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Am I Losing My Ability?


I can sense energies. It varies, at times I can tell if it is negative or positive, and other times I can't tell the difference. Last December I sensed an energy in my new apartment. It stayed in one area and would just watch me, it felt harmless so I just acknowledged it and let it be. It however, did not seem to like my roommates or their dog. When they arrived it began following me everywhere I went. And it teased the dog. He would bark at corners, the wall, or stand in the hall and bark in a room. He also refused to come into my room. My roommates said at first it was because he didn't know me. But then when he came near my room he would whimper and cower and run away. He even began doing that when I would go to pet him. It got to the point I had to ask the energy to leave him alone. I moved out after 2 months because of problems with my roommates, the energy disappeared as soon as I had decided this. While looking around for new places, one particular place had a small hidden door in the closet that at first I thought was cool. Until I opened the door and felt an immense rush of negative energy. I told my friend I was done and left the house. I have felt more energies here and there in random places, especially at work. The energies that surround my work, especially at night is amazing. But until recently my ability has somewhat depreciated. I have been very stressed out and so overwhelmed from work, school, and personal issues that I haven't been able to feel anything. I can't even feel the ones at work. Is it possible that because I am so overwhelmed that I have some sort of block?

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shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-05)
Being around a lot of negative energy causes the same affects as it does on normal people except we also feel our powers harder to control. Also does stress like Netta Jetta said. If you still feel the block I would recommend cleansing your chakras. It is fairly easy and the longest it will usually take to do is five minutes. It allows a better flow of energy and even if you don't have a block on you will have more energy. Trust me. It's kind of like a sugar rush if you do it right.
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-05)
I can relate. You are just distracted, the abilities we have are gifts. And even though it seems like we have no control over them, we kind of do.

When we are distracted with stress and work and the world around us so much it kind of blocks us off.

Personally, when I started to practice quieting my mind, listening, and envisioning things-- I was more open to the supernatural.

When I started to stop practicing, meditating, and I started to become encompassed with the daily stressors that are school and work and family problems... I became less sensitive to the supernatural or energy or whatever.

But is always you, it will always be you, and it will come back. And might I say, if it bothers you (that it went away) then do something about it, meditation helps stress anyway. Silence alone, reading, anything alone so you can get piece of mind will help.

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