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Do I Have A Psychic Gift Or Was It Just A Coincidence?


Growing up in a deeply religious home, we were always taught that there was a higher power in the world, nothing was coincidence and everything was part of 'God's plan'. As I grew up my frame of mind slowly changed and I stopped believing in God, at least in the traditional sense, and I started to become more interested in the supernatural.

When I was 14 I had what I believe, was my first real psychic experience or possibly even premonition. After a raging argument with my parents, something that was becoming the norm in my teenage years, I went and locked myself away in my bedroom. As the evening passed I sensed that there was something not quite right within the room, but thought nothing of it, focusing instead on the argument. I fell to sleep still cursing my parents, but was prematurely awoken in the night by the presence of somebody (or something) within the room. At first, I was unable to pin point where this presence was coming from, but looking to the foot of my bed I could see what looked like an impression of somebody sitting and could feel a definite weight on my duvet when I tried to move it, as there was nobody (that I could see) sitting there I was well and truly 'freaked out', and buried my head underneath the covers. After some time, I felt the weight move and the felt the presence left the room. I was distressed by this for the following weeks, but as happens, life gradually returned to normal and I thought nothing of it after a couple of months.

It was two years later when I was reminded of that night, when after an unusually fierce argument with my parents I retreated to the usual sanctuary of my bedroom and sat down on the end of my bed. It was at that point I felt the presence I had a experienced two years before, this is when it occurred to me that two years earlier I had experienced this night and had received some sort of warning from myself. That night, my parents kicked me out of the house and I never spoke to them again.

With the trauma of getting thrown out by my parents and going to live with my grandparents on the other side of the country, I forgot about the possibility of this being a premonition and focused on sorting myself out. It's only now, years later that I have started to think about what it could have meant. Since that night, I have had other supernatural experiences, but nothing that comes close to being as powerful. I have contacted many providers of psychic readings and experts of the supernatural to see whether they could shed some light on what I had experienced. I am still waiting for a definitive answer, but as my title suggests, was it all just a coincidence or do I have gift?

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laur3n (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-30)
How could that be a coincidence? It seems to me that you either have a gift or that some bad energy is associated with you and your parents. Did you have troubles as a child? 😉
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-29)
mbugle it is of no consequence for anyone to tell
You that you have ability. As Becky666 said!

The question as to why you had that experience of
A being moving and touch your bed was so profound?
"Was to make an impression on you"!
Referred to this as "Pouring on the faucet".

1) so your aim would be to reconnect
2) so you would believe in yourself
3) that despite circumstances you would
Look back and know that this type of scenario is possible. 4) you would gain experience.

As to what this was?
I believe I know but being middle aged myself, you
Need to put some time to connecting with this spirit. More importantly once know...acknowledge, acknowledge.

In the UK during my stay here the energy has acclerated drastically the last two years. I just have to be alone inorder to allow the changes to take a real hold on a vibrational and mental level.

What I would recommend is expand your application of
Complimentary therapies to help support your energy.
Increase any mediation/prayer to help you open up to your potential. This is what you've been looking for! The energy in England is moving so fast here
Its amazing.

The importance is having things in place to separte the neg and positive as well as adjust the
The changes we as humans have to sort out inorder to
Move our vibrations up ward.

I read AnneV the owner of this site's reply in one story: And I agree with her that thinking and speaking positive help with our vibrations.
If you are in the City of London-You would feel a lot of disconnect from people, around you, and sense stress, fear and pressure.

If you want some feedback as to what may be helpful.
Just list what meditation you use, or complimentary, or energy work with your belief's.
Becky666 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-28)
this really is a no brainer,,, you have the gift now you just have to remember it

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