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Could Always Sense The Presence Of A Spirit


So I've always had the ability to sense the presence of a spirit since a baby and I would often talk to them, I couldn't ever see they face just there shadow. I told my brothers girlfriend she was expecting before she new, I told her about her little sister wanting her shoes and she had no clue what that meant she later found out when her mum buried her baby sister they couldn't find her other shoe so they had to send her to heaven without them. I also knew when my grandma was going to die, a spirit never told me I just had a feeling and she died a few days later. Then one day I was between the age of seven and ten maybe older and I was in my room messing around and then all I could hear was this man's voice he was screaming at the top of his lungs he was saying anything from what I can remember but he just wouldn't stop screaming, I remember standing with my hands on my ears saying stop over and over again but he wouldn't so I left the room and by that point I was shaken up and crying my mum went into the room (she doesn't have psychic abilities) and asked him to leave and then I went in and he was gone. And I think that made me block out my abilities somewhat I never spoke to family members who had past any more like I used to or spoken to this lovely old women who came to me at night and used to sing, it all went but then when I was thirteen my nan and granddad moved to Spain and my mum was planning to go out there and I had a feeling not to go and said no I don't want to go but my mum told me I was going she ended up getting my best friend to come too, anyway I then got a feeling someone was going to die and I also knew my best friends boyfriend was going to cheat on her (which wasn't like him) I began to believe it was my nan or granddad who was going to die so I watched them a lot and stayed up late at night to make sure if they were to choke or something I was there to help but then a day before we had to come home me and Taylor (my best friend) were in the pool she got out and I was just under the water by the steps and someone splashed me it came from know where and freaked Taylor out so we got out of the pool and went to our room for a cheeky fag (I know a bad thing to do at only thirteen years old) and then I heard my nan scream when I entered the hall my mum could only just bring herself to say 'he's dead' but I knew who she meant my brother Ben had took his life and I knew, I just didn't know it was him and since then I haven't had any experience up until a few nights ago I'm fifteen now and the other night I was going to the toilet and as I glimpsed into my mum's room I saw someone sitting on her bed but when I looked again they were gone I don't know who it was but they were there and my brother bens girlfriend told us his son alfie keeps waking up crying saying there's a man scaring him at night I had a 'dream' and a lady told me they won't hurt him they just like to watch him sleep, (I say a dream but it's more like I'm awake it's like seeing with your eyes closed) my brothers girlfriend had a more experienced psychic go there and she said there is a Gate way in the kids room and there were some dark spirits in there room and Ben was there too and a little boy which I had told my mum I had seen there before and come to think of it in one of their old house's I had seen him too. I want to know if anyone can give me any ways or tips on how to stop blocking it out I'm not scared of it anymore and iv come too deal with the loss of my brother and want to be able to see and speak to him. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please excuse and spelling mistakes I'm dyslexic and try my best.

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