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Predicting Plane Crashes With Precognition And Astral Travel


Last year was a great year for my psychic dreams. For the first time in my life I not only had someone to hear my dreams when I first wake up, but I also had a way to keep track of and almost predict when I would have a precognitive dream. My estimating was always accurate, only ever being off by 3-4 days. Also, I have no idea why all of these events happened at 4:30pm EST, you can check the news articles online, I'm not kidding!

On March 26, 2011 I dreamt of a plane crash, and at 4:30pm EST on that same day there was a plane crash at Palm Coast Air Show. Could be unrelated, but I continue.

On June 1, 2011 I dreamt of being swept away by a waterfall and at 4:30pm EST on that same day a woman was swept to death over Niagara Falls. Could be a coincidence. Alas.

On August 20, 2011 I dreamt of another plane crash, but this time I had an out of body experience to go with it. I was in the Arctic walking around outside a plane. I could see 2 other people with me. At 4:30pm EST that same day there was a plane crash in the Canadian Arctic with three survivors. I had accurately foreseen the place, the event, and the people.

On October 25, 2011 I had another dream of a plane crash, this time in Oregon. That day, at 4:30pm EST there was a plane crash in Oregon. Interesting.

On November 3, 2011 I dreamt of two whales almost eating a young girl right in front of my eyes. The day before that dream, a surfer was almost eaten by two whales, you may recall the video actually. The time that the first few millions of people saw this video varies greatly, but the first time I discovered this video was exactly at 4:30pm EST.

I have no idea why all of these occurred right at 4:30pm EST, but I don't think I'll have to worry about that this year. That pattern has already been broken as of January 11, 2012.

On January 11, 2012 I had a dream I was travelling to Canada, a place I frequent in my dreams I guess. In my dream I pinpointed a place on the map, a very new concept for my dream self, and I started travelling there on what felt like a flying motorcycle. When I got there it was a clear snow-free day with people fleeing from a small fire in the forest. At 10am on that day a plane crashed in an Ontario, Canada blizzard. A blizzard? Hmmm. Close, but I'm not sure.

While searching for patterns, I found something interesting in one of the articles for the August 20, 2011 plane crash. On the news article, it says:

In an unlikely coincidence, several hundred military personnel in the region preparing for a mock airliner crash training exercise suddenly found themselves plunged into a real rescue mission.

That just seems kind of bizarre, doesn't it? It's strange that I would coincidentally be there (in spirit) at that same place and time, and also that there would a planned 'fake' airliner crash at that same place and time as the REAL plane crash.

What's going on?

By now my life is starting to seem like a book, some drama and action, with adventure and mystery. I might as well tell you how this all got started.

I was 11, doing laundry, and I relived a moment from one of my dreams. About 10 seconds is all that had happened. In those seconds my stepdad brought me a basket of clothes and I helped carry them. Here's what I remember thinking at the time. 1 second passes. "This all seems familiar". 2 seconds. "I remember this, that dream..." 3 4 5 seconds. "Oh yeah, He handed me the basket. Just like this." 6 7 8 seconds. "I turned this way, like this, and he started talking... Like that." 9 10 seconds. "What just happened."

My dream happened before the reality. I knew what would happen. I predicted it. I'm psychic?!

After foreseeing events in my dreams that would happen within roughly 6 hours, questions circle my mind. Why me? Why plane crashes? Why the same numbers? If I'm psychic, why only in my sleep?

Research. It involves seemingly random events. But as I've come to learn, the only thing that's been proven from precognitive studies is that humans influence random events. Keeping that it mind, here is what I now monitor a daily basis:

'New Time' data. Information measured using cosmic time, the 13-moon:28-day calendar. Its more natural, has been here since before the Gregorian calendar, and can provide fascinating insight about any day's cosmic and spiritual energy.

Moon phases. Thanks to technology I can look up any night's moon phase.

Biorhythms. Using my birth date I can see what my levels were like on any given day.

Monarch Butterflies. They migrate up and down North America over the course of multiple generations, somehow knowing specific landmarks to go to despite having never been there themselves. I keep note of this because of the possible magnetism that causes the butterflies to migrate. Magnetism may affect astral bodies, pulling silver cords that link your body to your soul during astral travel.

As I continue learning about my astral precognition, you can expect more from me. I currently blog daily about it, I've even started a series of videos about it on my YouTube channel. I just uploaded the first video ( and will make another video in the upcoming week.

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TheBrowneyes17 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-08)
i just want to say thank you. When you said you relived a dream a memory triggered. Once I had a dream about playing a point in tennis and few days later I played a tennis tournament and played the exact same point. It was long ago and I don't know if it was deja vu but I have a feeling it isnt. You are definately psychic, but maybe your being told this for a reason, maybe you can save lives or something.

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