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My Pet Spirit And My New Senses


I have never experienced anything like this in my life, and I can't find anyone with a story anything like mine on how things progressed or how they remain. Almost everyone in my life is trying to understand what I'm going through, but they're all worried I'm going insane and they have me desperate to find someone that can relate to ANY element of what has been happening. If you read this and have experienced a detail of it, PLEASE let me know, because I don't know what to think. I need to be sure I'm not losing it and I could use some answers on what to do with this.

I'm 23 and before last night I had never experienced anything in my life that gave me the slightest idea I could have any trace of psychic intuition. I've seen ghost activity before, but nothing concrete. I had been able to experience worldly energies through meditation and interpersonal contact, but never anything more than people around me could. A month prior to what happened I'd started working on a book that delves deeply into transcendentalism and natural harmony. I spent the month developing a plot while writing extensively on the idea of spiritual discordance being the root both social and a personal corruption, while expanding on the healing power of tapping into the single energy which unites life. This is the only reason I can possibly think of for this coming into my life now. Two nights ago the very nature of my perception changed in an instant, soon following with an experience with a cat spirit so involved it still hasn't ended.

I'd always suspected my house was haunted from sounds and glimpses of movement I'd seen once in a while over the years. It was nothing to write home about as something subtle would happen once every month or so, but two days ago every three minutes would yield some rapid motion, flash of light, cold static sensation or strange noise. I was alone all day and it had me really on edge. I also got a tight, tingly sensation in my temples and a ringing on my ears that never went away. I went upstairs to work on the book and at one point I felt a cat jump on the back of my chair. I thought it was my living cat and spun around. When I did, I heard a "braiow" sound like a cat makes when you pull something out from under it, but saw that there was nothing there. I waited nervously for my brother and mom to get home and when they did I got up the courage to go back and keep working. While I worked, I heard a bump on the door and turned to see shadows moving under it. I walked over and opened it, but no one was there.

When I closed the door there was a translucent energy on it, and all around me. It had sort of the consistency of cigar smoke, but was forming intelligently and had a sort of spectrum of colors to it. I put my hand out and it got wrapped up, making me feel a strong, tight static chill where it was touched. I called my mom upstairs and she said she couldn't see or feel it, but I watched it react to her. It hung around for five minutes or so and faded into almost nothing. I felt so humbled and overwhelmed by what I'd seen that I sat down where it was and started to cry. When I stopped, I looked up and it was there again in the middle of the room, now more in spherical shapes. When I grabbed one it would hold and then melt through my fingers. I put a pillow on the ground and laid down in the middle of the room with some calm music on. It actually settled down onto me and my whole body felt power surge through it enough to make me gasp and shiver for a minute. It disappeared for another while.

I hit the lights, turned down the music and laid down in my bed. Soon after, the could came streaming back to me. I held my hand to it and it actually wrapped snug around each finger down to my wrist. My hand felt intensely cold and electric, like you would expect. I was really nervous then, but fascinated and honored to be experiencing this so I didn't let myself freak out. It was being affectionate as far as I could tell and I was doing my best to return the favor. I talked to it softly the whole time, telling it I was a friend and thanking it for coming to me. It settled down next to me and spread a bit. I put my hand on the bed where it was and was shocked to feel both the rise and fall of breaths on an indentation and a heartbeat. The cloud made a tube shape that stretched toward my face. I backed up, a little scared, and it moved back with me. It started moving around my nose, eyes and mouth, checking me out, before heading back and shifting position a few feet down my body. I felt it at the indentation again and noticed that its breath was moving from back to front just like my cat, and realized the indentation was the perfect size. I asked if it was a cat and almost on cue it rose over my blanket next to me and settled into it. As it did the blanket rose until it was the perfect shape of a cat. I put my hand on it and felt not only breath and a heartbeat, but also purring and distinct features. Eventually I looked under the blanket and there was nothing there. I thought about how maybe it was my old cat who died 14 years ago. Before, I didn't know what to think about what was happening, but now it was so simple. This creature was in some plane I couldn't see before and somehow we were just now meeting in the middle so we could comfort each other.

As the night went on things escalated to a level I've never heard of from anyone. She was able to divide herself before forming and varied in size. She liked to form in any bubble of fabric that was near me and lay around invisibly on other points in the bed. I was hearing little cat sounds in turn from each of them here and there, and purring always came from wherever I put my hand on one. Sometimes she'd walk around the room, visibly moving objects as she did, but she always had one part of herself laying by me. I called my brother into the room at one point and everything settled when he opened the door. I'd hear sounds he couldn't or see slight movements in sheets that he didn't notice. When he left everything came right back in an instant. At one point I saw tiny black things chasing each other down my arm and felt them scurrying in my hand. It faded a bit soon after and settled to a steady amount of energy for a couple small cats or one regular one, but this never went away.

When I woke up there was still an indentation breathing and purring next to me. I could see that same sort of spirit energy floating off my hand and around the room. When I got up, I saw a wisp float into my jacket. When I closed it, I could feel something in there purring against my chest. It stayed in my clothing everywhere I went. If I left the house it would jump out and I could hear paws landing on the floor. I tried to show her to my mom and brother a couple times, but she always dissipated when I did. Every time I went into my room the rest of her was there sitting in my chair or on my bed. When I went to work she stayed behind, but I could still see that energy flowing off of people and objects in varying strengths. People especially had auras surrounding them, which is the first aspect of the whole thing I'd even heard information on in the first place. When I got home I went straight upstairs and she jumped right back in my coat.

