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Clarifying Predictions From Ordinary Throughts


I think I may have psychic abilities. My mother does in fact have some of the same abilities that I have. We both can sense energies so strongly it makes us sick if they're negative. Also, have a very strong sense of what others are feelings and their true intentions as well as some mind reading. Very vivid, in color, 3d dreams with sometimes feeling of floating outside of body. Sensing "energies of living and dead." Knowing when things will happen (ALL times I am proved correct, although sometimes I'm not sure what exactly will happen). Examples: age 12 called home panicked turns out tree crashed through front window. Age 20 sister in law was pregnant and I told her to get to the hospital with no obvious symptoms - she had still born that day. I can also guess colors, number, and shapes 62% of the time and when taken all the tests online I got a 9/10 for psychic abilities.

I met my fiancé while I was sitting in Hollister at age 17. I saw a white presence in front of me. I felt this overwhelming urgency to follow it - it brought me to a group of men shopping. I was too nervous to go up to them and left crying feeling this man was my soulmate. It was willing me to find him so I went out searching endlessly for this mystery man. I knew nothing about him. I searched the internet, local malls, schools, etc. One of my friends at the time called me up a few weeks later and told me she found him. We instantly connected like we had known each other our entire lives. We have been together 5 years and are attached at the hip - We can even finish each other's sentences.

Then frequently, I'll pick up the phone and the person I was about to call is already on the line - no ringing. We call each other at the exact same time.

These sort of things happen all the time.

I'd like to learn how to control them. It's hard to decipher what are my natural psychic abilities and what are worries or thoughts. It's hard to tell because some of my images come true and some are just thoughts. Not sure how to train and develop them so I can recognize them better.

The energies are SO strong that I can't keep a job and going out in public is EXHAUSTING! Also - How to block out energies? What jobs are the least stressful for someone like me?

Warm Wishes,


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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-07)
Wow! I can relate BIG TIME. For the past 6-8 weeks I'd been feeling very nauseous and sometimes I have fits of rage that make no sense at all. I am not an angry person. I finally figured out that I am picking up hatred and horrible negative energy that is being directed towards me without my knowledge. I know it might sound like a cliche, but any time I figure out there is energy like this around me, I do the white bubble exercise. I ask God not to let any negative energy into my space, and I ask for protection. This always works like a charm. When I found out about this person hating me, I was so horrified that someone could hate me so much when I'd done nothing to them. It's a person who is extremely passive-aggressive, so he was perfectly nice to my face, yet throwing hatred at me behind my back. Once I found out about this person's true thoughts for the past 6-8 weeks, I was very upset, sometimes wanting to cry because I can't understand how a person could be so hateful towards me for no reason at all. After a couple days of feeling further constant nausea and extreme anxiety, I finally realized I should do the bubble. Not only did this exercise help to deflect that person's sickening energy, but it also helped me feel more confident that I did nothing wrong, and HE is the one with the problem.

This type of thing happened to me about a year ago too. It was another person who was "making me sick" (that's how I describe someone with horrific negative energy!). She lives 3500 miles away, and we have no contact, yet I realized I was getting ill because she spent so much time thinking about me and sending me vibes of total darkness and hatred. I did the white bubble exercise, and it all went away very fast.

I know what you mean also about not being able to tell the difference between your thoughts and psychicness sometimes. I am still working on that. I write everything down and try to see patterns. I have noticed that I tend to ask myself really weird questions in my mind, to the point where I end up asking myself why on earth I'm asking myself that question over and over again. Usually the question that keeps coming up in my mind is actually not a question--it's a prediction. For instance, I am not in any way qualified to be on a Board of Directors, yet one day I kept asking myself, "I wonder when someone will ask me to be on their Board of Directors?" I must have asked myself this question 5 times before I finally noticed it was a bizarre thing to think of. Well a few days later, my friend called out of the blue to tell me she is starting a new company and wants to know if I would be on her Board. So just try and notice any patterns in the ways in which information comes to you. 😉
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-05)
To me it seems like you are just letting it happen. And that works for you. So just let it happen.

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