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Soul Taking Spirit


My name is Leah and I am writing this story on behalf of my friend Christiana. She does not speak English and we are trying to find out why this experience happened to her. I am shocked this happened to her and we do need to find out asap. This is where we hope you guys can come in and help Christiana to avoid this happening to her again.

First of all, she lives next to a private clinic. It is only 20metres away and I can imagine, very easy for departed souls to visit Christiana and her home.

This happened during the day time. She was sitting down in the living room and watching television. All of a sudden this spirit, which was white by the way, appeared in front of her eyes. Christiana was taken back and very surprised. She did not panic though. The spirit reached out its hand and spoke to Christiana saying, "Come with me to Heaven.". The spirit repeated this sentence several times. Christiana tried to back off but was stuck in her chair and replied, "No. No. No, I don't want to go to Heaven.". The spirit asked her again and was approaching Christiana slowly.

All of a sudden, Christiana felt that her throat was so dry and she had the immediate urge to drink water. She had water at the coffee table and was downing it like a mad woman, drinking water after water after water continuously. Christiana's mother and father came into the living room and were panicking after seeing her behave so weirdly drinking water like crazy. Christiana was then yelling saying she needed more water. Over and over again. The parents gave her water. At that point, the spirit did something to Christiana because her chest suddenly extended outwards as if the spirit touched it. The parents then were so anxious and terrified. They took Christiana and put her inside the car and drove to the general hospital. Please bear in mind that when the spirit touched her chest, Christiana blacked out and does not remember anything.

At the hospital, the doctor tested her heart, blood and a few other areas. They were so confused because Christiana was examined, identified and declared healthy and yet Christiana's eyes were glazed. Not in focus. About 30 minutes must have passed and then Christiana 'woke up'. She asked, 'Where am I?'. Realization dawned when she saw that she was in the hospital because she does not remember anything from the time when she was drinking so much water and the spirit touched her chest until the moment she woke up in hospital.

This experience happened once. Why would a spirit want a perfectly healthy Christiana to go to Heaven with her? Why would the spirit try to take her soul? Why is it that water helped the spirit to stay away?

I hope that you guys can help Christiana and help put my mind at ease too! Many thanks. Leah and Christiana.

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Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-14)
This was definitely an Angelic experience, this was not just a simple spirit guide.

Angels are Messengers of God, so this experience could be a message to millions of others, as this experience is flooded with Christian symbology, and what is significant is that the girl's name is Christiana meaning "a follower of Christ, if not a disciple but a guardian of the secret knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ".

The thirst she experienced must be seen in a symbolic or figurative way, since Spirits sometimes induce some physical touch, depending in what area, to convey a symbolic spiritual message. This thirst could be symbolic thus of the "living waters of the Holy Spirit" and people who drink of this Water will never go thirsty again. (Compare the parable of the woman at the well in John 4 verses 7-14)

Also the "chest" that seemed to have uplifted or upheaved after the Angel's touch could be seen as God awakening the Spirit of God within her, rekindling the Light she had forgotten and which had gone dim after incarnating in this realm, and the suppression of the Spirit within through worldly oppression that could and might have led her astray. Maybe she was terribly confused in Life, needing direction of God once more, for God is the way, the Life, the Light and The TRUTH.

Sometimes people need such spiritual phenomena to WAKE UP again to God and the purpose God has for them in their lives, a purpose that got thwarted by the world blinding them, leading them in the wrong direction.

Thus the meaning of the "glazed eyes" means "walking by faith and not by sight" by relying on the Spirit of God to lead and guide us, that same Spirit that works powerfully through God's Angels aiding you on your path... Not relying on the flesh or the physical senses, for then we will be blind of soul.

Yes the "come to heaven with me" is a reminder to straighten herself out, or anyone that feels lost and people feeling they are not seeing God. You can only see God if you choose to walk a path of Light and Truth. It is almost like God gives people a choice here, to sort themselves out, only then will they truly see God working in their lives, and feel the Holy Spirit actively working within, shining your Light bright and helping others.

