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Am I Psychic Or Is It Something Else?


I have been having premonition type dreams ever since I was real little, I have full on conversations with people and then they happen the exact same way. The first one I really remember was with my mom and my brother, I was about nine, and the night before I had a dream about one of their conversations and the next day they had that exact same conversation, word for word, and it wasn't a short conversation either it lasted for about ten minutes. I have also had dreams about places, we just moved not too long ago and few months before we even knew we were moving I had dreams about our new house and the area/neighborhood around it. I also have feelings about whether or not I'm going to see someone. For example if I'm walking around in the store I have a strong feeling I'm going to see someone and its almost a little glimpse of what is going to happen. Once I felt like I was going to see a friend of mine and I shrugged it off but I got almost a vision of him running up behind me and saying my name and then he ran past me. And a little bit later that exact thing happened, (he was even wearing the same clothing and beanie) but it wasn't just once it happens almost all the time now, it happens more and more often with a lot of people I know. I have dreams about my friends too, like I had the a dream about the same person I was just talking about and he was really upset about something but I'm not sure what, and the next day when I saw him he was really depressed and upset about something. I never got the chance to ask what though. And this was completely out of the blue for him, he's a very happy guy. The other thing that happens is I have feelings about events and they normally occur, not huge events just small ones in my daily life. Something else that happens is when I pick up an object or touch it, I have a feeling it's going to break or something and I get a vivid flash of it happening and it happens like that not too soon after. It happens a lot now, and I'm not sure what to think of it. I get feelings when I meet people, whether or not they are trust worthy or if I should stay away from them and nine times out of ten I'm correct. These are just examples of things that have happened it's not like it only happened once or twice it happens a lot now and I don't know what to make of it. (I'm sixteen now by the way) I would just like to know once in for all of I am in fact psychic in some way, because this can't be normal.

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