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I Have Felt The Presence Of My Grandfather With Me


Ever since I was 4 years old I have felt the presence of my grandfather with me. I always thought that it was somewhat creepy, but also something that was normal. In the past few years I have been getting many feelings that something is with me and is watching over me. It wasn't until a few days ago that I sat down and had a long talk about my previous experiences with my mom. Although I don't remember this, when my mom tells me the story of when I when I saw my grandfather in the car at the age of 4 I get emotional. Here's what happened.

My mom was driving me home from preschool I believe, and I asked my mom, "What does your dad look like?"

She told me that he looked like my uncle and I said, "Only his face isn't as fat."

I told her that he was in the car a few minutes earlier, she asked me if we talked. I said, "He was talking to me."

She asked what he said, I told her that he said, "Tell Natalie that I miss her."

She told me that the hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up. She asked me where he was, I pointed where. I explained that is was only his top half. This is interesting because he died in a car crash and his legs were basically destroyed when he died.

To this day I wish so bad that I could remember the experience. I wish I could talk to him again, but since then I have only had physical responses to his energy.

One night about 6 or 7 months ago I was laying in bed on my stomach with my phone in my hand, because teenagers text until they fall asleep (haha). I started to feel this hot spot on my forehead and it was really odd. I started to feel pressure as if someone was rubbing my forehead with a finger or two. I was frozen with fear. My legs started to get all tingly and I was perfectly awake. I started to text my mom telling her that I was scared and that I didn't know what was happening, I was getting chills non-stop the entire time this was happening. I was just laying there waiting for my mom to finally come into my room and then I felt a hand try to grab the back of my calve but almost as if it slipped off and pulled away. Seconds later my mom came in and I started crying. I was so overwhelmed. I really didn't know how to react.

So after going over these experiences my mom and I had established that I was spiritually very sensitive. I can feel other's emotions, like one time I was driving with my mom and I got the pit stomach feeling you get when you're anxious, but I physically, mentally, and emotionally felt fine. I was just feeling that symptom of someone else's anxiety in another car. I might say that I am somewhat clairsentient. My mom can see auras, she sometimes predicts little things that happen, like if she hears her phone ringing she can guess who it is. Or once she was in a building waiting for the elevator and as soon as the numbers started going off saying the elevator was coming closer to her a specific person she hadn't seen in a while came into her mind. That person walked out of the elevator. Obviously, my mother and I have simple gifts, but I wonder if there is any way I can develop mine so that I can possibly communicate with my Grandfather or others who have passed on. I wish so bad that things like this could be like the Karate Kid and that I could have some sort of Medium type mentor. I feel like I need to talk to someone who knows what they're doing so that I can learn how to use my gift.

If you have any suggestions please help me out!

Thank you!

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ONIpsychic (1 stories) (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-26)
I am not a medium, but I see that your post has gone a couple days without response, so I consider my temporary responsibility to ensure you don't feel ignored or alone on this site. Especially since this is your first time coming here, I find it important for you to know that there are lots of people here that can help you, they just aren't finding you because of your title.

Well anyway, I am a Mage. And as such, I have access to knowledge that isn't really... Mine.

First of all, your car experience (the anxiousness one) was not Clairsentience, that was Empathy.
Second, how have you been trying to expand your abilities? Proper meditation is a powerful tool, but I find that reading or traveling (both with an open mind) has similar effects.
Third of all, I strongly agree that you are "spiritually very sensitive." Did the presence feel threatening? Did the hand seem to have harmful intent? If so, it was most likely a violent spirit - I've had one following me for a couple months, making death threats and waiting for a chance to take my Power so he can kill me and my friend in an attempt to hurt someone from his life. So if you would like, I can offer you protection.

If you need anything, you can contact me here [onislayer55 [at]]. Wishing you enlightenment and safety. ~ONIpsychic.

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