They don't say this for nothing "seek and you shall find" - since God only wants the Best for you, seeking to walk the "good path" you shall see Him more predominantly in your Life after making the choice to get on His Path, and following the way He does things.

No do not be scared, she "blacked out" signifying a rebirth of soul... Dying to the old miserable, lost and confused self and being reborn with a new vitality for a purposeful life - wanting to live and wanting to do good for God... Remembering your Life is not yours but God's, and that is living through His Grace... And the more you will surrender to God's will the more He will give unto you... The more you give yourself to Him ("soul taker" symbolism) the more you shall receive of His endless blessings in your life.

See you just have to make a choice to be Happy and that is to "let go and let God".

Remember your soul already belongs to God, He only wants to see if you remember, and if you will give what already belongs to Him... He wants to see despite of already being His if you will surrender your Life to Him, almost like giving you a "semi-free will" testing your faith! To see if you still know where you rightfully belong, and accepting it with a smile.
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-15)
What your friend experienced was an opened eyed Projection with full
Consciousness, and if she came back with full memory this would be categorized,
As a trance, it would feel like her soul was going upward, and various cues I've listed below would follow in the experience.

A part of our soul travel in Astral project and your friends full conscious: her
Her brain waves moved rapidly in an Beta, Alpha- and moved REM possibly Delta.

What many people refer to Heaven is one of the Astral planes. There are supposed to be a few.

A way to define this is ask your friend if her dreams are vivid and real, which at times
unfold as as Deja-vu.
Does she find after awakening her body vibrates, felt light as if loosing control?

Was there vibration along her spine? Feeling light loosing control, hearing a hallow or echo sound, Shaking of her body after, thirst would accompany since her energy was utilized in the process.

Now there is a few things your friend did unconsciously: Use Free Will which
Affects natural and spiritual laws.

With water it is a conduit and connects the alignment of your friend's energy (chakra centers). Her personal guide was helping her to pull her energy back into her body.
The fact that her throat kept clogging was her will and guide pulling her energy
Back into her physical body.
The abundance of body pulled your friends own reservoir of energy up to enable her
To do this.
The spirit speaking to her sounds as if he was a type of Guide helping her move upward to Heaven (one of the Astral planes). Remember heaven when looked at like the Astral plane.

The only person I've seen do this was my youngest daughter and she was fully awake and just stood still and had a conversation as her lips slightly moving. She was playing and stopped and did not move, standing in this one position wide eyed and did not move for a while. My mom asked her whom she was speaking to, and then she told us then went back to playing. Children are quite open to the spirit world.

I suggest your friend look at what some of her practices are: singing, prayer, meditation, yoga, fasting etc? For which practices are causing her body to be open to this!

She may also wish to make time to connect and get verification that this guide was trying to help her, therefore letting go of all fear.

I actually suspect that more stories as your friend will be coming up due to the spiritual energy shifting; it is not restricted one religious practice. I do think it is important to get understanding. Thanks for the posting of the story.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-15)

Spirits come to us for many different reasons. The fact that your friend did not panic tells me that the spirit did not mean her any harm. The spirit may have been her guide too. Maybe the spirit wanted to take her to a special place to talk to her and then return her again. I usually meet my guide at a special place to talk when I need to.
Also, when one is in direct contact with a spirit the first sign is a dry throat. Since this was her first experience her throat was very dry. This will subside in time with each encounter. I still get a little dry throat each time I interact with a spirit. So, if she sees this spirit again just tell it to go away if she does not want to interact with it again. Also, I have heard some people not remembering experiences with spirits many times. I myself always remember my experiences. Hope this helps.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-15)
Well I was expecting someone to already cover this, it's sorta easy to explain.😁 Your friend saw a spirit, and based on what your friend saw maybe it was a good one. On how fast this went your friend could've suffered a panic attack. Would explain why health is still fine and all. Now the spirit must care from maybe being a relative or friend, there is nothing to be scared of. But when the spirit said if they wanted to go to heaven, it mostly means they want them to stay on the right path. Keep doing good and my guide wants me to add in "Don't grow up too fast."

(My guide says something about the Philippines? Not exactly sure if its in my category, but maybe for you. P.S Something colorblind?) ❤

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