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My names Jeremy, I'm 16 years old. Before I came to recognize my psychic abilities of me being an empath and a possible healer along with other things that I might not realize, I've had astral projection experiences. The first one I can remember that felt incredibly real was one night when I went to bed and I woke up and I fell out of my bed (while I was in my astral body). I got up and I felt like something evil was in my room. I stood up and walked out into the hallway by my room. Everything was in that negative form where light is black and dark is white. Everything was like that I went down the stairs and into my dining room to see everything still in that negative form. I stood there and I was kind of scared because I had no idea what was happening to me. Then something tackled me to the ground. It looked like my mom but it's not so clear.

When I realized what this actually was I began to have other experiences. Once I started to float up and I saw the back of my head because I was on my back. I heard that really loud ringing sound and my body was in sleep paralysis. I got really scared because I immediately thought about the movie Insidious and that guy lol. A few months go by without having one and I pretty much asked my spirit guide and whoever else that was good with me to let me have another experience. That night I did and it was quicker. I floated out of my body super fast and I tried to turn around but then I got scared because my back was facing the ceiling.

Finally my last most recent experience was a couple days ago. It was much more different and I was more relaxed when I felt it coming on. In a way it felt good but it felt like I was getting pulled out of my body. This happened about five times and I was mentally conscious of this happening to me. It felt like I was in two places at once; my real body and my astral body. The last time it happened when I got sick of it I just let it go. When I did that I was completely paralyzed but when I opened my eyes, everything was in that negative form again. I heard a voice and it was a girl who sounded relatively young. Her voice was really peaceful the only words I remembered was the word "allure" and "indeed". I know there was other words but that's all I can remember.

Now I'm still afraid to experience these things because I'm afraid to run into something bad or negative. I want to be able to do this and see as much as I possibly can because I heard people walked to different places and once I heard someone went to space... I'm not sure if that's real but all I hear is mostly good things coming out of this, and in some cases it changed people's lives. I'm not encouraging people to try this because it could mess with their mind. In my opinion you should be someone who is either really balanced and grounded or really spiritual if you are to try this or want to experience it. I seem to be able to access this willingly when I raise my vibration and listen to binaural beats on YouTube, also when I ask God and my spirit guide and my guardian angels I seem to be able to have some event happen to me. Well that's my story

I don't really have a question, but if anyone can give me insight on something they experienced that was really similar to this like seeing things in negative, being pulled out of your body etc. Thanks!

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Jerboucher19 (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
Wow thanks a lot! Its difficult to tell whether or not my experiences were real or not and to me that would apply to everyone else because no one knows for sure if it was just your conscious or if it was really an obe. I surely can't 100% say this was an obe experience because it never happened to me before and it's not like I can go into peoples minds and experience what they experience. But thanks for giving me tips on deep relaxation. I've wanted to try that for a while along with meditation but my attention spans doesn't last too long lol.

The reason why I haven't wanted to have any more experiences is because I'm afraid and sometimes I can sense spirits and really negative energy from past personal experiences that have happened to me, and its blocking me from enjoying things like this that I discovered about myself. The fact that I'm 16 and experiencing things that I never thought would happen to me really makes me want to explore my potential abilities that I have. Anyway thanks again it defiantly sounds like you know what your talking about.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
I teach classes on consciousness (astral) travel. Sleep paralysis is best defined as dreaming that you are awake which explains why the body can't move. But this is still a dream and explains why colors are reversed. I have had success with programming my consciouness to enter into a willing participants dream while I am asleep. We wrote down what was said and what happened first thing the next morning and compared notes the next day which proved the success of the experiment. I am a highly spiritual being and value ethics and morals so I would never use this gift for harm- however I know some members of humankind would take advantage and cause harm to others. I must emphasize that causing harm to others opens oneself up to receiving harm from other entities in the physical world as well as the spiritual world so beware.

I cannot tell from your text description whether the majority of your experiences have occured while you were asleep or awake but I would suggest you learn how to let your consciousness travel while you are awake and utilizing one of the many methods of extreme relaxation to facilitate the separation of your self from your body. This will be a more accurate way to determine whether you have had an OBE or not.

while I explained that an OBE is possible when asleep, dreaming taints the experience as you can't really know whether you were actually visiting another realm or dreaming that you were visitng another realm. Not every OBE experienced while asleep can be classified as a true OBE. Dreaming causes events to have uncertain origins and happenings. None of my consciousness travel students nor myself has ever mentioned a reversal of colorings such as you describe. Things are pretty much the same colors as you see them now. Don't go by what you see in movies either as moviemakers tend to inflate paranormal experiences to sell tickets.

your screen name doesn't sound familiar but I have written before on this site that I have visited the moon and deep space using consciousness travel techniques. I recall projecting myself into a crater on the moon surface and finding a small gold colored shoebox sized object. After I concluded my "traveling" I researched my "moon landing" online and found a photograph of a crater that looked the same as what I had experienced. I also learned that nasa has a habit of leaving behind small robots used to collect samples or measure temperature etc. According to the website these robots are wrapped in gold foil to withstand the UV rays of the sun and discarded (left behind) when they are of no further use. Another good example of the trashing of the environment to further the selfish desires of the human race.

you have nothing to fear except the fear you yourself create and the fear created by others that you allow to infect you. The only time I ever heard of negative energy entities being found in the astral realm was from a warring religious group intent upon harm each other by attacking each other in the astral world. My belief is that these attacks took place by entering into the dreams of their opponents not in the astral world. The dream world is not the same as the astral world.

I use, teach and suggest you try the incremental muscle relaxation technique. Review a website for instructions on achieving successful separation from your body and after you have prepared yourself and your space use this relaxation technique starting with your toes and moving up to the top of your head. In a nutshell what you do is relax each part of your body by focusing on just that one part visualizing the tension evaporating from that area. Then move on to the next higher part but be sure to spend enough time for the relaxing to take effect. Start with toes, then foot, then ankle (pay attention to joint areas) then lower leg, then knee, the upper leg etc until you reach the top of the head. At this point pretend you are getting on an elevator and press the button for basement level 3 and each floor you pass you go deeper into relaxation until you reach level 3 then visualize your self (consciousness) floating up away from your body, through the roof and out into space. Don't rush any of this process. Allow it to happen naturally. Just let things happen to you and later with more experience you can program where you want to go. If you force any of this, your experience will be tainted and no doubt you might see some things you are afraid of because you are taking control of the experience away from the universe and into your own hands. Don't forget to record your experiences afterward and I even make crayon drawings of what i've seen. Sandi came home one day and said "oh great. I've been working hard all day and you've been sitting here coloring!" HAVE FUN. Write me if you want to compare notes. I would enjoy seeing your pictures to compare them with others I have been given.

Love and light...always

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