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Accelerated Premonitions Blurs Of The Future


This all started about a month ago. I was in my kitchen around 3 am one night and as I was cooking. (I'm a bit of a night owl) I noticed a small grey almost ghost like blur enter my kitchen and weave around a bit then stop. About thirty seconds later my cat (grey) walked in the kitchen and followed the exact pattern. I was a bit shocked and thought I was seeing things. About 10 minutes later a tall black figure entered the kitchen and went to the laundry room. A minute or so later my father had gotten up out of bed and followed the path wearing a black shirt.

This seemed to occur only at night for a few nights and then stopped for a few weeks or so and then began with a tremendous outburst in the morning any movement in my house be it the cat, my parents, or my girlfriend the time between the "ghost" image and the physical person (or cat) from what it was before had decreased being any where from 30 to 5 seconds it was a bit over whelming. And its slowed down once again only happening every few nights. I have tried to figure out how this is even possible, this sounds like its straight out of Donnie Darko but don't worry I am not seeing weird liquid streams shooting forth from a person's chest.

I really don't know how to explain this. Has this happened to anyone else? If so what is it and how is it happening? Why so fast? Is there any way I could could work on this? It has been only involuntary so far. Any specific term I could search? Any help is welcomed thank you for reading and thank you in advance if you decide to take the time to read and comment on this.

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Androctonus (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-27)
I also have had precog dreams but that was when I was a child and my family on both sides as well we range from various dreams I usually had a simple scenario play out like a kid getting in trouble in class, I was able to mouth every sentence the teacher was going to say before she said it. My sister dreamed of 2 towers burning and people running the night before 9/11 and my father told me how my mother day dreamed of a plane going down and weeks later it was on the news and my father said it was exactly as she described. I knew that I had some ability in this line but never imagined it like this. It very well could be advanced beings doing this but it could be a few other things as well maybe our own time space is accelerating, our energy is vibrating at a faster frequency keeping our physical body in the present while our energy is moving faster matching with the currents of the future so to speak. If time was represented as 3 bubbles in one it is almost as if we are popping through 1 bubble into another and able to go back. My first idea on how this worked was that if say you were climbing a rope next to someone, anyone and your climbing at the same speed the rope (time line) would stay the same. But if you were to reach up ahead and grab the persons rope next to you and pull yourself up (while still holding your rope) you would know where the next part of the rope they are going to climb is and what it looks like. While this happens your rope however becomes condensed wrinkled up but the rope is still the same just compressed and when you let go of the other persons rope yours goes back to normal and you return to the same position they are at same speed everything. I know it may be a bit hard to read or grasp but this was the first idea that crossed my mind. It very well could be advanced beings doing this but why is my question? I do work in the magical aspect which does deal with advanced beings so I will not rule that out. Have you or do you practice at all? This could shed some insight on what's really happening maybe we should exchange emails so that we can keep in touch about this? It hasn't happened to me in a while since I posted this but I was a lot less busy and my mind didn't have to focus on so many things then so I was able to notice it. Maybe it will return once I get settled down and able to relax my mind
steve11 (1 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-15)
I have the exact same thing happening to me. Maybe we are seeing all time in the present time. Or maybe some advanced beings are interacting with us and showing us these things. I also have precog dreams. For example I will be shown a persons face almost like a still picture in my dream. Usually I am not quite to sleep yet. The next day I will see the person I dreamed of the night before.

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