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In July of this year I had a dream about an ex-boyfriend from 13 years ago. In the dream I told him "You know, I loved you".

We were together for over 5 years, it was a tumultuous relationship lots of ups and downs. We struggled to stay together, but finally broke up after he began to have an affair with a married lady at work.

By September, I began to have flashbacks of our time together, it was kind of nice to remember the good times we had together. As of today, the flashbacks/memories, transportation back in time, dreams and everything else in between are happening every day and night. I am not sleeping soundly and there are new dreams of he and I together. There is always a mention of the price of something in the dream... The first dream like this "we were traveling in a bus or a train and I saw gasoline prices, and I asked him how much he had paid for fuel... Seems like I knew he had paid more than the price I had just seen", the most recent dream "I asked a man what was the cost of something". Another dream scene, I have also saw a long white bridge that seem to arch high into the sky. For some reason, I did not think the dream would take me to a bright illuminated building (green and blue lights) in the distance. I have tried to go back to the dream bridge, so far I had not been able to find it again.

I have psychically tuned communicate with a ex-fiance in the past. He was sick and prayed to talk to me once again. I have, also, been contacted by a college friend who had transitioned to the other side.

I have spoken to a couple of people about this already, one thinks he is accessing (astral travel) me, because he realized what he had done and the marriage to the lady is not working, others think he might be sick and ready to transition to the other side, and a mentor thinks this is just purging/healing the past between us.

I am an Empath with a number of psychic gifts, who now feels totally overwhelmed by this situation. I am so emotional at this time, I know longer trust what I am perceiving... Because I do still love him and yearn for some aspects of our relationship.

I would like to know if anyone else has every encountered or heard about a situation like this before. If yes, how did you resolve it or how did it end? I know, no two situation are the same.

Contacting him via email, or telephone is not an option, for a number of reasons. Plus I am not sure if this is just my stuff and do not want to contact a married man who was once my lover, and friend.

Any suggestions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


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valleycat (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-24)
One other thing I remembered: one of my close friends had a similar experience. She dreamed that her exboyfriend met with her (in a dream) and said that he missed her. She said she missed him too, and had strong feelings for him still (it had been 9 years or so since they had broken up).
She was in a bad marriage when she told me this. She left her husband and moved to her home state, and began talking to this guy. He asked her to get back with him, and she thought about it, but then decided to make her marriage work (she has kids)...and as far as I know she and her husband are doing wonderfully now:)
valleycat (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-24)
I had a very similar experience, twice. I had two dreams within about a week of eachother about someone who I had had strong feelings for in high school. We never dated, and really didn't know eachother but I think he had a crush on me and we were to shy to act on it... Plus he was in detention a lot and my mom managed detention, so she did not like him and vice versa lol. Anyway, 5 years after I had seen him, or really even thought of him (I was married at the time with two kids) I had these dreams, where he and I met up, and one of the times he came to my house when my husband was gone and just talked, and we told eachother that we would mention a certain herb, ginkgo biloba (he is a doctor now) if we saw eachother again just to prove that we were in the same dream. He told me that he had really liked me in high school but was afraid of what people would think (I was very pretty as a teenager but also very unpopular, he was one of the cool kids), and I told him I liked him a lot back then too. Then he said that he wanted to say hi to me again, and this was why he tried to meet up with me astrally in the dream. Then I woke up... I don't remember much of the other dream anymore. I feel like that was a true spiritual meeting. I have had many experiences with spirits, remembering past lives, and guides ever since I was about two years old, so I am open to the possibility that this was real... But I still question whether it was just a vivid dream.

Anyway, my suggestion would be to try to meet him astrally again, and see how he feels, and leave it up to him if he wants to contact you. I was trying to save my marriage at the time, so I did not contact my old crush.

Take care!

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