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Just A Coincidence?


This is all very new to me if I'm honest. I joined this site today because in the last few weeks I've felt as though things that I have experienced can't be put down to "just a coincidence" anymore.

Since around the age of eleven, I've been able to see things before they happen. The only issue is that I don't realize that what I see is some kind of premonition; it's just an idea or an image that pops into my head and within a few days (sometimes even a few seconds) they happen. I guess the best way to put it is that I don't have any control over it. I'll give a few examples:

The first time something like this happened, I had a dream that I was in my local park with my friend *Ciara, and out of nowhere I got hit in the head with a football. The very next day this actually happened, in the exact same spot as in my dream, with Ciara in the exact same spot too. It shook me up quite a bit and I went to my parents about it, who reassured me that it was just a coincidence. But I've had countless examples of dreams happening just like this one.

Another "psychic" example would be predicting which episode of 8 Simple Rules would be on. Again, I didn't sit there and think to myself, "This is the episode that will be on". Instead, just a clip from a particular episode would pop into my head, and then later on that evening that would be the episode airing on the tv. I never ever got it wrong.

The most recent example is yesterday evening an ad for Titanic 3D came on the tv, and so I started singing along to 'My Heart Will Go On', a song I was obsessed with singing as a child. While the ad was on, and while I was singing, I thought of my old drama teacher from when I was a kid. He had taught me how to really perform that song for a talent show I had entered. The very next ad that came on the tv was an ad he's in! He plays a waiter whose suit gets taken or something.

As well as these examples there's been countless occasions where I've known what people are going to say, and I sometimes say it with them just to freak them out a bit! Or I'll go somewhere new and insist that I've been there before, because it'll look so familiar to me. I've also had several supernatural experiences, but I understand not to get into that here.

I'm aware these aren't exactly big premonitions like seeing a natural disaster or something. But I think if I could somehow manage to control the thoughts and dreams and realize that they could be a kind of vision, I could try to move up to bigger and better things. Then again it could be "just a coincidence", but I find it hard to put my experiences into that box. Fair enough if it's only happened once or twice, but it's been happening for ten years. Maybe somebody could help me shed some light on my story?

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NaturalScience (229 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-10)
"An image pops into my head" and then it is a true premonition, you say. This is exactly the way how premonitions happen. It is not just coincidence - you do have premonition, and you even are a typical case. Thus do use this ability, i.e. Remain aware of your inner images, take the advice of those images for serious in your own life, and try to help if you "see" some danger or risk in someone else's life.

Besides, you are really good at describing the process that goes on in a clairvoyant mind. This shows you are quite sane - and your rational doubts too show it. Thus never let anyone talk you into doubting your sanity. Premonition is a part of our natural gifts. Telepathy and Empathy are, too.
In former times when humans had only little knowledge to guide them, they had to rely on such intuitive powers to survive, or to reach their aims.
No one doubted the existence of those powers in old times. It is only us, to-day, who dare to doubt or even to deny their existence. An over-abundant supply of "data", and a "science" which is doubtful and materialistic by principle, has blinded our culture for this side of human nature.
But we need this side as much as before- if not even more. There is so much lying and faking to-day and many of those lies seem to be SO plausible! Thus, if your intuition tells you something is untrue which is firmly believed to be true by your surroundings, you 'd better follow your own feeling than comply to your surroundings' opinion. Intuition is a great Mythbuster. A greater one than those guys on T.V. 😁
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-10)
TheLyndog, I believe your just looking for verification. But deep down inside you have a still
Knowning. Dreams are very profound.
And the ancient people that were hunters and gathers always
Lived by their dreams. It makes me ask are we any better or
Different that we should not acknowledge and note the dreams?

It is really important to move past the idea of
Coincidence. For we have spirit helpers around us
And you only need to ask for verification and it will
Come. It can come as a song, or a sign many people call this syncrinization.
If you guide comes though he may give you a small wispy feeling once you ask inside your head, or another part of the body you experience a sensation.

You can always ask a few times.

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