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Wind Dreams


A long time ago, when I was maybe 4-5 years old, I had this dream every now and then, as I got older, the dreams came more frequently. The dreams were always about the same thing, and about each 6 months, the time of the dream changed to the day after, the time in between was the same thing, and no matter what I did in the dream to try to change it, the result was the same as the first dream in the end.

In these dreams, I could control the wind, not complete control, but like changing directions, making the wind come or not, or adjusting the speed of the wind. Around my 6th birthday, I had the dreams at least once a week. Around the time I turned 8, I changed schools, I didn't notice at first with the people, because in my dreams I was around 13-14, (hard to tell age in a dream) but I could tell right away, the school I was in resembled the school in my dreams.

Now I am 13, and I also notice the people in my grade, are the same ones as in my dreams back then. A few months ago, around september, I slowly got better at changing the direction of the wind, but only for a few seconds, then the wind goes back to its set course, and making the wind come when I tell it to. Since the dreams have not taken place in high school, I know the Power must come before june 2008, If anyone else has had experiences like this, and found a way to harness it, please leave a comment.

One more thing, in between the dreams for a few weeks, I had some different dreams, not about the wind, because the time of these dreams I did not have my power in the actual world. These dreams felt so real, and everyone there I knew from my school was in the dream, and it felt like they were in the same dream.

So the next day at school I tell my friends about the dream, they say they had the same one, so the next day in the dream, I told them (in the dream) that tomorrow at school, I was going to say password to them, and they were to reply potatoe. The next day before saying anything to my friends, I said Password, and they all said potatoe. After a few weeks, the dreams stopped.

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butterscotch (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-12)
yes, but only on certain tests. But try not to do this on perpose or else your test will tell you your higher than you realy are
HazelEyedEpiphany (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-12)
butterscotch - do you think its possible to manipulate your test results?
butterscotch (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-11)
it means that your abilities are strong if the tests say that your high
HazelEyedEpiphany (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-11)
WTF...I'm confused, but it's making me laugh for some odd reason. I'm embarrassed, I cannot manipulate wind on average, I've only done it once and that's when I felt free and soley connected to the universe. But whenever my life hits the dumps that doesn't usually happen. I suppose my mood effects my powers? Idk... But I just took those psychic ability tests and new I was going to fail most of them, which I did, except the esp one that I got: "VERY HIGH" as a result. 74/100? Does anyone know what that means? 😐
butterscotch (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-11)
hi my names lacey I am 13 I do not have dreams, But I DO know how to make you wind powers stronger

1.think about wind really hard and the direction

2.use hand movements that you feel comfortable with confident

4.practice makes perfect so don't get irrited if it doesn't work at first

5.have fun fun with it 😊

P.s your not alone there are many of us out there you just have to find people like you!
rocknroll300 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-30)
Wow that is so cool how you can talk to people in dreams! Also I can make the wind move a little bit.
lizzie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-09)
It sounds like one of the previous stories about seeing images of people who have inhabited those spaces in the past, and left an imprint - remote viewing? I think it is called? Google it for more info. It may help.
AngelWhisperer (1 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-08)
I'm 17 and I am a medium

I never really believed in all of this kind of stuff, always been skeptical

until I started to have weird dreams about people I didn't know, but I felt as if I were some way connected to them, some violent dreams, some just weird like regular conversations between 2 people and I just stood there and listened to the people in my dream talk, I come to find out these people in my dreams, were my family members like my aunt uncle and mother when they were growing up

one day my hand went haywire it felt as if a metal pole was in my hand and someone I couldn't see was leading my hand with a magnet spelling out words that formed sentences, even in print in a book.

My eyes would quickly go to letters in a sentence on the paper and it spelled out sentences!

I finally got scared and ran to the girls bathroom, and cried to my mother on my cell phone saying "someone's talking to me spiritually, I don't want some ghost to possess me, It's telling me it's God, but what if it's a bad spirit trying to decieve me?

she took me to a wiccan spritual shop to see if anyone could help me with my spirits a woman helped me and told me the names of my angels, and my gaurdians as well as my spirit guides, since then I am trying to master my mind and better myself as a person, I don't wish to recieve bad messages from demons or the devil, but sometimes they curse at me through the messages I recieve because they know I am smarter than they think I am, when they try to talk to me and decive me.

I just wish I could tell the difference of when it's a good spirit talking through my hands and mind and when it's a bad one, I hope that in time I only recieve good messages.

and I hope that God will keep me safe, I just want to live a semi-normal life, sometimes spirits are scary you know?

by the way, this experience opened to how many people truly cared about me and didn't judge me, my family is Catholic and everyone supports me, that really suprised me, because of how strict the religion is, but even my grandmother supports me, I couldn't ask for a better family.

my first experience though was through a dream here's how it all started

I had never seen a Ouiji board in my life until this past summer, however, I somehow had a dream, it was about me spending the night at one of my close friends homes, in this dream, we were using a Ouiji Board in my friend's basement, we were looking at the board when suddenly I looked up and all of her things in her room were floating, I began to say "Maaan, I'm getting creeped out here!" as I turend around to run away an old woman with frosted gray hair in a red shirt and white robe stood in front of me just levitating 3 feet off the ground smiling sweetly at me, I turned to my friend again and said "Andrea, do you see this?!" and her eyes stayed glued to the Ouiji Board as if she were enamoured with whatever it was spelling out, I turned around one last time and the woman was gone, and then I woke up, that weekend I spent the night at her house, ever since then I have recieved automatic messages randomly without control, very weird experience, not sure what it meant, but it was strange none the less, the weird part was I wasn't scared of this woman, it's was a soothing kind of relief when I saw her, well that's my experience I hope my story isn't too strange

by the way, I've been told in messages numerous a time this sentence
"Sarah, you're an angel an absoloute angel, you're special..." and I've been labled as "the key to break a cycle of hurt, I am helping my family to heal..." whatever that means

well thanks a lot for reading my experience
FireFly (4 stories) (35 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-07)
Your story is amazing, and fascinating. Although I can't be sure, I have a few theories about what happened. It almost seems as though it was destined, that you and your friends minds were connected through this dream long before you even met. Maybe you and your friends are like kindered spirits or something from a past life, and that's why you and your friends are connected. But then again I could be completely wrong but you never. I still can't get over how amazing your story is, it is a prime example of how incredible the human mind is, and how very little we no about it. 😉
Miku (2 stories) (5 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-28)
no matter where I am, I always see something paranormal. I can't really
understand it. When I am alone I often get this feeling of someone
standing next to me, a feeling that is very difficult to explain. Its like
a part of my body is heavier than the rest. I have seen things my
whole life, one time I was laying in my bed and I saw this person dressed
in white hiding behind my bedroom door, I could only see half of his
body, I saw it very quickly, but I knew someone was there, my brother also
saw this person. Only my brother and I can see these things, not my
mom or my dad. Sitting here typing this I can sence someone in this room,
its scary... Has anyone ever see the things I do? I am getting use to
seeing the paranormal, but, sometimes I do wish that I wasn't like
this. Anyway, another time I was riding on my bus looking out the window,
and I saw a woman dressed in purple, she was running, and it looked to
me as though she was yelling, I took my eyes off of her for one second
and then looked back... She was gone, I stood up on the bus looking
behind me... But couldn't find her. That area where I saw that woman just
gives me the creeps... I hate passing their every morning. Please
someone write back and tell me I'm not the only one.

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