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I Know How a Person Is


I do seem quite amazed at myself at times. Many or rather almost all the time I meet someone, I somehow get to know exactly how the person is and how he/she may influence me. My character sketches of any person I meet or I get to known from somebody is 99% true. I almost all the times get to know how my friend feels or most of their thought about me or somebody specific. Many a times I have stepped back from a step or warned people of some possible outcome in a rather surer manner. I have felt such since my childhood.

Most uncommonly I had felt an unexplained disturbance when my grandfather was first admitted to hospital and then second time when he died. In 1st case I was in school when it happened and in second case I was one floor below him, with my friend chatting. It was as if at both moments somebody had spoken in my ears about the matter.

I don't know whether I am psychic or not but again in 2005 when I was in Pune, India in my hostel, I tried to experiment to speak of the past, present and future by using playing cards and a book I got hold of. I was myself amazed that I was though unable to speak of future, had almost told my roommates about their family and them in past and present. I really had negligible idea before the reading about the facts I spoke of.

I even in 2006 when my mother met an accident while returning from office I had sensed it happening the same moment though I was at home chatting with my friend.

I don't know but if its true, I sincerely need to tap this ability of mine. Please help.

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mataji (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-12)
i am a born psychic and have had to under go a lot of difficult times to share my insights with people
the most recent one was two deaths followed each one in a span of ten days and when some person whished to come to me for a healing session I bought time and told them tomeet me teh next day as I already knew that they would never make it
I called up the party and told tehm to not visit me as it was of no importance and it was a shocking moment for them...
rajuljoshi [at]
eton (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-12)
i feel I have this same ability. I began to sense it a few years ago when I started college. When I would meet people I would somehow know their personality characteristics. What kind of family they come from and some characteristics about their childhood. I supressed it for a while and it brought the wrong people into my life. Now I am embracing this ability and I am more keen in my predictions. I sat down with some coworkers over dinner one night and was able to literally tell them all about themselves - their personalities, what issues they have with relationships, why they are hurting and I was also able to somewhat predict where they will all be in a few years time...

i am now just relaxed and letting this ability grow on its ow by meditating nightly and letting it progress

-eton, beanedave [at]
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-10)
I didn't mean "mature" as in growing up. I meant mature as in all your life maturing. For me there was a difference from 25 to 45. Has anyone else noticed this?
DeborahAnna (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-10)
I think the fear sometimes comes from the feeling that rather that just observing these insights that we are in some way creating them or expected to stop the ones that are not pleasant. But in fact we are only recieving information only and it is ok to share this information with others and may even help but the things we see are not our resposibility other than to observe and learn and use to the best of our ability to help others.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-10)
You have talent. Take it a step at a time and don't push. If something feels wrong, make it go away. Relax. It's just a natural thing for some, not weird or evil, although any gift can be used badly I guess. Fit it and enjoy life, but know that as you mature and grow, it will grow too.

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