I picked up a couple friends to come over and play music and when we got back I avoided my room. I was sitting in a chair playing bass and suddenly I felt her curled up in my sweatshirt. I stopped and mentioned the story to my friends as briefly as possible, adding that she was there at the end. Since she was over my clothes she was an indentation, but the under side of the sweater carried weight where she was. I stood up, holding that part of my sweater like a bowl. I asked my friend if she would put her hand on the underside of the indent to try and feel the weight. She did, and jumped back when she felt weight and circling feet. So now I know I'm not crazy, but I don't understand either. I'm not scared. I just think of her as a cat in another plane of reality, not a ghost. I just can't find a single resource that explains any of it. Either way, I still see energy everywhere. My ears are still ringing, my temples still feel tight and colors are all more vivid around me. The cat's sitting in a fold of fabric on my lap right now, apparently asleep. I don't know if the cat will stay here when I move on, or if my vision of this life force on everything is here to stay, and I wish I had some sort of idea.

It's been 23 years and everything's been completely normal. If it was because of the book that I'm seeing auras, energies, and this cat that has taken to me so much, it would imply that there's an intelligence behind the reasons. I wouldn't suspect the cat since her tendencies are still extremely catlike and I don't think she learned how to read at any point. If it's just that she figured out how to manifest in this way then what do the auras and energies mean? If it's the set-in of my clairvoyance, then why now, and why so suddenly? I'm so lost in this. Overall I'm happy to have the company and thrilled to know that there's something greater out there beyond what we're told to be fact. It's just a lot to take in and I could really use some help as far as any of what took place. If you have an idea about any of these things, please respond to this. Thank you.


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SpiriFall (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-06)

Your guide to spiritual knowledge and growth.
MantraD313 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
Thank you everyone. Things have died down quite a bit since last night and I can barely sense what was, and I'm sure still is, there. I do sort of think it was actually a cat-like manifestation of something much more abstract. It acted like a cat, but I feel that was a way of making itself familiar to me. I'm going to focus on the way that energy felt in meditation to see if I can control the level at which I access that awareness I had. Your comments helped me think of this as something that is a part of me, not something happening to me. I appreciate it so much. Peace be with you in all your endeavors.
Kazuhiko (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
I'd actually stay away from the cat if I were you... You say you were able to see another plain, and most likely you were, but the astral plain is actually a very dangerous place. The "cat" you say, is probably not your cat, but an elemental from the astral plain taking on the shape of a cat. Now, this elemental may only want comfort, but if you let it attach to you, it will follow you everywhere, and that could mean trouble for you.
Don't get worried, just be aware. Email me for more info. (see my profile)
BlueMoon01 (1 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
I applaud you on your reaction to the cat:) Most people would freak out and think they lost their minds...

My cat that died a year ago was a huge part of my life, and she's still with me. At night I can usually feel her and my other cat that passed on a few years before her. Normally it's little things like I'll hear her purring or sense her rubbing against a piece of furniture. When I'm really upset, sometimes she'll curl up on my lap or lay on my back like she used to when I was really down...

As the others said, you do feel like you've advanced a lot in such a small amount of time. Just let it keep coming and don't fight it 😁 The whole auras and energy-sensing came to me in the 8th grade all of a sudden. I still get headaches being around people and I can't stand to be in a room for too long. It doesn't feel like you're as sensitive to energy as I am, but it would do you good to read up on shielding. Visualization is all it really is, imagining a barrier between you and the energy that makes you uncomfortable.

Thank you so very much for sharing 😁
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
The cat could be just a familiar, or a deceased pet. Have you really not developed any of your abilities, I feel a lot of psychic energy from you. Evolved in a sense.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
First off, you're not giving yourself enough credit for how developed you are in general. To be your age and reading advanced books on metaphysics is commendable (not to mention your paranormal musings and writings which are impressive as well). Also, you say it's minor to have had previous ghost experiences (though not 'concrete' but what ghost experience is?) and peripheral visions of energy but most people go their whole lives and see and feel nothing.

You approached the issue of this phantom cat with love, respect, and seeking truth, no matter how it was packaged up. Entities can sense all of this because the astral is the emotional plane and that's where they reside (as we will too once we pass over). Speaking of passing over, when we die, we see our beloved pets. I've read about this time and again from people who have had near death experiences (not to mention I see deceased pets when I leave my body and travel astrally). The person entering the room after you had a totally different energy makeup and was in no way going to resonate with that cat the same as you did. It doesn't surprise me at all that the flow of communication was terminated.

Our spiritual unfolding happens in stages and when we are ready. The "why now" is just because you've been building up to it. It may seem sudden but if you carefully look back over your life, it's been building up. Books like that are just tipping points. You could give that book to a lot of people to read and it wouldn't do near what it did for you and that's because you were almost there anyway. You are obviously an advanced soul and so it will unfold more rapidly than for many people. Just go with the flow and you'll be pleased at how this plays out. Amazed even.

You're going to discover more and more as you go. You're going to figure out (if you don't already know) that you, animals and plants are more than their physical bodies. We all survive the shedding of the physical shell (death). We are all connected and this physical plane is just a vibrational plane to learn, experience and grow.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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