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Astral Projection Or Not Astral Projection?


This is Kasie again.

I just submitted a story on here not too long ago, but it was getting too long and I didn't want to make anyone angry or not want to read my last entry because of too many things going on with me right now. So, here goes:

In my last entry, I mentioned that I have had visions since I was a young girl. They have always been perfect images of what is to come; they are a single snapshot of a time in the future, and it is completely unreal whenever they do happen. I'll just turn to look at something and it will be right in front of me. I never remember my "dreams", but I'll remember seeing these images before in a dream, and just like that, it all clicks in my head and the image gets pulled up to the front of my brain again for the first time since I'd dreamed it, with the thought of, "Another one, huh?"

Well anyway, I've always been a really, REALLY heavy sleeper. Naturally, it's gotten worse since I've grown to be a teenager, and it frequently bothers/annoys the rest of my family members. After all, when you go into your daughter's room to wake her up and she sits up, opens her eyes, tells you she doesn't want to go to town with you and then goes back to "sleep", you would think it's fine. However, when you come back from town and she's actually "up", angry, and demanding why you didn't take her to town, it naturally causes some confusion.

If you didn't understand that, allow me to elaborate a little further. ^^'

1) I am an incredibly deep sleeper.

2) I am able to physically move my body and talk while I am asleep, and then appear to go back to sleep.

3) I don't remember anything that happens while I'm "asleep". Neither the dreams I have, nor the "conversations" that took place with my familly members while I was in my slumber.

4) I cannot wake up. At all. From the moment I am asleep to the moment I finally "wake-up" I am gone. I don't ever recall slowly falling into sleep, it's just at a certain point I am gone and all there is is a thick fog of black, and then when I wake up I just snap awake and the black is gone. It's odd, but I'm hoping some of you true astral projectors out there are able to help me.

I don't think I'm an astral projector, I'm just not sure. The idea was mentioned to me not too long ago, and while I was flat-out skeptical of the idea, it makes sense with a lot of other things going on right now. So, if you have any information to share with me, please let me know! I'd love to understand what's going on with me.



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