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Do I Have A Gift? Or Nothing?


I am Zoe and 16 years of age. I was wondering if I had a gift because this happened ever since I was small. I can think something like a person sky diving in the morning when I wake up and then I look on the news and there is a person sky diving for charity. I never told my parents about this weird thing but it keeps happening and I am scared and confused. By the way I have never heard of the person sky diving before.

Another example would be when I was in Portugal. My parents couldn't choose a restaurant to go to eat, when they were seeing the menu I thought go to that one and they did and we ate there. Another would be when I could predict things like what people are going to say and do. I am really scared of this gift. If it is or this curse I am only 16 and have no idea what to do. I need some advice and by the way the one example with the restaurant they hated the menu but I thought go in and they did. That was quite creepy that day.

Another example would be when my teacher was about to shout out our grades from the previous test and I said to my friend 'you will get an A*' and then the teacher said that he did and he was amazed on what I said. Does anyone have any advice on what you think this thing is? I just want t know if it is a gift or a probability thing.

When I was small I never knew that I only had this thing. I told my grandparents because I knew they would understand but they were surprised and confused and couldn't explain it. Then I thought that I was a freak. Please help me I am begging you!

Thank you

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tabane27 (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-29)
not 5 psychic senses, I meant 5 physical senses to correct my error
tabane27 (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-29)
I think you find fairiesflight that it can be hereditary skip generation, but also everyone is born with psychic abilities but as we grow up we are taught differently, only using our 5 psychic senses.
Back a hundred years ago if you were known to have such abilities you were classed as a witch so through generations there's been a point were its been shamed on.
My nan is a psychic but disagrees with talking of it as she had drilled into her head that it was wrong.
My mum was told the same as a child that it was nonsense and unheard of, only in the last few years shes learnt herself they were wrong.

Everyone is psychic with there own abilities but only few realise and 1 in 5 of that few will learn to use it.
FairiesFlight (48 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-13)
zoebowie ~ I disagree on the fact that it could be hereditary. Especially science your grandparents thought it odd. It sounds to me as if you may come from a family that does not quite understand the gift you have been given. And yes it is a GIFT. If you others around you don't understand these gifts, at least until you are older, you may not want to bring it up to them often. Unfortunately they could make you feel bad about something that is truly a blessing, not because they are trying to be rude, but because they don't have any experience with it and don't know what to say when you bring it up.
You should not be worried or concerned about this gift. It can never harm you and only help you in your future. If you choose not to try to stuff it away and instead choose to increase this ability it could help warn you in times of danger.
Best wishes to you
Tera (32 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-13)
Zoe, don't worry. It's not a curse, and you're not a freak. It's nothing to be worried about. Sounds to me like you can see the future through dreams, and you might have a bit of influence too. Don't worry. It won't hurt you.
I can see the future through dreams too. You're more relaxed and at ease at night so you can easier see things like this. These abilities, gifts, help in so many ways. There are things, like you mentioned with the skydiver or the grades, that are just fun and a good way to improve. Then there are things that can save your life. By developing these skills I've been able to save my sister from falling down a hole and being rushed to the doctors office. I've got a friend who had a dream something bad was going to happen, and was able to get her family out of the house and away as their neighborhood caught fire.
I'm 16 too, and know these things can be scary sometimes. But don't worry. It'll all turn out all right. And like Thousand mistakes said, there'll always be those skeptics around, but you can NOT let them get to you. You have to believe in who you are, and never, never let anyone change that. ❤You are perfect just the way you are.
One of the worst things is not knowing who you can talk to, thus giving you that scared, unnerved feeling. We can talk, and maybe I can help you understand this a little better. Feel free to contact me, be glad to talk 😁
alliania.energies [at]
You are not alone, and never will be.
tabane27 (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-13)
You don't have a curse at all love, nor do you have to be frightened. I believe you have a way of connecting with telepathy and intuition, maybe something to research up on. If this has gone on since you were very young then could be hereditary.
I was a psychic child but it slowly disappeared growing up until I was a lot older.
I was very frightened to begin with but I learned there is nothing to fear.
Within time of getting used to your gifts, new ones might be brought forward to you to develop.
Do not look to much into it, just be aware that you have this ability.
I would really recommend its a friendly community and everything you need to know will be there for you, they have classes and discussions on this topic and it will really open your mind up and you will learn to trust and believe in yourself.
I've searched all over the net and I could say this site is the best for development.
WaterBoy (2 stories) (36 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-13)
hey ZOE

Your like me I often have feelings and think of stuff and randomly say stuff and it comes true plus I can tell when the phone is going to ring and who it will be I don't know what its called an I am 13 just thought I would tell you plus sometimes I can tell what people are thinking 😆
vibhor (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-13)
hey this is not a curse, several times I had also done predictions in your age and like you. Like prediction about guest
, neighbour test marks usually when I use to do meditation and worship... If you want to inc. Your power about prediction and communicating to sprits you can try meditation... Best of luck and remember whatever happens behind there is willingness of god...
JupiterEmpath (3 stories) (22 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-12)
Hey Zoe,
First off calm down, you're no freak or crazy person, you've most likely got a weak precognitive ability. To put it simply, you can see into the immediate future. I've had similar experiences in the past, mostly from playing poker, either online or in person. Often times I'll know whether or not I have a good chance of winning or not, though this seems to come and go. One of my best moves with this involved getting a pair of 5's in my hand playing at a table. I got a pending sense of doom the moment I touched them and didn't play them even though it's not a bad hand, and I would've had trips. I was kicking myself until I saw that another guy at the table ended up having a straight off of the same set of 3 board cards that gave me the trip 5's. My advice to you is to try meditating, focusing on it, and slowly practicing this gift (and believe me, it is a gift) to the best of your abilities. Remeber, God gave this to you for a reason.

Love and light,
AThousandMistakes (guest)
11 years ago (2012-04-12)

Fear not, my dear. You most likely have a gift, seeing that this has happened many times in your life. I have a bit of this as well. I can know what people are going to say before they say it, future events, and can see images of the future through dreams. You are definitely not alone and can contact me if you need to do so.

My advice to you would be to embrace your gift. Your soul was assigned here for a specific purpose. Do some research about it. If you are surrounded by skeptics, do not listen to what they have to say. Trust me, the ability will constantly reappear because it is a part of you. You can't ignore it.

I would reccomend the site to you. I love that website. The author is really helpful, especially for psychics trying to improve their skills or find themselves.

Best of luck,

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