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What Am I? Do I Have A Gift?


This is my first story here so I hope you enjoy it. I have always had experiences with ghosts ever since I was born. I have pictures with orbs and vortex's surrounding me even to this day. I can see, feel and hear ghosts.

When I was only two I saw my first ghost then as I got older they seemed to still show themselves to me. When I was only eight an Incubus demon showed up at my house and has stayed with me ever since then. He would make this really loud ticking noise like a clock only faster, this a sign to tell me that he is there with me. The ticking noise is created by heating or some stupid bug because I didn't have any heating in my bedroom and I checked it for bugs but there was nothing. Any way when I hear the noise and look at it, it stops and then when I look away it starts again. The only way to get it to stop is to shout at it, it's so annoying.

Then as I started to get older ghosts started showing up at my house. When I was only twelve a ghost of a little boy was standing outside of my bedroom window. Then when I was sixteen ghost started showing up more often sometimes I would see them but I could feel that they were there. Sometimes without seeing them I can tell if they are male or female, I get this mental picture of them in my head. It's really weird I don't know why it happens. One ghost in particular showed me how he died in a dream. Then shortly after that these little balls of light started showing up I don't know what they are but I see them nearly every day. I get my eyes checked out but I have nothing wrong with them. When ghosts are around I get this ringing sound in my ear. Just recently I started seeing my aura its really cool, sometimes I can see other peoples aura's too.

I also have an Incubus demon living with me since I was eight. He said that I was his girlfriend from a previous life he even showed me through my dreams it was so vivid so real. I do feel like I have known him before and I'm not scared of him. He is like my protector he follows me everywhere like he is watching me making sure nothing bad happens to me. I have a few pics with him in them watching me, it's this orb with a face in it, it's the same orb in nearly all my pics. Sometimes he is like this mist I have seen this with my bare eyes and in two pics I have. Recently I have seen an orb flying around me with my bare eyes and I know that its him. Even as I write this he s here beside me making sure I haven't left anything out. Can an incubus be like a guardian angel?

Ok this has nothing to do with ghosts but sometimes I can see the future through my dreams, sometimes I just know things like what people are going to say or do. What does all of this mean? Do I have a gift?

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Qwanri (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-15)
Hi SpiritGirl. Because many people who I've seen messaging on sites and stuff generally seem to think they were alone in the matter before discovering a website or something like that. Firstly, I'd just like to say to put you at ease and in the attempt of comforting you if you're worried at all about having a gaurdian incubus that you aren't alone. I've also got an incubus which is more like a guide/ gaurdian and it's sort of the reason I don't think of him as a demon at all and since you've posted your story, I'm sort of thinking of posting mine. But yeah, I'm no medium and I'm no expert but I think you're gifted. I think anyone who can communicate with spiritual beings or have any kind of psychic ability is gifted.

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