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Challenging Twilights Have Come


My Name is Macleod Dent or Drannex.

During the last week and a half I noticed, My powers are lowered, they don't provide like they used to, in turn they are failing, Ever sense I went to Georgia (14 hours away from where I live now) I have noticed my powers of wind and storm movement were starting to fail, to the point I can't control what I do. I started to wonder why so close to the end of the year?

I have not arrived to a answer and therefore I need your help.

My mind hurts, it burns and I keep blacking out (I continually lose my vision from 5 seconds to 2 minutes), lose my balance and sight, and partial hearing to the point it sounds like its muffled. Becoming more and more painful and lately been occurring much more. The doctors say it's an optical migraine but it must be connected, for I have had them all my life, and they burn and react more, more than ever before, in the last couple weeks.

I need help since I was able to control wind, storms, I see the future, move wind, talk to spirits, move water, see technology (different), change others mood, change emotions, and have a keen sense of smell, and taste, and many more.

But they are either on a low power, or can't control them any longer. Does it have something to do with the climate? The temperature? The oncoming days of a new year?

I need someone to contact me, or try to help me quickly, Please, they are hurting too much and I need to know what's going on!


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Panhil (4 stories) (79 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-05)
It sounds like you have blocked your root chakra, this happens from over using your psychic abilities. Focus on re opening your root chakra and your abilities should return.

Light be with you,
Girasol (3 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-04)
Thank you! I will try this in my garden when it has dried out a bit, it is winter here and we have experienced storms like we haven't seen in years.

Many thanks, Angela
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-04)
Take some time for yourself... Find a place that has a yard... (hope it's not winter where you live or maybe on a mild day) kick off your shoes and walk through the grass. Visualize any negative energy in your body flowing out into the ground through your feet and disapating into the ground. Then visualize positve energy flowing into your body through the top of your head. If it is winter wear the thinest shoes possible and try the same thing... But make sure you are standing on earth and not concrete...bricks...plastic...anything artifical.


Girasol (3 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-04)
Does anyone have any suggestions how to recharge your energy other than a sea salt bath. I unfortunately do not have a bath anymore since I moved home (which I miss very much!) I will put some time aside for meditation but is there anything else?

I also feel extremely drained at the moment and no amount of sleep recharges my batteries.

Many Thanks, Angela
truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-04)
The next year is going to be stressful on everyone, but look on the positive side of everything. You also need to be truthful to yourself.
Drannex (4 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-03)
Read my new story, its the continuation of what I wrote in the comment above ^

Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-31)
I'm happy to hear that you have recharged yourself successfully. Sea salt baths are great but I would take one for no more than an hour (just my opinion). And only once a week. Sea salt baths clean and strip your aura of accumulated aura debris and any negative energies attached to it. That is why it is best to sleep for about 6 hours so that your aura can rebuild itself to a more balanced, stronger and healthy one. Your aura was adjusting itself during those 12 hours. This is normal. The adjustment period is different for everyone.
In regards to the coming year. I believe there is going to be swift spiritual justice coming for everyone. It will be like a karmic cleansing. But this is only my opinion.
Happy New Year to All!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-31)
As myself and two others replied! We all believed
It to be a Spiritual growth.

This is likened unto a leather skin. It is cleaned,
Pulled and worked with other elements inorder to be
A nice proper material to make belts, horse saddle,
Vest, or a purse. This is just an analgy of the spiritual process.

The human aura is composed of various parts.
Salt is a good cleanser, so is water. Both not only
Cleans physically they work on our lower subtle bodies.
Herbs are an item that have been used by our ancestors
And were incorporated into rituals of preparation for the new year. In their minds they set time to prepare for days on end. So why should we expect a quick fix in preparation.

I feel the same as you the year will have many trials
And major stress. But with those whom hold on and work in
The path of light and good will toward mankind there
Will be loads of spiritual changes personally.

These personal changes will not only compile the old
Abilities but an increase which will blow our minds.
More of a piggy back affect: in your case you see the spirit but may encure them coming straight into you which can go into
A few scenarios. 1) mediumship or a spirit release, or even a channelling during a few hours, or an intervention into a dream the next. This can go into hours of various of work.
Your email implies you have experienced this in degrees.

Maintenance: is clearing our energy centers. Some of what we see as wisps of smoke is residual energy. This impart is the reason for meditaiton and moving energy in ourself and around our aura and home, plus school, or work.
Applying shielding holding a self awareness when we
Have to move away froma situation and saying no all
Are a from of self protection of the energetic side of ourself.

Special care should be taken for our Power centers.
In your instance it is the 3rd eye, Throat and Root Chakra.
Balancing all of the Chakras will create a synergetic working within the Aura.

You could also use a Elixor prepared with crystal.
Using it it Tide Changes would be helpful.
This elixor is prepared in mineral water, set with crystals
That are washed and set with your intent.
This can help with growth and can be drank at your leisure time.

Air that you work with: You may wish to use a visualization with a tree. And grounding the root chakra to the center of the earth like an anchor. Leave this in place even after closing the centers.

Wishing you well in the New Year
Drannex (4 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)
I have meditated for about 3 hours non stop in a salt bath, (I had already planned before these comments were posted) And they made me feel so much better,

I had regained *partial* control of the wind, I can make water colder, and several others of my abilities have surprisingly come back at full strength or stronger (besides wind) in the last twelve hours.

