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As a child I've had feelings and being known to what is about to happen next. I cannot explain how or why.

My first experience was 3-4 years back when I was in my school bus and there were people passing and chatting with friends and sitting on the seats. But, I felt like I've seen this happening somewhere. It wasn't that great or anything. So I thought to avoid it.

My next experience was 1 year back. I was at my friends place and I had a sad, painful feeling. I couldn't explain why. And the next moment when my friend was getting down stairs she tripped over and fell. I could've saved her. But, I couldn't help my feeling and thinking.

Next was in the examination time. I felt like a particular question would come. I had that write paper in my head with the question printed on it.[None of the teachers have told that the question would be coming.] It was all my thought. The next day was the day of examination, there it was on the question paper!

I do get some types of emotions when I see a few random people. Sometimes, I even do start to cry or feel their anger.

Later, the months I had many of these experiences such as whose on the door, what the person is going to ask or say and knowing things before happening etc.

I thought of sharing it out with my friends but they might think that's its insane or stupid.

But now I've had enough of those experiences. So I want to clear myself out. I usually have the feelings. Dreams do come but rarely. I just need some help to know what is going on and what steps are to be taken. Thank you for letting me share it.

I'd like to know:

1) Is this a psychic ability?

2) If yes, what do I do to maintain it?

3) If no, what is it then?

4) Is there anyhow I can increase this ability?

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Kellyy (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-31)
[at] Drine day before yesterday this thing happened it was like In my brain it was like my moms voice saying fracture and the next day when I was out my moms sister called and shes like " I got a fracture "
I'm dead serious it almost took my soul out!: (

I'm glad you're there with me and thanks for accompanying me through this:)
drine (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-29)
Sorry I don't have the answers you need. I just thought I will post on this letting you know your not alone. These things your mentioned happen to me too sometimes ex. Exam results, new babies and death in the family.

I would also like to know the questions you were asking so thanks for posting them!

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