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What happens is if I think about a question, any question and I think about it almost like it's a Google searching my mind. I ask the question (example thinking to myself) what did my someone do or what's some things outcome in the future. Then I can use a radio or an TV to get the answer. (TV example) I take my remote and I shuffle channel surf up or down or anywhere while thinking about the question, I stop on a random channel doesn't matter, and if I listen to key words being said within the first 3 comments or less the key words spoken on whatever the thing I stopped on such as food network. Sports center, whatever it will tell me answer to the question repetitive thought in my mind, (it's not selective hearing or is it?) but this happens so much in a truth it's scary and it works with the radio if I scan while thinking about my question and stopping the scan when fully understanding my different question as that's all I think about. Stop and wait the person speaking isn't always straight forward some time it is, yikes. But the key words when put together an answer. I do not have to actually know the answer prior of asking. Also I can hear peoples thoughts. It's not as fun as it sounds because they are almost always hurtful thinking from that person. Also yet say I am in line and I all of a sudden hear a girl or guy talking in that persons actual voice saying something about me without ever hearing there voice before, in their actual speaking voice. Could I use this gift 4 good? Is it a gift? I know it's true only because how often and true things are. I have been trying to ignore all of it and it seems that it's fading away because I am not trying to catch these things anymore. But some days are stronger than others. Also I have tried to do this on purpose but it started to get me paranoid and weird and I know I could make it intense when I want if I tried. Though it seems that maybe I am thinking what I want to hear because of maybe a selective thinking process or maybe just thinking what people are thinking and filling in my own blanks and thoughts. But honestly there have been so many things that have happened that it would be so stupid to ignore or think my mind could make it up and allow myself to acknowledge it that way I want because as they say the world doesn't revolve around me. I can't possible think a certain way and have people somehow without a word have them play out what I was thinking. I never tell people this just my mother and a close cu sen. This website seems to get a lot of good feedback and I am hoping someone could help me out (telling me what's going on and the possibility of this happening to someone.) thanks.

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blankets2222 (13 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
Hey, just wanted to tell you I experienced the same thing, with radio/tv within these past few months. Almost exactly. If we are clairaudient and our main way of receiving information is through sound, it seems a match for our ability to find it in sounds on the tv/radio. I experienced that SO often for a while that I also began to doubt it. My abilities are changing day to day lately. Like you, I'm sure I can go back to it and tune into it, but I'm kind of sick of playing the guessing game with that one. And it was exhausting after a while having to pay such close attention to what I was listening to after I constantly tried to rely on it. My psychic abilities have also made me really paranoid. It's like I question whether ANYTHING is real sometimes. If I am taking some of your experience out of context, I appologize. But, it SOUNDS like I am experiencing something similar to you.

Most all of my psychic guidance comes in words/sound though. I hear people's true feelings in the way they say their words. I have never heard anyone's thoughts... But I've heard spirit speak to me in my own voice and it's come through in other voices as well.

I have this dilemma (in my anxious way of thinking about it) where people use the same words that I've said (often when they aren't around) or thought to myself. And they say it with the same tone that I said it in my head. I can't tell if it's me picking up their words before they say them or them doing this to me... But it scares the hell out of me. And makes me feel like people are reading my mind.

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