledge from them (by grabbing yourself around your throat as to hold your own voice in the face of billions of other voices) need not to make you feel bad about yourself, since you are not the only person in the world that can teach other people, you are not the only person that can give spiritual messages... Or maybe it could really mean to let your voice count too and to stop being afraid of thinking how you must be, and just be... I have learned everything that wants to get heard wants to hear from you as well, they want others to understand them but they also want to learn from them as well... Thus everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student, learning is eternal.

I think the WARNING may be to stop trying to lead others, to acknowledge that everyone is capable of leading themselves, to grant others their self-responsibility, to claim your own self-responsibility and to beware of falling into some sort of "messiah complex", since pride will only blind you, and prevent you from seeing others as yourself - not seeing your own faults and using the faults of others as a quick scapegoat to not face your true self.

Basically it means to make peace with the world as it is, let everything play out as it should, for you are one in millions upon billions of people, you can't change the world... Stop trying to be apart from the world and acknowledge that you are actually part of the world, and that everyone is so to say "in it together"... So worry about your own life, make a difference only where you can, realize that everyone can make a difference and does so everyday with the people they come in contact with, choices made and actions done and so forth.

It takes them all to make the world, everyone has a role to play... Earth is like one massive school, where beings of heaven are sent to refresh their memory of what Spirit is really about.

Stop trying to control things you have no control over, just let go and let God, minding your own business with God as everyone must sort out their own issues with God, you can't really bud into someone else's relationship with God as some pestering third party. You cannot make anyone believe or do anything, everyone makes their own choices to heed certain spiritual messages or not. And God will find those who really seek Him, you can't bring God to them if they are not willing to see Him first.

PS: Not every dream you have is a dream of precognition that predicts disaster or death, if you see it that way you will drive yourself crazy... Some dreams are prophetic yes, but not all prophetic dreams predict doom or gloom, no their purpose is to send out spiritual parables, messages.
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-06)
I also just dreamed 2 nights ago of buildings having been burnt, like massive fighting took place. A hospital was destroyed, and many people were sick. I'm not sure mine was middle east though.

The important thing for us to do is just be mindful of what we saw. If we need to relay a message to someone, do. If you know someone in the middle east, speak to them now. You may need to talk to eachother. I believe things happen for a reason, and that messages are ment to be relayed.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-10-05)
Do you keep a dream journal? I keep one in an Access database I set up so that way I can query key words down the road. So many of our dreams we forget but if we can write them down in some form (queryable is better) then we can search for them later when something happens. You can also start to notice trends. For example, I had a series of dreams before 9/11 of planes crashing into people and buildings. Not that you can do much to warn people because psychics are still labeled nut jobs, but some of these affect ourselves and we can prepare.

The desert is probably war in the middle east. I too dreamt of a war this week surrounding Israel. I know next to nothing about that country but I even saw the passports as they crossed over a river which was on their border. I then looked up if there was a river as a border and there is (the Jordan River).

There is always something bad happening in this world. There is no getting around it so sensitive people are going to pick up on this. However, something may be coming that will affect you personally. But unless you're dreaming specifics of which you can avoid, all you or any of us can do is be vigilant. If you really feel something is coming down the pike to affect you personally, before you go to bed, ask your higher self for more specific images. You might get some deeper details. And if you think it affects a bigger population, share with us!


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