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I Constantly Predict The Future


So I recently started me 8th grade year and many strange things have been happening. It seems like any time I say or think something it happens. It has been happening for years but this year has been the strongest.

A Lot of you may know it's near Halloween and in the east we are having a terrible snow storm. Luckily I was one of the cities that didn't get much snow but I still lost power. Anyway, it is Sunday and trick or treating was today. So my friend and I our sitting in my powerless house with only one working battery phone. So I just randomly say " I really hope they don't cancel teat or treating today". Legit, two seconds later the phone rings, it was the mayor treat or treating was cancelled. I knew it was no coincidence.

Another example to prove my point. There is this website I go on a lot called funnyjunk. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a place where people can post funny pictures and other things. So I once heard this funny poem, outside of the website, that goes " roses are gray, violets are gray, I'm a dog". So I wondered why no one posted it yet. After a few minutes of surfing the website I see the same exact same poem.

I swear on my life that these are both true. I have many more that I could tell but ill save you the read. Please can someone help me? I know that there are many that are like me. Before I would constantly try to convince myself that they were just coincidences. But I finally have to come to a realization that they're not. I can't control it and they only comes when I never expect it. Also its not just me that has these "visions", I think that my grandma can too. She predicted last year that something bad would happen to me. A week later I got the swine flu. Maybe it runs in my family.

Please any one that can help me tell me what to do. Should I see someone or what? Thank you for reading.

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