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Unable To Control Abilities


I have come to the conclusion that I have abilities to the extent that I'm trying to develop them to where I can rely on them to be true and not my imagination. My first experience has been happening for as long as I can remember. I get adrenaline like rushes in my head with a over whelming anxiety got to hurry with everything and I'm not fast enough and It's like I'm hearing every ones voice in the universe at once, some louder than others. I've came to the assumption that it's linked to telepathy or an empath ability because they happen so often and I've had moment where my abilities have come true for instance. About half a year ago I was looking for rocks to make a rune set and I hear my step dad say there hunting rocks again but when I looked up he was in the back yard looking at me and my brother from the other side of our property. Well I ignored it and later around dinner my mom handed me a small black rock and said Jimmy said which is my step dad you were looking for rocks so I found this neat one you might like. I all so have instances where when I touch an object I hear the sound it makes as if it were turned on and I say this because, last week I was making a coffee ice cream shake and the blinder was off and I grabbed it to change the cup on it and I hear it even though it wasn't plugged in and this all so happens where I hear peoples voices like it seems with my ears where they say something but I look up and they weren't talking and more than likely didn't say it in the first place because there usually comment where I'd turn around and say some words with the guy or girl. I was all so able to describe and do a detailed sketch of the house that was burnt down at my friend Ray's moms house. I have meditated for a year on my third eye to try and get this under control but I started having headaches all day and cold shivers and twitches that where un-controllable until a few months ago I can now shrug them off with a deep breath but I'm still unable to get rid of the headaches while practicing and a few times my nose has bled during my head rushes and headaches. Energy seems to be effecting differently than most people for instance when I talk bad about someone or do something rude I'll get hurt physically soon after but it seems to me that it doesn't happen to anyone else I know except my brother and I've tested this on my friends on several occasions. I all so on few occasions while meditating or practicing remote viewing have gone in to a kind of trance state where I will see flashes, glows from telephone wires and flashes and shadows out the corner of my eyes and straight in front of me that will last until my trance is broken by my what is that and I've tested this by using water to try and conduct my energy while in the shower I will just stand under the running water and zone out the best I can and focus on an object and I'll get shades of reds and orange and on a few occasions physical objects have appeared to look disfigured or warped to a the extent where they would stretch and them instantly spring back to normal. Can anyone give me advice on how to control these abilities or have been having similar things happen. I don't know if this helps but me and my brother are identical twins.

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TheDman (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-21)
Do not try to 'develop' your 'powers'. What you are experiencing is not power.
Meditate to calm your mind. The truth exists within peace. Do not focus on your third eye.

You could potentially go insane if you continue at this rate. Your nervous system is being over loaded.

What is happening to you is not good, but good could come of it, so could much bad!
Krislove (65 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-21)
I think that your third eye is too opened. I don't think you should just meditate on that chakra alone. I had a crown chakra that was opened too wide and I had a lot of migranes. I would suggest you open up all your chakra before you do any more meditation with just the third eye. I would suggest you start with the heart chakra and the solar plexus. The root is also very important. Once you opened up these chakra you should become more balance. You still have to balance out all the chakras though.

For your headaches I would suggest you drink a lot of water. Bless the water before drinking it. Say something like "This will clear my head." Don't think about how bad the pain is. Give yourself the affirmation, "I am in perfect health" every time you think of the pain.

My sister also has things happen to her when she talks/thinks bad of others. I think it may have been something her soul chose for her so that she would break the habit. If you notice it already then it means that you have a inner knowing that you are the cause of your pain. I know it's hard to take in but be aware that you always have a choice, you could think bad or good. If you want to learn how to think in a good just ask yourself, what part of me is like this person? What is my lesson here?
Symbol-of-the-dragon (4 stories) (68 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-21)
I'm not saying you are schizophrenic, because the relation between what we call "psychosis" (which even Darwin believed was grossly misunderstood as written in his famous Origin of Species) and what ancient people consider "powers" and can not be known for sure with the information currently available, but studies do strongly suggest that they may be one and the same.

Having a schizophrenia at least doesn't mean your some homicidal loopy person as this site's article on schizophrenia suggests, all though clearly many people with psychosis suffer this level or degrade to this level.

In second world countries (Africa, areas in asia, and so forth) were the early stages of psychosis (obviously not including homicidal behavior or something) are seen as signs that that person is has connection to the spirit world and are sent to and trained by the communities shaman, witch doctor, sorcerer, and so on.

People who suffer negative effects from schizophrenia are much lower in these countries. Coincidentally, studies show that if caught early enough, supportive, understanding communities and therapy are more effective on many schizophrenia cases than medication. I have met such people, one is shaman from Mexico and has done wonderfully with out the cold meds that doctors surely would have prescribed him had he been born in a first world country like the U.S.

Can you imagine the suffering of struggling between sorting out the world you experience, and the world most experience, not knowing what's real what's not, what's wrong, what's right, not understanding what is happening to you and how to tell the difference between one world and the other? And, constantly being treated like a rapid dog, unable to open up to people with out being ridiculed? That's enough to drive anyone crazy.

Of course, there are different levels of schizophrenia, and different people are effected differently. In many cases, there maybe underlying conditions with the horrible people with a psychosis you hear about on the news who are mass murderers. Some people have weaker minds than others, and in the delicate state a person with schizophrenia might be in as suggested above, environment is crucial, and many serial killers had abusive parents, were molested by family members, all sorts of disgusting stuff.

So, schizophrenia doesn't appear to mean "crazy" as much as newer studies on it and how it effects people historically, world wide, and why, shows.

But of course, I can not stress enough the importance of learning and checking this out for your self.

I recommend Carl Jung, study on the human brain, philosophy, phycology, william butler yates, and of course schizophrenia and the relation between it and shamanism.

Pass it on!
Mubashir (285 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-20)
I have been doing the same thing. More like I am desperate to get a hold on my all abilities but meditating and focusing too hard nly made things worse because my spiritual balance became too unstable and getting these headaches really bad. I tried some pyrokinesis too with the same method, at first nothing felt but few days later my whole body started burning and the burn just kept on increasing and that was really painful experience. So I stopped for now. Do what shadowpanther said don't try too hard, these abilities become stronger as time passes. Just maintain your spiritual balance and never rush things or it will make things worse. Take care and bye.
ShadowPanther (54 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-20)
From reading your story I am getting the sense that you seem to be rushing alot. My advice is to stop. Slow down once in a while, you are obviously trying to hard to learn how to control your abilities. That is not going to get you very far.
You mentioned that you have meditated for around a year trying to get your abilities under control. This is a problem, while meditating you should only be trying to focus by clearing your mind of all thoughts. It is meant to be calming not strenuous.
If you really want to develop your abilities further I suggest that you don't try so hard, they will come naturally in their own time. Keep meditating, but just focus on the calm focus aspect of it. Hopefully this helps you.

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