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Young But Learning


As I begin to type this entry, I feel a very necessity to tell my experience to guide me and shed some light on my many questions but at the same time I feel like this is my beacon to others out there that are lost and young like myself that cannot reason what they are experiencing. For those that read my entry you are one of many that share that experience and I too look to you as guidance in order to better understand my gift.

When I was young, I started by sensing things with the aid of my Grandmother. I am not of Christian belief but I studied it when going to school. Just like many beliefs, prayer is a method to connect to our spirituality. But with prayer, there are spiritual entities that do both good and there are some that also tend to create trouble.

With that being said, my early experiences would be hearing things that I could queue in on that the rest of my family couldn't: movement, voices, energy. I could hear and sense it. I started to notice without my sense of sight, I was more prone to picking things up more clearly and detailed.

My next experience would be frequent deja vu experiences. These experiences were as if someone embedded these things in my mind and I see them play out. Most of the time, these were my alerts of to a bad outcome. In those instances, I would do something different to alter the outcome or walk away from it just for me not to see that outcome play out.

Lastly, my ability to see and hear from the these spirits came to a head when I came face to face with them. You could say I was the spiritual alarm to many of these spiritual experiences that my family endured. My ability to see orbs came noticeable when my Grandmother passed on. I knew at that time, my family was in mourning, but just like my Grandmother to show me that she is okay, a Bright Orb left from here house that floated upward. I knew this was here way of telling me she is okay and in no pain.

During my teen years and to this day, I have seen things I have no control over. I help or try to figure out why such spiritual beings are making contact with me. Some are by accident and some are with intent. Some of them scare me and some of them are just here to say 'hello.' I get the goosebumps, I see the dark silhouettes that move at the corner of my eye, I get the tensions of uneasiness, and I sometimes hear them. Images or confrontations of these entities are more frequent but just like them, I am curious about them just like they are curious about me. That being said, if you wish to comment, please I encourage you to. This my first attempt at getting guidance outside of what I hold true, my experiences.


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Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-13)

I can honestly relate to you. Everything you wrote in this post and similar to what I wrote. I am also young, what I recomemd is, do your best not to be afraid and embrace it, I know is hard because I am struggling myself. But let's do our best to enhance our gift 😁

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