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Crackling Wires, Strange Noises


Whenever I sit to meditate, and I try to do a lot of it, wires in my room start making tension noises as if high energy is passing through them. I can also hear someone call my husbands name, though I know that he is not in the house at present. This has been happening for a very long time, why? Is the question.

If I am concentrating on my guide, which I usually do, this should not be happening for he should be there to help me out.

I can feel presence in the house for if I start falling asleep, in my meditation, which I usually do, suddenly one of the door or window starts making noises so that I can wake up.

Will somebody help me out? Do I have good energies or bad energies around, and what should I do about them?

I also have an experience in which I meditated and went to sleep after that. Something wonderful happened.

I realized that I was made to sleep in a prone manner, with my eyes looking up, with great energy moving inside my body. On my forehead I could see water, as if I was under water and feel very light and happy.

I wished the time would continue forever but I was made to wake up after that as someone was at the door, and I just got up, and opened the door, before my hubby could knock. The experience was never repeated, but the position of eyes, that I was made to sleep in has repeated again and again. The position of eyes is important, cause any good experience has position of eyes upwards.

I need to know why the position of eyes is upwards and what to do about them.

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willowsong (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
I see you that you have posted this awhile ago, but I would like to respond, too. Partly, because I have some past connection with India that I am trying to understand.
I agree with everything Eagleclaw said. It is important to visualize, or see yourself surrounded by white, loving light. Note that harmful energy cannot come into your space, only energy for the highest good. You can do this for your husband, and house, too. Ask your husband first, though, because we should never do something with another's energy without them knowing! Do not worry or be afraid. When we begin to experience our gifts, guides often come when we are in between states of consciousness, like meditating or falling asleep. It is important that you know to set the rules with them. Only the highest good, no harmful energies. You decide when to communicate. But, shield yourself with loving light first. If you feel frightened for any reason, call on your guide. An ancestor, God/Goddess, angel, some entity that makes you feel safe. I've called on the Goddesses Durga (Hindu), or Kwan Yin (Buddhist) many times, and I can definitely feel them. They have given me strength through my last surgeries, as well.
I also agree that the eye position refers to the third eye chakra. Or possibly, you looking at the Divinity. It is nothing bad, there is nothing you have to do about them. Protect yourself, live with an open heart and mind, and you will be fine.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-16)

The crackling noise that you hear are the spirits responding to you when you are meditating. That is usually the first sounds that they make. Next, if you are ready they will whisper things to you. Listen to what they have to say. Remember, always ask to interact with positive energy at all times. Even before and during meditation.
The forehead chakra is usually where you will see visions from the spirits. You have been interacting with the water spirit at that time and moment when you are looking up. As long as you treat your communications with the utmost respect these interactions will continue.
You are doing everything right so don't worry. Oh, I almost forgot. The spirit said your husband's name probably to let you know that he was coming home soon. They do that at times. They give you signs or make noises.
Continue with the meditations with the intention of positive energy, peace and love. You will be shown many things during your meditations.

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