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Feeling Other's Pain


My name is Michael and here are 2 stories of times I had psychic experiences. I once had one of these psychic experience and I have been for a long time. One day my sister was talking to me and as I looked at her in the eyes this strong deep feeling of pain, anger, and hurt feelings that she had I could feel. When I felt that I really almost cried myself. It hurt with deep pain. I didn't know what to do with myself I sat there and just felt like my heart was empty of life I felt her pain and this was not a first experience for me. I have these feelings all the time. Before something bad happen I can feel it. After being round someone for 30 minute I can tell what they're feeling their pain. I love being able to do this because I love helping people out. But is there anyone else who can do this and feel the pain they feel and the hurt. When you feel that person pain does it feel like it killing you inside? Does it just feel like you are life less? I understand a lot in life and I want to know if others do I'm only 14 and I can do this. I don't understand this to the all the way right now but as day go on it seems like it gets strong the way I can feel another human beings pain their sorrow. For just another example my girlfriends brother had just came out of jail and he was sitting there in the car and I could see that he had no were to go he didn't know where he was headed in his life he didn't have a place to live nothing but his car. Everyone calls him crazy but he just has a lot of anger built up in him it seems. I talked to him about and I told him that's what I thought he was feeling and he looked at me and said that how he felt. We talked for hours and I was giving him advice on what to do. Funny thing is he is 20 and I'm 14 and I really helped him get his life on track now but he still has a lot of deep painful problems and every time I see him I feel that pain it's sad. Thank you for reading hope others feel these same ways I do.

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junks1988 (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-30)
I actually have problems with this because it's crazy I feel the pain of people who have passed away, I can be in the middle of doing something and I have to quit what I'm doing it's so intense.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-29)
You are an empathy as well as clairsentient.
In essence you are a sensative.
You sound like an old for your years.

As an Empathy or sensative, we have to guard
Against taking on others emotions or pain.
This can be taken literally, and I am speaking
From my own personal experinces with broken

The importants is to give what we can.
If you are seeing pain in this young man.
When you see him send thoughts: "You are loved as
You are". This can actually cause a change, as
This can work on the emotional plane, which is
Close to the astral.

If he has other issues with drinking/drugs or
Gambling, there are 10 step programs that work
In spiritual priciples that help people get a sponsor
To work though their personal pain which are triggers
In behavior. These groups can be found in the local
News paper. Sometimes there are 1/2 way homes for
Males just released. Also certain churches whom
Have halfway homes affiliated with their beliefs.

As with the human condition we are Spiritual beings
Having a human incarnation. He has the power to
Change his life and heal his soul.
By you sending thoughts with light with love this
Is the only way to reach that pain so he can let it

You did what you needed to do by pointing out areas
He may have thought of. And also put out other possibilites. So his mind is going into another direction.

All things are possible to him/or her whom believes,
We can be creators of our own destiny.
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
10 years ago (2012-03-28)
You're really empathic, so am I, but I still have to develop it to the point where I can feel the pain etched into my soul. You're really good at it. Just remember to ground yourself and remember who YOU are, what YOUR emotions are, because if it gets overactive it's not good for you as a person. Yeah, I'm 13, so it's pretty hectic juggling this and school. Use your gift to help others it's a wonderful thing.

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