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Spirits, Or Sleep Paralysis?


Last night while laying in bed I was thinking about the day and what I would be doing tomorrow when I started to fall asleep. I drifted into a light sleep when I started to see my grandma who has passed away about 4 years ago that I have recently been thinking of. She was at my bedroom door standing there, I felt the door opening expecting to feel comforted by my grandmother being with me it felt so real, she was coming towards me and when she got to me I was suddenly awake. I was awake and I could feel it but I could not move my body, open my eyes, or even make a noise.

For a second I thought I was paralyzed this was probably only for about 10 seconds but it felt much longer and was really startling. I remembered a story about this and how spirits can watch you, or was it that it's your own spirit watching down at your body? My mind was completely awake and I was aware of it telling myself to keep breathing and wondering when this would be over? A few moments later I finally moved the tip of my finger and then was able to move my whole my arm, open my eyes and move my entire body.

I was so startled and sat up in my bed, this wasn't the first time I've experienced this but I felt the presence of my grandma but I wonder was that my grandma or something else taking over my body? At first when I saw the spirit of my grandma I welcomed her because I missed her and I thought I might be dreaming after she entered the room and came towards me it didn't feel as comforting and then I was purely terrified by the experience.

Is this because my grandmother was really here visiting me in an unconscious state or was it another entity disguised as a familiar person trying to take over my body or watch me? Or could I have simply been experiencing sleep paralysis?

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AnneV (4 stories) (1051 posts) mod
9 years ago (2011-10-19)
I think in this case it was both (grandmother paying a visit, sleep paralysis). As we enter an altered state of consciousness (like Beta as we're drifting off, meditating, etc.), we can perceive the next level of vibrations. We all experience the catatonic state while we sleep otherwise we'd hurt ourselves or others when we dream. Sometimes, though not common, our mind wakes up before the signals wake the body up, hence the catatonic state. It can take a few minutes for the body's alertness to catch up with the mind. When we are in the catatonic state, we are often in the etheric, which is the next level in terms of vibration. We can sometimes see through closed eyes, perceive things in the room both visually and audibly, and even endure what is called night terrors or hag syndrome.

Hope this helps.

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