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I Saw A Disappearing Colonial Woman?


I'm Jessica. I am new so I am just going to launch into my dilemma: I don't know if I can see dead people or not. My sister and my mom think so, but I am still wary on it. I mean, I've had a family friend who's an actual medium tell me I am, but I don't know. I just need some outside help from someone who doesn't know me all that well. So I'm going to tell you an experience I have just had three days ago, and maybe you can share your opinion?

Okay, so I went on a school trip to Washington DC a few days ago. One of the places we went was to ghost hunt (ironic). I was a little weary about it, because I've had a few other experiences with ghosts, and DC was an old town with a long history. We went to a grave yard, and the story-teller, Dan, was talking about a man who supposedly haunted the place. While he was telling the story, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I didn't look directly at the place, not wanting to be rude and make Dan think I was ignoring him. I have good peripheral vision, so I wasn't worried about not seeing whatever was there. I thought I would just see maybe a widow grieving, or something. I think I was partially right. The girl I saw was wearing colonial clothes (bonnet and all), and was weeping at someone's grave stone. Shocked, I turned my head to look fully at her, not caring about rudeness anymore. But the second I looked at her directly, she disappeared!

I know what I saw, but is it possible I just have an over-active imagination? I mean, it would be amazing to have another gift (I also have premonitions), but I don't know. Any thoughts/ideas/help?


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