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My younger cousin and sister were talking about experimenting with the drug acid. As soon as they brought the subject up I immediately thought it was a bad idea.

At the moment I am in my last week of my first trimester of pregnancy. Now my dreams are really intense lucid wise. I am used to having vivid dreams since I have most of my life, but for some reason now, I am able to remember almost every detail of my dreams.

Anyway, my cousin and sister did not take my advice and decided to do the drug anyway. That night I had a dream that my cousin and I went to a house that we thought was abandoned, we swam through waters in what seemed liked tunnels to get to the house. Once we entered the house we began going through things like drawers and finding objects that to me seemed vintage, then later on we realized by looking at dates on foods that the house was not abandoned after all, we saw a family pull up and were frightened. I told my cousin that we had to tell them we were there and in the house and explain the situation to them so we could leave, otherwise we were trapped. The family understood. I spoke with the family but did not exit the house before the dream flashed over. I was in a room with a young girl, boy and their father. The father was violent, grabbing and yelling at the children angrily. The father did not know I was there, for some reason I was invisible to him, the young boy did not pay me much attention either. But the girl did. I walked her through everything, how to escape the father the evil, then woke up.

A couple days later I spoke with my cousin and sister, they were eager to tell me all about their 'acid trip'. I listened. The guy who got them the drug had apparently gotten angry, yelled things at my cousin and sister, demonic things, and had left bruises on their arms from shaking them. They ended up getting a taxi and leaving the guy but when they told me about this my dream came back to me. I had felt like the dreams had fallen together. My cousin said to me that she cannot believe that because during the 'trip' when all of the chaos was happening that she could not help but to feel someone was guiding her through it all, and that before it all had happened, the room she was in was reminding her of the 1970s. The story still gives me chills to tell although I have told it many of times. I do not know what this is. My mother has always told me that she senses something about me, some kind of 'power'; one that neither of us know yet. I would love to find out more about these types of things. Any input?

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