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Where Did The Information Come From?


I have had odd experiences all my life. But I've never really been free to talk to others that would understand these experiences so this is a great site!

Of all the weird stuff I experience the premonition side of my abilities scares me the most. It has come in handy on many occasions, showing up as some unseen force compelling me to do, or say things than cause a chain reaction of events- always with a good outcome, once saving all of our lives.

I was 'told' by something to prepare for something really bad to happen. Over and over I told everyone in the house something bad was going to happen. I didn't know what it was until two weeks before the event. Even scarier, I was 'told' by? That we cannot take the time to grab our things or we won't make it out alive?

Then on Oct.22, 2007 a wild fire started 4 miles away from my house at 4 am. We were shocked awake when we received the reverse 911 that told us to quickly evacuate. We had 5 cats so leaving quickly was difficult. By the time we had everyone accounted for the smoke was so thick, but family still wanted to go back in for their stuff, but hearing the warning very present in my head at the time made me remind them (then beg) for us just to get off the mountain before it all goes up in flames.

We got out just a few minutes before the fire crowned the trees encircling our block. As we ran for our lives I watched my house catch fire from the one next door, it went up in a big ball of flames. Getting off of a wildly burning mountain in a car with 200, 000 miles on it is also kind of scary.

By the grace of God we made the 2hr trip down to family. The house was a total loss. I lost everything but my old car, my family, & the clothes I was wearing that morning. I am grateful to still have what matters most. But I wonder, what was the thing? How did I know? I believe I was told but I don't know by who. Could it be my sister that died the year before? Was it the Holy Spirit? Or me having a strong instinct for danger? Some kind of new and really strong psychic ability? Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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FairiesFlight (48 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-26)
Having the ability to see your own life and those closest to you is truly a great gift. Weather it was the start of a new ability or a loved one from the other side protecting you. Not everyone can see their own paths, some only see them in times of danger such as this. The important thing is that you listened. The more you listen to what the spirit world tells you the more they will talk to you. The more you listen the louder and stronger their voices will become. This is the circle of how it begins. It does not matter the name of the spirit that was helping you, just that you know you have someone looking out for you, protecting you and your family.

If and when something like this happens again, then ask the questions you are asking to your self now: What is about to happen? When will it happen? Can I do anything to help now, or do I just need to be aware that it is coming?

Use meditation and Deeksha to help expand the ability.
Allow yourself to listen to the quiet inner voice within. Trust the voice. If it tells you not to get in your car to go somewhere Don't do it. Ask the voice will 5 minute from now be okay? What is the answer. When you are about to go later ask again, has the danger passed. I am quite positive I have avoided car accidents by doing this technique.

It doesn't matter what or when you listen to the voice, JUST LISTEN, and don't be in too big of a rush and ignore it. The more you do the better you will feel and the more relaxed and part of your life it will become.

Also remember that this is a good thing and you will only be told things out of love, peace and joy. Things that will benefit you. The spirit world does not know of anything else but love, joy, peace and happiness. And they wish this upon everyone.

(Now don't get me wrong there are those that are not the nicest and they are more trapped than anything. That is a different matter all together, for a different discussion, and nothing to do with this instance.)
Tera (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-12)
Yes good experiences are supposed to leave you with good feelings. Being unnerved after the fire would unnerve anyone and most likely has nothing to do with the gift you received. You are in total control of your actions. If you were being possessed or had a channeling happening this is NOT how it would have happened. You had or have a "Garden Angle" looking out for you. Embrace it. If you are ever worried that someone or thing is inside you with out your permission you need but remember you the spirit original to the body has the most control. No matter how weak you may feel. Continue to repeat over and over that "noone else is welcome and they must leave." state it firmly and they will have to go. But again this was a gift that if something like it happens again then maybe ask the questions when, and how will it happen. If you can find the questions to the answers you are given then everything will make sense. Maybe next time (if something happens again) you will be able to save personal belongings, or just not even be there in the 1st place. Just remember not to confuse the spiritual gift you were given with the limitations of your christian beliefs. Allow the two to work together to create the best you that you can be. Remember the more you work with your spiritual gift the easier it will be for you and the less confused you will become.
Sassycat (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-06)
Hi, thank you for your replies. I am very thankful for my gifts, but I think the reason I'm scared of it, aside from it making me feel very unnerved afterward, is I feel like I'm not in control of my actions? Almost like something is channeling itself into my body without my permission. Is that even possible? I'm a Christian so I pray to Jesus for protection, and was told that nothing evil can harm me, but then I have another experience leaving me feeling confused and shaken? Isn't a good experience supposed to leave you with good feelings? Thoughts and comments are welcome.
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
...The things that told you this could by anything. It could be your guardian angel, a spirit guide, a deceased loved one, or your own intuition/higher self. Depending on the frequency on these premonitions, it could, again, be really anything.
The Prime Creator, in my opinion, is the force that drives all life... I don't think He told you directly, but yes, He could have very well assigned the elders to look over you.
...But either way, you have something protecting you, whether it be your own soul or an angel. Developing your own premonition abilities would be good in the long run through meditation and exercising your ability. Good luck, and may you and your family continue to be blessed, and I hope no other catastrophe may befall your town.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
That voice could have been any number of what you guessed it might be, however, as you said yourself, you've had this ability all your life so it's probably just your higher self. Mine speaks to me on the regular and I've used it on many amazing adventures in my life to avoid any and all mayhem.

Not sure why you are "scared" by this. To me, sounds like it's served you well for your life. You should be thankful you are blessed with such a gift. While we all have these abilities, most don't encourage their use or even admit they have them.

Keep listening to that inner voice!

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