I have seen this is due to the oncoming year,

As I have said before in my other post, I feel that the coming year is going to be BAD, I am not one to believe that the world will end within the course of the year,

BUT, seeing how my body is shaking, muscles spasming, and Circles of coldness like they do when spirits are talking to me and reaching into my mind and telling me what it is, but this year will not be great,

Thank you all, but I feel that well... My powers are getting TOO strong in the last 12 hours, and thus I need to know what's going on. Why my abilities were low, and now they are full of amperage. Please is you have links, emails, or anything that may help, that would be MUCH obliged,

Thank You (I only wrote that here since Getting stories posts Takes a while!
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)

I have read your other story as well as this one. Anyone with abilities will experience low energy at some point in time. Our abilities never really go away unless we want them to. So, when one is suffering low or minimal energy some physical and mental changes occur. Some of those may be headaches, foggy mind, loss of connection to the spirits, lowered immune system, unfocussed mind and a feeling as if your not in tune with yourself (aura). If this is the first time this has happened to you than you need to recharge and get back to the basics again. You cam recharge yourself with a sea salt bath (Sit in a warm to hot water bath for 15 to 20 minutes Put in half of a cup of sea salt Do not do a lot of strenuous activities for at least 6 hours after your bath) Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes (focus only on charging your aura Do not try to use your abilities until you feel charged again.) If you are familiar with crystals then use them. I have a amber crystal just for this purpose. Reconnect with the fire, wind and water nature spirits. Say hello to them and thank them for their connection with you. Do not request anything from them unless they grant it to you. Yes they are real spirits and are granting your requests. And it wouldn't hurt to try to get to know the tree spirits too. They will give you energy if you ask nicely. Think of it as reconnecting with an old friend. Make energy balls and program them to energize your aura.
Just so you know, many different entities/spirits come out as the seasons change. The winter spirits are out now as with many others.
You always need to remember to recharge yourself from time to time. Anyone with abilities needs to do that. I hope this this information helps you to recharge yourself.
Happy New Year to all!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)
You can google: spiritual shifts.

Some of these shifts include allergies!
All kinds of allergies even to metal includes
Food, sensativity to pollens. The strange thing
This can last for months, and then it shifts on its

With spiritual shifts: the main focus is to clear
Our energy.
This can be done by clearing our energy centers.
Some people use: homeopathy which could be of use to
You for the homeopathic formula affects the physical with emotional.

I would recommend some spiritual baths, smudging
And if you know or wish to know how to clear your
Chakras and run energy especially around the HEAD and
Throat. Plus ROOT. These two areas have to do with not only our connection to spirit seight, but our own personal guide, or higher self. The Root-physical connection to world and intigrating this with the spirit world.
Other people use crystals.
I use various types depending on the shift I encure
During the year.

If you want me to give you some short pointers!
Please list what you do!

Then I can just build on what you use with some suggestions.
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)
Literally the same thing is happening to me, and it started right after the Winter Solstace began (strongest time of the year for metaphysical beings associated with the dark). The only advice I can give is to tough through it, and to not let your strength be diminished too much. While I mainly seem to have obvious control over the wind, it's gotten weaker in the past couple of days, so I have to really try just to get a small amount of gusting air to be attracted to my hands... Just building that up through tai chi, converting it into pure energy, and using that to defend my aura is enough for me to get through my morning, but again, it's gotten difficult. We will see a stark change in the way the world works on the eve of this next year, it's like a bridge being built -- at different instances during its construction, your path to the other side will change and be filled with new hazards! These are just part of your growth.
Shelia (5 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-29)
this happened to me too. But that was because my abilities where evolving it took a period of several months and the migraines I was told just ran in the faily and I was also sick often. Believe me I'm perfectly fine now I used to be a psychic and well be mature about this but powers usually develope over pubarity in the teen years or something then they gradually change with the person I have only seen a spirit once I was sitting with my friend and out of the corner of my eye I saw what felt like a little girl by the window alls I saw was brown cargo pants and the trim of a white blouse. I asked my friend she said she didn't see anything and then at the same time there was this laughter and it sounded a if books had fallen over and we both jumped up she sat back down before the books fell as I ran shouting for my other friend she was going threw the medical books ten minutes before there was no books on the floor and my friend was gone turns out lucky her had left just before the incident. Anyway it could also be the amont of trees I can't stand begin in a city first its hard to breath and I'm a technopath its kind of sad but its like psychics need trees hope I helped somehow 😆 I really do bc this built an electric charge and I'm zapping everything and it hurts
Drannex (4 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-29)
PathR Thank you so very much, and that was enough words for me to understand.

Do you know if any websites that would have more information concerning my issue?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-29)
The physical issue with migraine suffers opens a psychic window. It is similar for temportal lobe epilepsy.

Spiritual shifts can and does
Compile of headaches as well as burning feet stomach ache plus other items.

The end of the year is a big spiritual shift for many people. It can send us to our GP with questions regarding our health.
Yes! The end of the year for us individually brings us to a growth spurt.

With your description you have a closing of the 3rd eye and the root chakra.

The 3rd eye has to do with clairvoyance.
Root has to do with hearing (clairvoyance) sensing which affects us in our relationship to the earth and deals with our dealings with the physical world.

What I have found helpful with the shifts.
1) sleep as much as possible. This helps with
The physical body clearing and balancing our senses which may have been under stress plus helps us with the strengthening
Our energetic body. This is important we can hold more energy.
2) Diet-whole foods, stay away from sweets using occassionally. If you are a regular chocolate, or caffine via soda or coffee. Coffee depletion can bring on a headache if it has been a part of our regular diet.
3) Breath work is helpful when practicing meditation or visualization.

With spiritual shifts we are affected by the earths magnetic field, plus the energy that is picking up momentum hence grounding is very important. The weather can also affect
You, because with rain, or wind comes more pollen.

Because of all the changes emotionally/spiritually the body will need adequate anti-oxidents and more nutrients.

Sorry for all the words but I have to list all areas
Not only for yourself but other readers.

I'm sure others can add to this list.

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