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Yesterday, I had a dream. It was the same dream as the month ago one! I had a dream that I was a psychic! Even though the dream is true, something happened in the dream!

I don't remember most of it! But I do remember that I read a book that is very vivid but it's text is very blurry and mostly letters I don't know! Kind of like it's from a different language! Then I remember in 5 lines it says 5 wishes that you could choose! It seems like what the wishes my medium friend asks to her spirit family! Like she could make them touch a person or use telepathy on them!

So anyway, I read one line and my wishes come true! I don't remember what I wished for! So, I knew that a shadowy man in my dreams made it come true always! I could tell it was a man about 30-40 years old with a hat on! I don't know if he is evil or anything! I remember that the shadow had jagged edges, not like a silhouette!

The next day, I woke up thinking, "I think I saw this before when I was little!" I don't know if I see them today though! I do get a tingling sensation sometimes because I'm too cold at random times! I don't know about that either!

The other dream was about me being a psychic and I did something but I don't remember what happens and what I did!

Another 3 nights, I had dreams about tornados! Whenever I tell my mom, she just says it's because it's tornado season! (summer).

Does the dreams have to do with something special? Like my psychic powers or is it just me or my imagination? If it is psychic like, please tell me what it is! Thank you!

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kirstolena (1 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
I've seen the shadow man with a top ha when I was about 5. Is that the hat he had?

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