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My story starts a little over a year ago when I took a job at a local hotel as a receptionist. The present building is over 400 years old. As far as I know the building has always been a hotel which was used by Stagecoaches travelled in to London but stopping over. The coaches would come up from Portsmouth an Brighton. With the reception area, restaurant, attic, cellar, kitchen and some rooms and offices over reception being the oldest parts of the hotel.

I have seen outlines in the restaurant of people sitting down I have felt like there was a huge crowd of people in the reception area when there was nobody there.

The company I work for is a small family owned company and they employ around 70 members of staff. This means that after 5pm when most of the managers and the other office workers have left for the night there can be as little as 3 members of staff on duty, one receptionist, one bar worker and one restaurant worker. The late shifts finishes at 11pm and I have been in the reception office counting the floats and I have clearly seen the outline of a man (well over 6ft tall) standing in the doorway to the office. When I have been on the reception desk and I know that I am the only member of staff in this part of them building I felt like someone is standing right behind me looking over my shoulder.

There is also the attic, I am one of the few staff members that will go up into the attic alone For a start there is no electricity up there so we have to go up there during the daytime. To enter the attic we have to use a spiral staircase that is in pitch darkness We store old paperwork up there. The attic itself is not that big at the end of the attic I have seen a figure that just stands there. It does not creep me out indeed I feel no anger or anything from the figure just a kind of sadness. The attic is made up of 3 rooms and curves around in an L shape. Each of the rooms have old name plates on them (I forget the names). I have been told that the area above reception (the Club Executive Rooms) used to be staff accommodations (this is going aback about 150 years) this would fit as the Club Executive Rooms are down a maze of narrow corridors that end in a set of 3 small rooms up a really narrow staircase. The narrow stair case up to these 3 rooms I also get the feeling that I am being followed or I am being watched as I come up the stairs.

Also around the staff bathroom (this is also in the Club Executive Rooms area I have seen what appears to be a little girl peering around the corner of the corridor. I have also heard child laughter from around this area. We rarely get children in the hotel and this has happened when I am 100% sure that we have no children in the hotel.

About 6 months ago we had a problem with the fire alarm going off in the kitchen. It would go off mostly during the night at around 3 or 4 in the morning, the Night porters were questioned closely about the alarm and they said that they had been busy in other parts of the hotel at that time. We had it checked by professionals but they could not find anything wrong with it. They replaced some parts but the problem still did not go away. Eventually we relocated the fire alarm to a different area of the kitchen and it stopped.

I don't think that any of incidents are creepy in anyway, as I have seen things from a young age. But I would just like a bit of advice (most people at work have seen something even if they believed in ghosts or not) should I try and get into contact with these people or should I just continue to observe them? I would be grateful for any comments.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-21)
My suggestion is to study the subject and learn
All you can about helping discarnate souls.
Since your in the UK there are spiritualist churches
And some of them have courses plus work together. Try a few places and see which is
A fit for you. You don't necessarily need to
Join. There you gain understanding and other people
Whom will help in the work.

The only discreet way to approach co-workers
Is casually mention a small thing to
Someone whom is open to the paranormal.
I have found some parts are very hush about this type of occurrence.

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