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Ever since I was ten I have noticed weird things that a normal 10 year old would not notice or see. I was ten when I saw my first spirit. I was visiting my grandmother for the summer, my first summer away from my family.

It was a couple weeks, and one night something weird happened. It was about 10:30 when I went to bed, my grandmother went to go to bed and she always closes my door. I went to sleep in the guest room, around 11 she went to sleep. About at midnight I was sleeping and I got a sense I was being watched. I open my eyes and there was a older gentleman about his late 70's and, he was wearing a suit like 1800's clothing nothing like what people were wearing, now this was in 2005 in Astoria, Oregon. I looked at for few seconds. He was standing in my doorway looking down the hall at my grandmothers room. He told me to watch my grandmother she was in danger. I got scared, knew it wasn't a evil spirit it had a calm sense like he knew her, but I got scared, what 10 year old wouldn't be scared.

I hid under my covers for 5 or 10 seconds and I looked up again he was gone and, the door was closed and, the presence of someone was gone. I told my grandmother the next morning and she said that was her grandfather he always watched out for her and he was just wondering who was in her house (this was the first time I was visiting her). A couple days later we were driving to the the beach and she took her medicine right before we left. I was looking out the window when I saw him, the man who visited me a couple nights before and he pointed down the road. I saw my grandmother sleeping at the wheel and a huge truck roaring down the highway I quickly grabbed the wheel and drove away from the truck I pulled the emergency brake and we stopped 6 miles from Seaside, Oregon. I woke her up and told her everything. It was so scary.

Then in 2006 in Montana I was walking home from school and I saw this girl hiding behind a tree. I was asking her why she was so shy she came out and, she had a scar on her face and scratches on her arms she said her name was Elizabeth, I invited her to my house. Not knowing the difference of a ghost and a real person, I asked my mother if I could have a friend over, she said sure where is she. I said right here. She told me no one is here. I argued with her and I went to my room. Elizabeth followed. We were at dinner the same night and my father came home from an accident. He was a police officer and I told him about my new friend Elizabeth. He started to cry and told me that a 14 year old died in the accident named Elizabeth that afternoon about when I walked home.

Now I am 17 and spirits keep following me and watching me begging me to help them even though I don't know what they want. Even a demonic spirit named John and he keeps messing everything up and he won't leave me alone. I need help. I am terrified of him and he tells me scary things that are evil and horrifying things that a 17 year old girl should not hear, he even tells me I am going to die young. It makes me paranoid to even go out of the house. I have done research but I need help getting rid of the other spirits and him. I also can sense auras and feel what other people feel in their souls and I always know what is wrong with people because I feel their pain!

I also have a women named Kate. She claims to be my mother in a past life and tells me what to do or she will punish me for being a bad daughter, she also has a little girl following her around named Haley she is 5 years old and she always plays little tricks like unscrewing the light bulbs and misplacing thing around me or makes things fall. I don't know how to confront this ability.

Not only can I see spirits I can see auras and sense everything around me. I also have vague premonitions about the future within my family like I predicted my cousin baby birth before anyone even her knew she was pregnant. I predicted she be born in December and it was going to be a girl, I sense something wrong with the baby and it turned out to have a kidney infection. People tell me this is a gift but I don't know by ability quite well or how to control it!

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Emerald7502 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-11)
Its too much of a coincidence if your grandmother and father were involved in the events, but otherwise, if you lose time or had a rough childhood I'd suggest looking into dissasociative identity disorder. Just to look into all possibilities. Your spirits might be guardian alters, very very similar but originating from your fractured memories and scientifically recognized as having multiple persons sharing one body. It's complex.
Aquaxx (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-10)
Hmm I see what you mean. It sucks to see them but you must ignore the demon. Sometimes being amorous with it might push him away^^ please email me!:) (at Amatistaf [at]
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-01-10)
Well my dear, you unfortunately live in a world where ignorance reigns. Of course you're scared and confused! I'd not want to leave my house either with those types of entities surrounding me.

I think at this point it would be best to totally ignore the Kate's and the John's in your life. Any being who says you'll die young, you're a naughty girl, etc., etc., is one to be cast out of your life immediately.

Negative beings feed off negativity. They feed you lies or behave a certain way to make you unhappy and scared. Presto, their work is done. Let the energy sucking begin. Take back your power! You are a gifted blessed young woman who has a full life of love and service to provide. Trust me, it doesn't take a nasty spirit to bring us down. We run into these people right here in the physical! Do what I do; let them pass by. Do not hold onto their energy in any way. Just this morning a road rage situation happened right next to me as I was driving. I just moved my car over to the slow lane and let these rage-aholics run on by with their screaming, rage and hand gestures to one another. Those people you see in the next dimension are just the average person here on earth that didn't evolve and now they are stuck in the lower astral when they died - and looking for company.

Edgard Cayce wisely said that the life we live now is just the home we're making in the afterlife. These people have made their home a hell and you can see that. They want you to move in with them so to say as misery loves company.

Hopefully you can start to undo the negative energy that is now being imprinted into your aura and is "visible" to these specters. Read enlightened material (that does wonders to brighten the aura), surround yourself with loving people, if you can, have a beloved pet (my two dogs keep me in the brightest of spirits!), envision white light in and around you. Think loving thoughts. In fact, pray for these two souls that they will find the light.

You will become the light yourself. You are still maturing but your heart and mind are pure so don't let that get tainted by the negative low hanging fruit of this earth. It is easy to hate, judge, separate. It is hard to stay loving, positive, focused and of service to others.

We are always here for you should you need to talk.

Be well.

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