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Being An Empath And Discovering My Psychic Abilities


My story is kind of long and hopefully I will be able to describe fully what I am trying to figure out about myself. My names Jeremy and I'm 16. Within the past couple months I went through a really difficult time in my life. I was depressed and I almost ended up committing suicide. Through that time I was extremely spiritual and that was the only thing I held on to that kept me alive. After I got better over time, holding onto that spirituality I've always felt like I was missing something about myself. I later discovers that I was Psychic Empath, but I was unaware of what it was doing to me. Being depressed like that made my family depressed and I was always reacting on their emotions. I felt like I found this amazing trait about myself that I didn't believe was possible for me. When I look into someone's eyes it's almost like I can hear their thoughts, emotions and there personality. I'm afraid to act on these "thoughts" that come into my head and it's almost like I'm just wasting my abilities.

I've also had experiences with astral traveling. Even though I never been able to walk around I always feel super light and moving upwards. I'm too scared to do this so I just retreat back into my own body. Ever since I was little I've been a natural lucid dreamer. My empathic abilities to me are definitely a gift but I feel like there is so much more that I'm capable of and I truly feel like I'm suppose to do something. I'm really spiritual and I'm afraid of losing these gifts of mine. Most people would say to someone like me; Why would someone want to feel another person's emotions like there your own?. It's because it makes me different from the whole world, and I'm not just another person who has nothing unique about themselves. I remember that my grandmother was depressed and it was destroying me inside. I said to myself that I'm going to try to take all of her depression as my own and give her all my positive emotions. Two weeks later she was different and happy.

I feel like I'm able to take and send emotions to people and I can feel it because it takes up a lot of my energy when I'm doing it willingly. I'm a super super sensitive person and I've always been like that since I was little. I'm so in-tune to every little detail about everyone personalities, actions etc. I can sense positive and negative energy. I can even sense when a spirit is in the room with me. I'm not sure if anyone would know this but, what other psychic abilities do I have because I'm stuck at this point where I know I can go further, but I just don't know how to and I feel like I have a lot of undiscovered abilities I just don't know how to access them? And by the way I don't believe in using psychic abilities for self gain or to show off unless it's used to help another person or do the right thing.

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FairiesFlight (48 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-21)
Jerboucher19 ~ I hope things have been going well for you the last bit. Have you been able to get past your stumbling block that was keeping you stuck? Have you been able to trust yourself yet?

It is hard to know when what you are feeling is true. Something I found that helped was to, how do I put this nicely... Forget or stop caring about what you think others think of what you can do. Once I started just accepting what I did and not caring about what I felt others might think, I started experiencing much more and a funny thing happened. The people that thought me weird seemed to disappear or not bring up what I could do anymore. And a new group of accepting people appeared in my life. People I wasn't afraid to be who I truly am around.

I also noticed that the more I trusted myself the more feedback I started receiving from others, giving me the positive feedback I craved to know that I was on the correct path and that I was not wrong nearly as often as I first had thought. Maybe 1 in every 20. Then it went to 1 in every 50. The more I used my abilities the more I was correct and the more people I was able to help. As well as the increased knowledge of things that I could do started to grow.

I know this will be the same for you. You are very gifted. I see something great in you.

Keep doing what you do. Everything will fall into place real soon. :)
RevSilverson (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-14)
You are always a special person- everyone is. It has to do with energy signatures. Everyone is different yet basically the same. My phone number is different yet my prefix is the same as many. This makes me part of the whole yet singular. This is the way energy works. Attracted to similar energy but this energy can have differences as well. Sensitive people (I am one too) learn early on that they cannot survive by taking on others woes. This brings us down down down. What has to happen is a psychic barrier between ourselves and the feelings of others. I use the golden light tool- every morning when I awaken, I envision a golden light coming down onto my head and passing down into my feet. Then I "see" myself glowing and pulsing with this golden light. This protects me from absorbing negative energy from others. I am still myself complete and functional but separate from others. You must not deplete your personal energy to help another person. By taking on other's negativity you deplete yourself of life-giving energy. Unless you protect yourself each day.
I teach astral travel classes locally if you want to overcome your fear. Contact me. Using astral travel you learn that death is NOT the final frontier and that life has a LOT more to offer.
there is great beauty in life once you recognize what is really important. Once you let go of what others think is important. I hope your gift is not what defines you? There is so much more than that.

bless you for not using your gifts for gain although the spirit world works that out anyway. There is a layer of judgement between us and the world of "possibilities".

Love and light...always
Jerboucher19 (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-13)
Thanks a lot!, I know being an Empath isn't the easiest at times but I've gotten to a point were I can control it better. I'm just stuck at the point of not being able to trust the vibes or intuition I get from other people because I'm afraid of being wrong. I'm also stopped where I know I have other abilities I just don't know how to access them.
FairiesFlight (48 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-13)
Jerboucher19 ~ I am a empath as well. It is one of the more difficult ability's to have. Although I have been able to learn or achieve other abilities, this one always seems to be the hardest not to take too much of others stuff upon myself.

It is quite possible that you were taking on to much of others negative garbage and not releasing it back into the spiritual universe. It can not do you any good and our human body's can not handle that much. That may be why you wanted to kill yourself then.

The situation with your grandmother was cool. However, may I suggest not taking the negative when you remove it, yet remove the negative and allow it to flow into the universe to recirculate into neutral or positive flow. That way you are not burdened with others garbage and you free yourself to do what you do best.

About your experiences with astral traveling. Remember if this is something you want to explore it is okay. As you are connected to your physical body you can not get lost. Start off small. Visualize if needed the string / rope/ chain whatever makes you feel comfortable) attached from your spirit to your body. Thus, like bread crumbs you can always find your way back. Practice with a CD or set of 3-4 songs. When you meditate. Get use to when the CD or set of songs are over that you awaken from your meditation. Then you can implement it into your astral traveling. When the song ends your spirit will return.

Also you will never "Loose" your gift. It is possible to suppress it or push it down and not have it affect your daily life, but the moment you want it back you simply need to start meditation and it will come right back.
Best wishes to you.

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