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I Can't Hear Them


When I am alone I feel someone is with me and I have seen objects move, but recently something happened. I was in my room late at night and I saw a figure walking around my room, as if it was passing. I did not make much of it because he is usually there, but it seemed different this time. He was trying to tell me something and I could not hear what he was saying. So I just went to bed feeling sad and scared. I had a horrible dream, in the dream someone was being tortured I woke up feeling all the cuts on my body, but nothing there. In the past he has only followed me and watched me but never tried to communicate. Every time he or any of the other try to tell me something I can't hear them and it upsets me. I only feel their emotions at times. I do not know what to make of this. How come I can't hear them. I once heard a women whispering to me but I could not make it out. I know they want or need something but I cannot give it to them. Once time I watched everything on my armua rearrange itself and did not make much of it. Is there something wrong with me, why can I not hear their voices and only see them or feel their emotions? Many times I find myself thinking about things I have never done or I have seen things I have never done. As I said earlier there is on who won't go away the other linger and vanish as they please. I have only had some family members pass on, such as my grandmother who died after being hit by a drunk driver. After she passed she would go to sleep in bed with grandfather and pull the covers off of him. My other grandfather unfortunately passed on and my mother did not get to say her good byes. When my grandfather was at his funeral my baby sister was born. I do not have ties to their death at all I only got to meet my mother's father, I was not fortunate to meet my dad's Mother. At other times there are people outside my house just watching my home. It's weird. Is there something wrong with me? I mean I know I don't make these things up as a child I was beat and bullied and went through a lot of obstacles a child should not go through, I have even attempted to kill myself and it was prevented. I saw a therapist for sometime it did no good. Now I find out I might have cancer. I know I'll be fine I just want to know why they try to talk to me if I can't hear them.

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IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)

I'm curious what kind of cancer you have, mostly because I'm wondering if it's related to your worries or pain about these abilities. If so, you will need to change your focus, so that you are not constantly putting yourself down for NOT doing things. It is causing illness. I'm glad you know it will be OK, but it is a kind of warning for you to change your approach.

You are not doing anything wrong. You are going through a developmental process, and it proceeds at it's own pace. And probably, letting go, accepting--is what's required. I know it sounds hard to do, but that is usually what is required when one tries too hard. Stop "trying" and just be.

I don't have your abilities. I admire them, so feel gratitude for what you do have. But I do know that I can block my own progress either with wanting too much or with putting myself down for not being able to do something.

Give yourself a break. You are fine the way you are. All will develop as it should.

Have faith.

destineelynne (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
I understand what you are feeling. You see, When I first saw spirits, I only saw them in dreams. But then I saw them as shadows, then transparent people, never could I hear them (other than in my dreams of-course) But, the other day I heard a ghost for the first time. It's kind of weird though. It's almost as if I heard her talking to me, but not physically, more like I could hear her voice inside my head. Only mentally could I hear her. But I knew it was her. This is just how things happened for me, for some people they are different. Hope this helped. Oh, and I have had dreams of well, how spirits have died also. It's a very confusing experience.
Newmoon45 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
It is perfectly normal unfortunately. I cannot see or hear spirits however when they are they I know it For some reason they are attracted to me and I don't know why. I have had a dream where one tried to communicate with me I audibly heard him ask if I could see him and normally I cannot see them. Try to help it, it won't leave you alone until you do. As a little child I was actually very psychic, now that I think about it. I would ALWAYS here my name being called, I'd go up to my mom and she'd say she didn't call me. It didn't sound like my moms voice but I still asked because she was the only one in the house. Anyways it goes away with time and I too lost a lot of it. Luckily at 15 I still have a little left just enough to make me psychic but not enough that it happens everyday. I'm sorry about your challenges I have had a few myself. I'm sorry you can't hear them but maybe you don't need to hear them to help them. Try sending them lots of love and light. I took these quotes literally from someone else so that is probably what they'd say and ask it to move on, because there is a better place for them.

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