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I Don't Know If I Am Psychic Or Not


I think I'm psychic because I can see spirits and talk to them and feel there presents. I can also see aura's. I don't know if its normal but one night ill dream about something then A few days later it will happen and stuff.

I see spirits walking around every once in A while and I get weird feelings that something's going to happen and then it will happen. Can you tell me if I am psychic or not because I need to know!

I see things like demonic and not-demonic spirits. It's very scary I hate seeing them but I do. I will see something that looks human but then it will disappear, then I see other things. Ii can see the past an future as I sleep. My dad says I get up at night and talk about people he's never heard me talk about then I'll have weird nightmares. Sometimes when I meet someone I'll hear a voice that says something like "tell them something for me " or "tell them I'm in a better place and to stop crying " I see these things all the time and people don't see them.

Like right now I'm typing this and there's a guy in the corner starring at me. I can't see him but I feel his presents and I get a mental image of him. I'm tired of being scared of my own self. Please help.

I sit in school every day and my school is haunted., do you know how many spirits I encounter every day? I See them, hear them, sense them. When I got to school I can tell when my boyfriends mad at me, his aura changes and the room gets cooler. I can tell when things are about to happen and I try to prevent them. I just need to know am I psychic?

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Becky666 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-14)
yes.yes you are psychic and I would like to congratulate you personally

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